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  1. NFans NRT

    3 lakhs houses gruha prevesam tomorrow

  2. NFans NRT

    3 lakhs houses gruha prevesam tomorrow

    Mee post choosaka I checked AP housing website. In my village, some of the houses are genuine. But already eppudo kattesina houses ki Kooda fresh ga thessukunnaru who are pretty good financially. Comedy entante CBN geo tagging photos with construction stage pettadani vere illa daggara/ paints modify chesi photos pettaru. People with good economical status also misusing these schemes is disgusting.
  3. NFans NRT

    10% Vote share

    <3-4% vote share and 0-1 seats..!! Pawan Kalyan followed by NOTA and then congress. Last will be BJP.
  4. NFans NRT

    Maanavatvam manta kalisina vela

    Aa slaughter business run chesedi Valla MLAs ee ga.., they don't want to control it. They just want to play petty politics around that issue.
  5. NFans NRT

    Kanna Srikakulam tour

    Road pakkana vallu Kooda choodatle.. Cong will surely get more % of votes next time. BJP should stop using energy and time on AP.
  6. NFans NRT

    Lagadapati rg flash team survey

    JS 0 or 1..!! 5 vasthe PK Kooda expect cheyyatledemo
  7. NFans NRT

    Lagadapati rg flash team survey

    7% vote share difference ante sweep cheyyali.. 110 endi rod..!! We are winning big this time.. Social schemes and runamaphee tho 90% families ni touch chesam. Social schemes and development on par oke term lo cheyyadam kashtam. But CBN polavaram, amaravati, industries, social schemes anni baaga synced this time. No way we are getting less than 130 this time. Konthamandi MLAs ni marchali pakka
  8. Gadkari is one of good administrators.. During his stint as Maharashtra roads & buildings there was good uplift in infra.. This time most infra projects like sagarmala etc are concentrated in Guj, Maharashtra. NE lo Kooda highways baaga paddayi. National level lo aithe disappointing.
  9. Except few steel companies, there will be more than 60% hair cut uncle. Coming back anedi just sugar coating. In couple of years, few PSBs might become negative book value also. Proposed banks related bill literally caused people to move their deposits to other avenues. Now banks are starving for capital. When PSBs lose, public as stakeholders lose..
  10. OK. I misinterpreted it as insurance amount disbursed. I think the amount refers to premium paid.
  11. Brother, ee last line correct eena? 1.5cr families ante almost 4-5crs directly benefited? If yes, apart from social revolution, this scheme will cause massive silent voting to us..!!
  12. I can see BJP losing at least 50 in UP if SP+BSP Contest together. Another 40 in Rajasthan and MP together. Gujarat + karnataka another 25-30 if JDS and cong contest together. Whole of NDA Kooda less than 200-220 undi if trend sustains..!!
  13. NFans NRT

    ABP news mood of the nation

    If SP+BSP, Cong +JDs contest together, I can see BJP losing more than 100 seats in UP, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Gujarat alone. MP, Punjab will be better performing for cong than 2014 for sure. BJP might gain 15-20 seats in East. Overall, it looks BJP alone would not get more than 180 at any cost if above alliances materializes.
  14. I think he's the only person in BJP, who truly cared about AP. I believe his elevation was one in many steps to suppress AP.
  15. NFans NRT

    Runamaphi 4th n 5th term by Jan19

    Rather than herd they are intelligent dude..!! Oka leader ladies ki benefit chesthadani feel aithe intlo vallu cheppina vallaki ishtamaina vallaki silent ga guddostharu.. UP lo Muslim ladies BJP ki vote vesaru due to triple talaq issue at that time.