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  1. Revanth reddy case lo media lo highlight chesi hero ni chesaru ga oka section lo..idi silent ga kanichesaru
  2. Ikkada avesapadi potunna vallu enta mandi ki telsu Vanteru Pratap reddy ni TRS govt murder case lo jail lo pettindi ani
  3. He is a YCP sympathizer bro..but that doesn't take away from what he is fighting for . Someone has to teach PK fans a lesson and expose how PK is using his fans. I believe even chiru dint use them like sheeps..
  4. Eedu edave kavachu but pk fans edavannara edavalu God PK mod PK ani.. PK ni emanna ante narikesta podichesta ani
  5. Pakka state picha lite batchey

    hats off to your family brother
  6. Pakka state picha lite batchey

    this video explains what CBN went through, throughout the T movement and why he still wants to protect the party in T
  7. Pakka state picha lite batchey

    Was in tears at the end of the video..
  8. ee video chudandi okasari..party undalo ledo vellu decide chestaru meru kadu
  9. PK met KCR and praised 24hr

    hmmm...ila kuda anpistunda eediki..daaavudaaaa !! Cinema vallu andaru surrender ..eedokkade migiladu ippati varaku
  10. Rahul Gandi

    We have to give credit where it's due - Rahul Gandhi never made cheap comments against his opponents unlike Modi who compared AAP with naxalites, calls RG as pappu and ex PM a robot and a Pakistan agent
  11. TTDP

    Mukesh goud, Vijayashanthi ila oka list undi but why will they come..that's the question
  12. TTDP

    Evaru aa leaders
  13. UPA1 vs NDA2 withdrawals