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  1. Too much ego.. looks like he can't take NO for an answer. Ilanti vadi chetilo okka chance ani pettaru kadha AP ppl... thu
  2. Good for everyone one.. cancel the council.. imka AP ee political trap lo nunchi bayataki radhu...she will die
  3. Valla argument alage undhi... malli galan gadu ki develop cheyyali ani undhi anta
  4. To all those who support jagan..oka simple question. Vadu CM ayyaka are there any new investments made in AP for creation of jobs and revenue..
  5. Kukkalu baga unnai ga DB lo...
  6. Ee l..koduku..Tinna plate lo kakke rakam..
  7. KKH eroju script prakaram act chei arrest ayyi police andarini okela treat chestunnaru ani message ichadu... acting tho award geluchadu
  8. Have to appreciate his guts to take a stand and coming out..
  9. There is a documentary in Netflix on osho and his life in US..its an interesting watch
  10. I personally feel that Jagans downfall has started... it's not easy for him to manage from here on. Mundhu undhi musalla pandaga