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  1. krantionline29

    Calling Telangana brothers

    epudu jarigindi idi Runamafee gurinchi chesi teeratam last time laga ani annadu
  2. krantionline29

    Calling Telangana brothers

    welcome...inko 3 terms kcr aina problem ledu.. na question raithu bandu continue avudda 5 years varaku ? inko 2k increase chesta annaru
  3. krantionline29

    Calling Telangana brothers

    dabbulleka cabinet form cheyatledu, anni postpone chesaru ani talk
  4. krantionline29

    Calling Telangana brothers

    This is not to defend CBN or criticize KCR First of all, kudos to kcr for implementing raithu bandu for one year and planning to implement it second year... I had my reservations/ concerns about the scale of the scheme like no cieling, sustainability of scheme etc Although Modi and CBN tried to copy the scheme, they fell short in reaching the scale of Raithu bandu Having said all these, my question to Telangana members in this DB is ..do you think KCR will continue the scheme ? any inside info ? As i said earlier, the scheme in its current form is difficult to implement on a long term. If KCR does that, how will he manage the funds ?
  5. When you know the answer ...it seems so easy
  6. SM SM ..what is this SM ..please clarify
  7. krantionline29

    Harish Rao

    Umesh Rao back to TRS anukunta
  8. krantionline29

    Harish Rao

    Its obvious he is sidelined and his talents are not used to the full potential.. But the big question is, is he aiming high ? Or is he content ? Does he have the guts which CBN displayed in 95, KCR displayed in 2001, Jagan displayed in 2010 ?! If yes ..then its only a matter of time until he floats his own party If no ..then there is no challenger for KCR in the coming days !!
  9. krantionline29

    National media surveys about AP - Take Away

    Firstpost vadu asala em survey chesado artham kala ...vadu seats project cheyale...just nda vs upa chesi AP lo nda is doing bad annadu Jagga is not NDA na
  10. krantionline29

    National media surveys about AP - Take Away

    maree 23 24 istunnaru..15-10 ala iste..CBN chuskuntadu anukovachu.. Have to work really hard bro
  11. krantionline29

    National media surveys about AP - Take Away

    Sample size for each loksabha constituency is 100..so these surveys need not be taken so seriously But if Telangana elections taught us anything, it is to assume the worst and be prepared
  12. krantionline29

    National media surveys about AP - Take Away

    Yes...TRS rallying behind YCP is also a worry which has to be countered effectively
  13. We just went by lagadapati survey bro...other than mahakutami fans all predicted TRS win.. My take away : TDP was a minor player, we shouldnt have got soo involved in Telangana elections.. geliste happy, gelavakapote lite anukovalsindi. Rajasthan lo BJP odipotundi ani desam mottam anukunnaru BJP fans tappa..same with T
  14. Recently Republic and Times Now predicted YCP sweep Firspost- News18 survey said Rahul is preferred as PM and TDP is the most trusted party Take aways : 1. We should not be complacent , we should work harding assuming the worst case scenario 2. However, there is no need to be disappointed. In a recent interview, Prashant Kishore agreed that he is still working for YCP. His main strengths are building strong social media campaign, managing national media. Unfortunately, Lagadam uncle surveys are not trustable anymore. So we cant tell whats the truth until the results.. Keep working hard..Regroup the 2014 motivation again...help party in whatever possible way you can !!