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  1. Platform for performance... Future lo bathroom scenes emanna vuntayo... Ani benga ankunta. Emanna ashok babu garu la mlc expect చేస్తున్నారు అనుకుంటా
  2. Process ela vunna... Danni employees follow avvali kada
  3. Modi ever youth.. Youngest pm of india Next 10 years kuda modi ney
  4. So 2022 varaku up valla ku vaccine vaddu antaru chinna dora.. Emi politics.. Baboi..
  5. Manam swadesi.. Kadhar and gochi pettukokunda jocky, etc vaduthunnappudu.. Videsi vaccine vesukuntaru ley.. Ne need to worry from lotus party.. .
  6. One of the most backward constency.. Tdp gelichi 20+ years ayyundi..tdp. Ki opp Evaru potu chesina gelustaru.. Ento
  7. Abba సాయి ram.. Kallu chemma gillayu..
  8. I dont think he is human and he has human qualities... Yes we too hates ysr family.. We never used such words such many days.. Even we don't want ti listen such filthy foul language from anyone.. I think someone would have stolen his beloved stuff on the name of TDP.. no need to wait for realization of these kindn of people.. As you said focus of our work..
  9. No one treating him as neutral.. Everyone knows he is dead against tdp . And pilla sainik, next softbcorner on ycp, congress etc.. Vadu వూరి meeda vadilina oka gunna eeenugu
  10. This video not quoting correct information.. 1.pk toured other than nellor districts 2. Pk didn't attend the meeting and this point is correct and before explanation is not linking or elevating the main point. 3.just as suggestion, please eaae recheck the info and try to strike the point with commandable modulation
  11. Nizam ayuna desa bakthulu.... Manaki matter thelisan flow lo follow avatamey.. But i belive some where these people got benefited in nda govt
  12. I agree with this.. He should have join bjp.. And silently he has to wait for his turn.. If Revanth is aggressive.. Tg people always thinks that he is mouth piece of cbn.. That is not good for his political career.. Some where he has to grown up to the level that he has to giving back to mukkoni family