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  1. Mee Desabhakti tagaleyya..oka Kashmir manadi anukodam Desabhakti..ee Balooch enduku join avuddi , India uses it strategically to trouble Pakistan
  2. Appreciate the hard work that you put in digging up something to troll me. What a miserable life you have ! Instead of trolling me, suggest you to spend this time in getting a real job for yourself. May you feel better soon!
  3. Yeah Alaska Greenland Scotland etc also wants to join
  4. Raledu anedaniki thread enduku asala ..telsina vishayame kada
  5. Jagan gadi lie ni assembly lo prove chesindi Tdp ...em cheyamantav aa ragging video ni..number unnai.. speaker unnadu ennaina vagutadu.. Happened to Jagan /NTR/YSR in opposition..ne point enti asalu Reality lo ne unnam..elections ayyi 3 months avvale anti vachestada.. ekkada nindi vastaru vya
  6. Nakochi netulu cheppoddu ipudu elections mundu Kuda ilane annaru ani.. Nenu elections mundu full clarity tho unna manam odipotunnam ani
  7. CBN ki Kuda 2/3 years ayyake music start aindi..konchem kukkaatram apukondi Ra nayana
  8. Asalu monna jarigina elections lo bumper majority tho gelchinodiki general ga ne konta positive untundi..ee paytm batchey ilanti paniki Malina Threads estane untaru picha lite
  9. Yogi 2nd 😂🤣 Unnao rape case , hospital deaths, BJP MLAs gundagiri Lite teskondi Ra nayana ee paniki Malina surveys ni AP elections andaru Ycp ne predict chesaru Jagan gadu assembly lo VP aina videos emi dorakaleda 🍭
  10. We lost , our morale is low .. Some people don't know how to handle defeat ( like Koushik/Vihari / so called self proclaimed Tdp fans..) Some people (anti-CBN) don't know how to handle victory ( TDP loss is their victory - How sick are these people ? Huh !!) These are the types of people who are left in the DB. So to all the CBN fans..it's gonna be tough !! My advice - lay low for a couple of years We are not going to achieve anything by our arguments here No offense but the influence of this place on the larger scheme of things is zero..please don't take this place so seriously..do some better things , help the party on ground / twitter/ Facebook I am not saying to abandon the dB but political section is not what it is some while ago .some basic level of decency/ logic is lost
  11. Ile cheppukovataniki siggu ga anipinchatleda brother..
  12. When we I first started following CBN on a day to day basis..he was in opposition. And one thing that impressed me the most are his speeches in assembly. He used to come well prepared, he never used to have that ego that I was the largest serving CM of the state. He used to speak at length on the issues. He thought me great lessons in life .. beautifully expressed it annai