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  1. Intha xxxxxx na koduku endi sway veedu. If at all there is justice, jagga and his supporters ki tagina sasti jaragali
  2. Ee Lxnxa kxdxkx kukka chavu chavali.. should be worst than his dxx
  3. Really sad to see the way things are going in India. Loosing hope on the country and ppl day by day. Hope things change for good soon. India can't handle this with 130cr population
  4. Modi is great.. he knows that covid will be gone but btw cloudes came and virus came back..
  5. Finally something is made in AP... unfortunately, it's not something ppl want. Stay safe and take care.
  6. Not because they don't support CBN but because they don't support AP and its ppl. Also for supporting corrupt politician like Jagan and his attrocities.. is cheating or ignoring a section of ppl from his country not a crime?
  7. This is much required for nation. After building the central vista.. the existing building will be converted to covid wards.. that would be biggest covid ward in world. Jai Modi
  8. He promised that he will do wonders...
  9. Who is responsible for the spread of corona in India? Nehru That's right !! How ?? Corona spread by foreigners. He could not have come to India without the airport. Nehru built the airport so he is the reason !! Don't criticize Modi unnecessarily !!
  10. Modi had put people's lives on line for his personal glory.. he should have listened to the experts instead of behaving as an expert. Have never seen any one so far of this horrible, ignorant, egoistic, self centered leader than modi.
  11. Weather you like modi or not, one thing all must agree is "he is a big failure in handling covid" "what he speaks is far away from what he does". He is just an overrated PM in social media.
  12. Daffa gadu.. edo sollu cheputadhu... nothing constructive..