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  1. Almost

    Emi anaka pothe vaadu manalni antune vuntadu. Atleast ippudu defense lo ana vuntadu.
  2. Almost

    Vaadu alane roju oka chance ivvalani praying ☺
  3. I want both special status and package - Pawan

    Ippudu dakha tdp ally ga vundi manodu nenu chala strong , naa gurinchi andharu +ve ga rastaru media lo anukuntunnadu. Ippudu dream machine poyi. Politics ante ento media ento veediki telusiddhi. One week ilage veedu continue avvali inko 2, 3 paltilatho then he is out manam emo cheyyakkarla.
  4. antha Istam aithe velli naaku kanisam pendrives anna venakki istademo.
  5. Shiv sena hates BJP as it losts its big brothership and become second to BJP. also they have common agenda on RAM mandir and hindutva politics. they are in 2 minds right now. hate BJP to safe guard their marathi votebank and keep then at distance but overall they bargain with BJP and go with them for hindutva politics.
  6. Request to TDP followers

    yes. we have to minimize pawan now then can target jagan later for elections. We have to beat his confidence and prove him he is mentally unstable and cannot trust him for future. though cast will come into picture but still kaps are like crabs in a basket they will never be united for sure.
  7. CBN also will start talking on all those issue after few days. right now the impression he is trying to give is he is working for the state so he will highlight state related problems. slowly he will target their national failures after few days. he cannot highlight nation failures now as he is partner till now.
  8. sivaji about operation garuda

  9. operation garuda

    CBN NCM ki ippudu BJP is in defense. garuda etc anni li8. ledu inka raccha chesukuntam ante then ok. oka state kosam vallu nation levelo credibility lose avuthunnaru adi vallaku ardham ayithe garuda Vundadu ledu ani mundukelthe 2019 no BJP. let's see.
  10. Bjp

    Agreed. Still some people believe he is better than congress but neutral middle class and small traders which are his main base are fast becoming anti. But the only problem is alternative. Modi as become powerfull since there is no one. Now also there is no alternative to him the day they feel some alternative his chapter is closed. Also everyone feel he is egoistic and doesnot handle issue i n dignified manner. Our SS is just one example.
  11. Bjp

    Antha scene ledu nenu mumbai lo ne amma na boothulu deguthunnaru. Mns aythe modi mukt bharat ani start chesadu. Rajeshthan gone case unless candidate change leka pothe but akkada modi gadni esukuntunnaru. Only miracle could be nationalism or hinduism that can save them. Few solders ni xxxxx bedtaru nationalism leputaru pakistham meda, ledha ram temple verdict.
  12. Why 2019 Looks Difficult For The BJP

    Already MNS Raj Thakrey cheptunnadu veedu rites planning after Babri masjid verdict ani.