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  1. raavikp

    Viswaksen on NTR

    Cool.. should encourage guys like this... we need more ppl like this from industry
  2. Not required... stay at home. Why worry abt ppl, when ppl them self's doesnt care about them
  3. Kill those terrorists.. good job indian army
  4. Looks scary... hope ppl are safe
  5. Unnecessary show off enduku.. this is not the right time. They are using every opportunity to make emotional fools...
  6. Happy Birthday to my dear leader. Always admire your vision and how it helped transform people lives.. long live
  7. Happy birthday Babu...your knowledge on history of events is commendable...
  8. It's AP people's historic mistake... not CBNs
  9. I agree partly on this..they are definitely doing good job trying to control and contain the virus. But ppl ni shoot at sight ante gani control cheyya lemu ane message is not good.
  10. Ento.. ppl gets killed either by Virus or by CM saab
  11. Pucha lehisiddi TTD joliki vaste e BJP batch ki
  12. Wish each and every one a very Happy New Year

  13. Andariki Sankranti Pandaga subhakanshalu