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  1. SingaporeFan

    NTR Mahanayakudu

    Story chepthundhi Basava tarakam garu kadha.. so ending kuda ame varake..
  2. SingaporeFan

    A Random Survey about TDP Govt

    Thanks bro for sharing your experience...
  3. SingaporeFan

    Rythu Radham

    Yes.. not a bad idea.. but practically implementation not possible. Instead can offer 3k per acre as subsidy for Tractor usage cost... which may help to farmer directly without middle man
  4. lot of development activities happening with low publicity....
  5. SingaporeFan

    Harivillu semi ind housing by NFDB members

    All poor kids :run:
  6. SingaporeFan

    Neeru Chettu

    Ee thread antha pacha pacha ga. .. bagundhi
  7. SingaporeFan


    Karuvu Zilla batch motham digaru ga... esari 10 seats minimum ivvandi...
  8. SingaporeFan

    AP IT sector

  9. SingaporeFan

    ITC Guntur

    Meeku Nadi boddu lo Mayuri undhi ga uncle adhi challe
  10. SingaporeFan

    panta sanjeevani (farm ponds)

  11. SingaporeFan

    AP fibre Grid project

    babu garu
  12. SingaporeFan

    AP fibre Grid project

    Watch "AP CM Chandrababu Naidu At India Economic Summit 2014" on YouTube https://youtu.be/CK2z7QYun3g One year back cheppadu CBN... he made it watch from 34 mins onwards
  13. SingaporeFan

    AP fibre Grid project

    Babu garu pattukunte vadhalaru ga...
  14. Man for Sentiment...

  15. SingaporeFan

    Flood Relief fund updates...

    (no1) Good figure..... Jai to All donors and collectors ;D