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  1. Brother, Nakarikallu Nundi down ki anni branch canals map ekkada dorukuthundi?
  2. NFans NRT


    Around 2009-10 time lo KPHB vanabhojanalu time.. Party odipoyi baaga dull aina time anukunta. Konni districts lo Cs Kooda YSR ki supported. Appudu eeyana "brathikinantha kalam pasupu jenda kinde untam, lekapothe politics vadilesi potham. Anthe kani aa flag vadalam ani speech". Seems he was made dummy after he won elections. Chinna chinna panulaki Kooda ministers ribbon cutting chesevallu, officers didn't care about TDP greater MLAs when they were in TDP. Aa dummy candidates ga undaleka jumped anukunta arikepudi, maganti
  3. Hair cut will be more than 50-60% for these 12 accounts..!! After these 12 companies, there will be much greater haircut. Small and medium companies have been misusing IBC to transfer their business to friends and default.
  4. I think he's the only person in BJP, who truly cared about AP. I believe his elevation was one in many steps to suppress AP.
  5. NFans NRT


    Asaluu R&R package istada central govt? Only water storage ki problem aa rehabilate cheyyakapothe?
  6. NFans NRT


    Project site visit cheyyalnte what's the process? Can we visit directly or do we need to take some pre-approval?
  7. NFans NRT

    AP e-Pragati

    Less government.. More governance..!! Super.. Things like these improve quality of life..!!
  8. NFans NRT

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Hmm.. Seems like Nagarjuna sagar won't be getting water this time also.. 3rd straight year drought for NS right canal farmers..!!
  9. Maa NS right canal farmers ki edo okati stable ga water vachchela plan cheyyandi. Last three years ga drought ani raasa..
  10. NFans NRT


    Uff.. Criticism koddiga constructive ga undali. Blind ga kadu..!!
  11. NFans NRT

    AP fibre Grid project

    Fiber grid tho janalaki Internet ivvakapoina anni govt offices link chesina chalu.. Moving towards digital records will reduce corruption as there will be accountability
  12. NFans NRT

    Amaravati to Anantapur Expressway

    Endukavvadu.., already state ki 2 years lo 2.5 lac crore ichcharu ga.., ilanti chinna chinna projects ki direct ga IMPS lo transfer chestharu money..!
  13. NFans NRT

    Srisailam Project

    Ee year rains chaalaa baaga paddatle compared to last few years. Kani ippatiki sagar is just above dead storage. Right canal farmers has to face drought for 2nd straight year. May be inka bores start cheyyalemo
  14. NFans NRT

    Srisailam Project

    Sagar right canal farmers ki pedda rod..!!
  15. NFans NRT

    Srisailam Project

    70K outflow sagar ka? Vere purpose aa?