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  1. Appatlo Kaushik ani undevadu aatram apukoleka ..aa Id emaindi ?
  2. IT Vallu max Modi uncle Bhakts untaru ga ..aa positive emo
  3. news ravatle bayatiki..usually ee patiki feelers vachevi
  4. she did not allow it from day 1 ipude nidra lechava enti not supporting that move though..
  5. What PM Cares effectively did is taking away money from the small groups which are helping the people on the ground and pump money into a dark hole called PM Cares We dont know how much went in , how much was spent and how much still remains in the fund. What a pity !!
  6. maree inta blatant ga scam chestadu aite anukola bro..
  7. #JusticeForPandey #JusticeForKangana #MalignSushantSingh ila pettukunte better mee campaign peru
  8. Drugs case kadu ..its BJPs game plan to gain mileage in Bihar and Maha and revenge against people who raised voice against BJP like Deepika.. None of the pro BJP guys will come out Remember what happened in hyderabad drugs case ?
  9. Sunil Deodar worried that TDP is trying to take credit for BJPs hardwork, confused whether its smart work or self goal by TDP
  10. endo ee chillara godavalu...idemaina kotta vishayama .. married and non political vallani kuda enduku lagutunnaro
  11. After kodali Nani statements ee video dustbin lo eseyochu..this video gave ycp cleanchit in terms of religion politics..but Nani gadu kavalani BJP ki space create cheyatam kosam aa statements ichadu
  12. inka evaru edupu start cheyaledu enti Ramu ki ivvalsindi, jail lo unna athaniki enduku icharu etc
  13. Kashmir, Assam, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Kerala Andhra - fair elections aite BJP tudichi pettuku poddi.. Congress AP lo em chesindo BJP 6 states lo chesindi..devullu