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  1. Em rayalo kuda artham kavatla..janalu war ante akali marchipotaru
  2. Just watch this video..how corruption is done in broad daylight and no media dared to show it .. these are early signs of Fascism
  3. India is fast headed towards autocracy.. It's not about BJP Congress TDP anymore.. It's about if we want democracy or a single party rule in India..
  4. Uttam lanti broker gadni KCR encourage chesedi induke
  5. Courts will reverse the decision. If opposition has any spine ..this is an opportunity to show it
  6. 48% people in Scotland voted that they want to leave UK. According to you all them are anti nationals and they don't deserve human rights... Human mind works in different ways, some people defy the law of nature and want to be with same gender, some people want a seperate nation.. any form of violence is not answer for such demands. Some countries go for referendum. India doesnt support referendum...its fine but there are better ways to deal with separatism. Thankfully we are born in Andhra/ Telangana. If we were born in Kashmir, probably we might be raising same slogans and fighting against the atrocities and your views on separatism will be totally different
  7. Appatlo Military can rape whomever they want anindi nuvve kada bro ?
  8. Doesn't matter ..whom they compare bis with Cuba Saudi Arabia and China
  9. Tummala di pedda pulihora news la undi..third option in T is BJP right now
  10. In India .. according to laws these illegal migrants won't get easy documents..just that corruption is rampant in India and they find a way through.. Comparing with the extreme cases mentioned above won't do any good for us ..do you want to live in an environment like Saudi Arabia and China ? Are we comparing ourselves with Cuba ? These WhatsApp university experts _/\_