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  1. I had many misconceptions about Amaravati, the points discussed in this video are very useful and interesting
  2. Defence mode lo unte alane anipistadi..numbers check cheskovatledu test chese apudu ani oppesukunnate ga government
  3. Ee video lo cheppina prati word nijam aindi, KCR and TRS disaster in controlling Corona
  4. na feedback aite RK ki manchi name undi aa area lo
  5. ufff... ilanti hypothesis ni prove cheyalem disprove cheyalem.. one fact that is available is the track record of tdp in that constituency 23 seats gelichina election lo analysis ante
  6. Admin ipudu edo tala thoka Leni logic tho vastadu..wait and see
  7. Government doesnt by smaller ventilators anedi boothu