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  1. boppu

    director krish tv9

    Well said bro same feeling..
  2. boppu

    Godavari -Penna Project

    We lost whole agricultural land (30 acres) for an irrigation project.. still like TDP.. depends on individuals.. but still a pain I believe.. hope they compensate them more than what market offer..
  3. boppu

    TG elections

    no hopes at all until CBN started Mahakutami Not blaming on anyone, we are humans, but some db members confidence on kutami raised my expectations never followed tg politics, however from the last 2 weeks good time pass.. good job by TRS, 80% seats means a great victory and that's the verdict of 73.6% voters.. seems like KCR did a great job, I have seen in NRI's, Telangana people don't like to be ruled by Andhra politicians..probably that's what the people want. anyhow..thanks db..thanks cbn..full time pass from the last 2 weeks.. I am very happy with BJP loss in other states and in TG... only one opponent for TDP in AP..
  4. Jai balaya. jai simha super hit talk every where


    1. boppu


      Thanks bro.. I will sleep properly tonight.. great news..

  5. Balayya.. ee Sankaranthi surprise hit Kavali... Balayya babu debba..antis andariki abba..