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  1. Kudos to Mr. Narayana

    eeyana very simple and humble person.. chala down to earth untaru... i noticed this couple of times during his visits to singapore....
  2. Lokesh Tweets - Replies to PK

    Well done Lokesh Nayudu.. ending tag name lo lekapoyina pk tagilichadu ga.
  3. Anantapur lo April mid lo Paddy position

    2019 lo mana victory ni evaru aapaleru.. Babu Garu focus is very clear and result oriented... Thanks @ANNA GARU for creating awareness with your detail updates on each and every topic...
  4. PATEL Statue of Unity - MADE IN CHINA

    Wow... proud of you PM..keep continue your drama.. his Genda and Agenda's are different..
  5. AP BJP president Rajeenama

    @Kiran ee situation lo mimmalani minchina loyal leader ayithe evaru leru.. ee Nava ki meere chukkani avvali before it sink..
  6. Employees yetu vaipu TDP or YCP?

    Ee topic meedha discussion use ledhu anukunta.. employees who were enjoying bribe money surely against to TDP.. which is open fact... kontha mandini marchali/marali anukovadam murkatvame... CBN does his best for employees in this term.. he never compromises on any demand that a raise... Yes Agree dedicated and hard-working Leader kindha work cheyyadam kastame unless you really enjoy working with those people.. and you must have learning capabilities as well to run with those leaders if not naturally you start complaining...
  7. In recent SG visit, our fellow members already brought this point to CM.. he also agreed our point.. looks like he assign this job to IT wing..and requested our party cadre to take these things and publicize in social media platform.. Let's do our part.. rest leader will take care of it..
  8. Modi ga

    mari intha peekina Gujarath ki.. Gujju janam enti monna elections lo sweat pattincharu...
  9. మందిరంలో_మానభంగం

    So sad.. chadavadanike chala chandalam ga undhi... Govt of India must investigate the case properly and punish the culprits severely. who ever the religion/caste doesn't matter. this is really bad incident, not good for country reputation.
  10. Yes True Bro.. initial schedule lo ledhu.. last minute lo fix chesaru.
  11. TGR bro

    Manam.. front row lo lemu bro.. behind in supporters row lo unna .
  12. TGR bro

    Program went very well.. Gangadhar Bro.. as usual Rock chesadu...
  13. TGR bro

    One of the Most memorable day in my life so far.. leader
  14. Baabulu NFDB ni political forum cheyakandi?

    Guys.. ignore politics section if you are not interested.. nothing wrong in this... NFDB entertain for all section of fans... you may choose which section is suits you.. nobody can separate TDP from N'fans.. ultimately both are 2 eyes for party activists and for N'fans..