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  1. SingaporeFan

    Galla Jayadev

    Galla.. simply superb... he has shown his sincerity towards the cause...
  2. SingaporeFan

    Chintamaneni prabhakar

    Great step... must appreciate his wife for her support in his decision...
  3. Adhi siggu unna vallaki cheppali Bro.. not to Peekey..
  4. SingaporeFan

    pasupu thammulaki bday wishes

    Happy birthday to @Cyclist and other friends...
  5. SingaporeFan

    Kathi Mahesh

    Veedini Big boss lo select chesi 1st tappu chesaru.. Next Pk fans eediki over react ayyi free publicity icharu... vapu nu chusi bulup anukuntunna tholu mandam candidate.... light tesukondi
  6. Great... idhi mamulu vishayam kadhu... Hatsoff to his guts and sincere commitment... .. towards his work.
  7. SingaporeFan

    Slipper Shot to Jaggad & Co

    Yeah.. baga chepparu ayana.. ground reality ni.. people are damn happy who gave their land under R&R.. one of my friend family also got huge money under this pacakge.. almost got 30 lakhs per acre..
  8. SingaporeFan

    Aata aadathanadu ga

  9. SingaporeFan

    Nvss survey

    We have to maintain the same tempo until the election...
  10. SingaporeFan

    Wave ante elaa vuntadi? 1994 Assembly results

    Wish to see the same wave in 2019..
  11. SingaporeFan

    Video on 4 years AP developments

    Great Job.. gangadhar Bro.. we all enjoyed the Event and celebrated NTR jayanthi grandly..
  12. SingaporeFan

    Happy Birthday MLA Sri Nandamuri Balakrishna

    Happy birthday NBK..
  13. SingaporeFan

    Anam Ramnarayana Reddy Resign

    Better let him go now rather than going later...
  14. SingaporeFan

    J C Diwakar Reddy