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  1. Bhayya.....ento mee analysis.....I dont understand.....pratheedhi boothadham lo choodakandi ani naa manavi. my friend who is follower of YSRCP MLA Candidate has sidelined Rs 15 Lakhs out of Rs 1 Crore given to him to distribute in my constituency. I think these are all common in every party during elections.
  2. He is my true motivator...I inspired a lot from him......Jaiho CBN.
  3. They may have done some post poll analysis after taking feedback from booth level across the state. Moreover, TDP leaders continuously giving statements about TDP winning since day 1. Like, CBN, Adi Narayana Reddy, Dokka, Buddha, Devineni, Babu Rajendra Prasad, Dinakar, Kodela, Amarnath Reddy, etc. Anyway......hope for TDP winning irrespective of statements.
  4. Andhuke ga Sivaji said......CBN’s strategy evvaraki ardham kaadhu ani annadu.
  5. Coming in ETV AP......Nellore Atmakuru chaala VVPAT Slips dhorikaayanta.
  6. Before & After Polling I asked one YSRCP MLA candidate's follower like below. Me on 10.04.2019: Whats going on and who have chance ? YSRCP Follower: 100% YSCRP will win. Me on 14.04.2019: Whats going on and who have chance ? YSRCP Follower: Cheppaleka pothunnam. Ladies voting choosi bayamesthundhi. Thats it.
  7. Not looks worried......looks on fire......& roared in Delhi today.
  8. VVPAT display time 7 seconds nundi 3 seconds ki change ayyindhante, it means that they have modified something in EVM machine.....Who are those ? As per Protocol, VVPAT display time should be there for 7 Seconds for must. Now it is very clear.....In Telangana, complete manupulation has been happened with the help of Modi & EC. ee KCR aa Modi ki longipoyaadu. So, Quid-Pro-Quo concept lo work chesaaru. MLAs to KCR & TRS MPs to BJP. And same has been planed in AP also....We have to see how far hey have succeeded in that. CBN is fighting for protecting Democracy in India
  9. Polavaram project work avuthundhi ga....akkada TDP win avvadaha ? Or The above mentioned polavaram is not related to ongoing polavaram project. Can any one do clarify ?