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  1. SingaporeFan

    NV and RS brothers

    Win or Loose part of the game..... pls stay with us guys.. Let's move on.
  2. SingaporeFan

    Repu ee time ki

    Yes.. possible.. Aswaraopeta
  3. Especially SC/ST consts lo Avg 85% poll ayyindhi... this will surely help Congress
  4. SingaporeFan

    CBN - Nacharam Live

    High voltage speeches isthunnadu .. Left and Right vasthunnaru... Confident Crystal clear ga kanipisthunnayi...
  5. SingaporeFan

    Cool gaa vundandi....It is over.

    Super News Bro.. Thanks for spending your valuable time to provide such Information... you must know you have lot of followers here.. pls don't leave this db for some bad reasons...
  6. SingaporeFan


    This year must achieve 100% benefits from Pattiseema..this year is very crucial to bring more positive vibrations from Delta farmers... All the very best to Water resource dept..and AP Govt.
  7. SingaporeFan

    Rythu Radham

    Yes.. not a bad idea.. but practically implementation not possible. Instead can offer 3k per acre as subsidy for Tractor usage cost... which may help to farmer directly without middle man
  8. lot of development activities happening with low publicity....
  9. SingaporeFan


    proud moment
  10. SingaporeFan


    where are jaffa dogs...
  11. SingaporeFan

    Harivillu semi ind housing by NFDB members

    All poor kids :run:
  12. SingaporeFan

    Neeru Chettu

    Ee thread antha pacha pacha ga. .. bagundhi
  13. SingaporeFan


    Karuvu Zilla batch motham digaru ga... esari 10 seats minimum ivvandi...