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  1. Hope you are okay brother. Sad to see this happening ...
  2. This will not leave Jagan easily... common ppl usuru posukuni emi bagupadathadu. Wish Karma takes action sooner than later in his case
  3. They are happy because amaravathi farmers are crying.. just sadisam
  4. Iron leg XXXXX koduku.. matti kottuku potadu... the farmers agaony would definitely bring down the govts
  5. Same thread lo CBN or Lokesh ni criticize cheste eppati 200 pages thread ayyedhi.. haters selective ga ignore chestaru ee thread ni
  6. Very sad and sorry to hear, my heart goes out to the infant and family. Ila jarigindhi ani chaduvutunte chala badha ga undhi.. testing times..
  7. Cha.. idi saripodu... vadini kindle chesta pettali
  8. This is 2011 data... recent data kadhu
  9. I wish this bill get passed. Vadu okka capital kuda develop cheyyaledu and AP ppl deserve this...
  10. Looks like situation in AP seems very bad... we may see the death count increase in coming few days...
  11. Ture world class company from telugu.. pure talent and intelligence..
  12. Siggu kuda ledu for some ppl who are supporting BJP. AP state ni nasanam checi malli country great undali ani ela expecting.. country is a collection of states.. when state is not good how can you expect the country to outperform..
  13. BJP ideology... vadu diksha cheste press release enduku... its publicity stunt to attract hardcore right wing