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  1. Ward volunteer(female) in my native - - >no salaries from july.. Still she is defending చిప్ప కూడు batch.. Out source employee in municipality - - >no salary from last 6 months.. His fanisam peaks.. Recent ga konchem thaggindi.. The same guy had received salaries with out any waiting period in cbn term.. Still no realization..
  2. Enno cheptharu.. జనాలు ke గుర్తు లేదు.. Emi chepparo.. Final ga small attack on Pakistan (asalu nizam ga Pakistan place lo vesaro leda Afghanistan lo vesaro thelavadu) . Northies full happy.. Election commission high level management tho thumping mejority..
  3. Sharmai selli ni ఒక్కసారి vadili.. Oka speach ippistey.. చాలు
  4. No hope.. If he down from CM seat.. Again he will become another God.. Let hik continue and struggle like anything
  5. Mee sanghala prathinidhulu harsham vyaktham chesaru anta mee andari thharupuna.. Meeru inka good news ani oppukovatm. లేదు.. Employees ayuthey.. They ordered new "goney sanchulu".. To collect money
  6. New slogan anta.. "Andaru bavundali danilo AP govt employees vundali" .. I have friends in govt teaching section. They were reporting very badly about cbn implementations like English medium, delay in tranfer, time monitoring.. Etc. This years.. Due ti corona they didn't get salary properly.. Still no worries.. No complaints.. Finally.. Vaddinche వాడు mana vadu ayuthey.. Gaddi pettina wow aney situation ki వెళ్లారు..
  7. Still people mudslinging with caste.. People like venkata krishna, tv5 murthy, babu rao(communist leader) being effected with caste propaganda though they are not belongs to caste..
  8. Hyd hospital lo covid treatment thesukuntaru anta.. No news in media.. How come..?
  9. Somu sir is not active in media.. Any guess?
  10. That amount is good input for ycp carder... Sammaga 50% margin starr చేస్తే.. Antha ponu min 36% to 24% final contractor alias ycp cader jebulo pothundi..
  11. Manchi mata.. Deppi podupu.to psychi batch.. Thats more painful na
  12. Dinakar is physically handicapped.. And he is nephew of venkayya naidu.. CA background.. I too shocked when he joined bjp. Earlier his family(when his father alive) got good offers from BJP and his father simply denied... He fought like a true soldier without any position in టిడిపి.. Feeling sorry for him as somu suspended him from bjp.
  13. Team work impartant.. Here no team.. Nothing.. Just one way.. Intentions are good amd backfired due to poor implementation