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  1. Vaadi bonda.. mind games.. not that easy.
  2. Jagan worn a saree to entertain staff in the meetings.. and supplied beer and chicken for dinner for late night meetings .. Sakshi paper CBN hopeless, he always were white dress, no beer supplied for late night meetings .. TDP Fans.. Maa Vadu keka.. staff ke beer chicken iste.. manake mandu mutton istadu.. Jagan Fans
  3. If you are a leader you take good decisions and bad decisions.. some times good decisions will not work.. whether it is a company or an political party it need a leader that are determined, focused and work towards the goal irrespective of result.. gelupotamulu divadeenam.. the leader will succeed at the end of the day.. whether it is Anna NTR, CBN or NBK everyone is different, but they are all focussed and worked and working towards the same goal.. win or lose we supported Annagaru, now CBN and in future whoever take the lead with the positive ambition.. only one word Trust CBN..,
  4. Good for the party if it happens..
  5. Fact I Harishrao is ready to jump from TRS anytime.. and Raamulama is sick of congress and against to TRS..chances are there.. I hope CBN consider this venue ..chances are there.. of course they may. Join BJP as well, but change is certain..
  6. ఎలక్షన్స్ రిజల్ట్ వచ్చిన రోజునుండి జనాలలో జనం కోసమే ఒంటరిగా ఏ సెక్యూరిటీని పెట్టుకోకుండా తిరుగుతున్న మా ఒక్కమగాడివయ్యా నువ్వు నిన్ను కొందరు పార్టైమ్ పొలిటీషియన్ అన్నారు.వాళ్ళని వాళ్ళచెప్పుతోనే కొట్టుకునేలా చేశావు.నీవు కుల మతాలకు కాదు ప్రజలకు ప్రతినిధివని నిరూపించావు. lifted from FB.. well said...
  7. Good move.. i am expecting this move.. Harishrao may join TDP as well.,along with Raamulamma,,
  8. Good going Balayya.. as always you believe in your hardwork.. believe in yourself.. be like yourself.. dogs bark irrespective.. your win is a slipper slap, that too with better majotity than last year with YCP wave..
  9. This is not reality..
  10. Honest person...no matter what people think about him.. evm tampering can’t defeat him...
  11. Something wrong...I don’t think democracy is still alive.
  12. Something technically wrong.. this is not people’s call...