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  1. టిడిపి 0.. Congresses.. Single digit Trs, mim, bjp... double digit None ofnthe party will get 3 digits
  2. Last 6 half years not small time...govt should have corrected the things like others.. So అందరూ.. Political gain kosam....
  3. ఏంటో ley news follow ayyu emi చెయ్యాలి.. Vodduna kurchunna vallaki emi thelustundi.. Neellu entha chali ga vunnayo... Families famlies crush ayyayyu corona valla.. Suthi meetings petti emi vupayogam.. Chaduvu leni pm gadu time ki react ayyu ekkuva mandi effect avakunda chudali.. Already bokka పెట్టి.. Ippudu evo drams చేస్తే waste.. 1st and foremost task is vaccine distribution...
  4. Emi matalu.. Muthyala. Pandiri lo muthyalu.. Jaruthunnayu.... Rakul. Kuda andukey flat ayyundi anukunta
  5. Jaggad.. Land distribution will be game changer.. Whatever its.. I think that will make loy of difference... Only hope for anti incumbency.. Khjana diwlala thestey employees.. Other free bees will impact
  6. Ma modi sab.. Daily serial lo vunde artificial emotions evoke cheyytam lo number one.. Continue sir.. 1st focus on formers
  7. Last 2 days acts might damage to some extent.. But full wave to bjp.. Not sure how many convert as votes.. But my vote goes to cycle.. Aravind also not good... But better than bandi Sanjay.. Vadu ela ayyado mp and president.. Coroporator ga vodi poyadu anta..
  8. Mee bjp batch, noti daggara ki vache kudu kali tho thannukuntunnaru.... బండి.. Raghu nandan.. Dialogues.. Surgical strikes, ysr ni thittatam..
  9. I believe cyclic process as 'pervuguta viruguta koraku.:... So vallani thanne rojulu vastayu.. In 2000 and 2001 years i have seen tdp spike.. Like never before nver again.. Same in 2009 and 2010 congress spike... Now trs, bjp are in same path.. Just wait for few years...
  10. Yes.. anna gari song antey easy ga recognize chestaru.. But credit goes to composer - pendyala garu, singer-Gantasala garu, finally this kid.. What a voice.. Recommending to go through this.. Really nice one.. Thanks brother for your thread
  11. Suprim Court cheppindi.. But govt action ఎప్పుడు? Still most of govt employees full favor ti govt.. Still how employees are banking hopes on chippanna govt.. Going forward situation worest avthundi gani.. Better ayye chance ledu..
  12. Veeru sir agenda as below. 1. Kamma hatredness at peaks 2. Kapu gajji also peaks.. 3.His argument like child
  13. Post here bro or else mention the time in that video.. Voice tempting ga వుంది but viney oopika ledu
  14. Because of candidate... Other than raghunandan rao.. Bjp in 3rd position.. Between its cake walk for trs... They have done many works . Due to bjp candidate hype and noise.. This much compitition felt by media and viewers
  15. That is the problem with 2 parties.. Ade happy ga 3rd party vuntey (prp, pillasena).. Entha haiyu ga vundedo usa kuda ap laga.. Akkada alnti gajji batch leru emo
  16. Especially journalist dairy sathish.. By birth he is against to tdp and cbn.. No doubt all above mentioned still working at their best to impact neutral vote bank.. Moreover all of them worked with out money(except sai).. Chivara ki ambati rayudi ni cricket world cup select cheyyakapovataniki reason cbn tdp and kamma.. Such a mindless illusion. Msk prasad and cbn kalisi ekkaddo hyd ki aaduthunna rayudu ni thokkkesaru అన్నట్లు.. Video chesadu venu Gopal rao ane cricketer.. Daniki erri sainiks and vunmada batch same propaganda chesaru..
  17. Givi anni makoddu.. Ma musti ego satisfy avvali.. Gdv cleaner gadu.. Inka cbn and family ni full buthulu thidithey.. We are most happy creatures in the ap.. Itlu Paytm sangham