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  1. Bhayya......After elections mamata will be in defensive mode. As I am in staying in west bengal, under wave is there like fire for BJP because of Mamata favouritism towards one community and also Congress & CPM are weak in Bengal at present. Another community is eagerly waiting for alternative and they are choosing BJP.....In simple words, complete polarization is happened/happening. BJP vaallu andhuke saying that they will compensate loss of UP from Bengal & Odisha. Thier words are worth atleast in Bengal. As per my basic survey, BJP may get 12+. Don't surprise, if BJP gets more than 12+. Asansol, Bankura, Darjeeling, Purulia MP seats are pakka for BJP. In other seats also, polarization matters. Simple Question & Answer for you: Myself Qestion: What's going on in Bengal? Bengali Person Answer: We dont want to see our Bengal state like future Kashmir. TMC will win more seats but BJP will get more than 15 seats. The above answer is an instant one without thinking for a second. This is the feeling in hindi settled people of Bengal. This hindi settled persons will vote 99% to BJP and Local Bengali people vote will be divided amongst parties. In Bengal, Win-Win situation for BJP.
  2. I have stopped believing these type of stories especially from social media as these posts might have originated from so called fake pk team members. BJP is doing all type of atrocities. We have to choose BEST OF WORST/BAD from Indian political parties while electing.