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  1. Venkatpaladugu

    PK anna support

    Bidding is on... On his tweets
  2. Venkatpaladugu

    Cool gaa vundandi....It is over.

    You are exactly thinking same way how I am thinking.. Hope for best
  3. Venkatpaladugu

    Why Ysrcp not contesting in T

    Got to know from my friend (he is jaffa) as from in last 15 days of jagan's stay in hyd.. His activity is, calling all his sympathizers in TG especially khammam, mahabubnagar asked to cast their votes to TRS.
  4. Venkatpaladugu

    Karnataka By-election Results 2018 LIVE

    Due to Demo directly or in directly 2 lacks cores impact.. Not only implementation.. Introducing 2000 rs note also blunder no use at all or in any aspect.
  5. Venkatpaladugu

    Edupu Gottu GVL GA

    Yeah I too observed.. Mana vallu prathi Dani ki mimmalni tag cheyyatam it's wrong.. Coming to RBI.. This kind of intervention not there.. If Govt give free hand. RBI will do good.. This time totally hijacked.. Congress also tried.. Pranab, chiddu..no gig diff with cong and bjp.. Now people slowly realised congress slightly better than gujju's.. Even for me it's difficult to digest.i always dead against congress.. Iwant to see congress mi of 30 years from power. Unfortunately this gujju people made it very strong with in 4 years
  6. Venkatpaladugu

    Edupu Gottu GVL GA

    Ento Inka defending topical flower followers also kept silent due last two incidents like CBI and RBI rifts.. Still Manam Inka flower trans lo vuntey..
  7. Eeellebba.. Hathya yatnam ki Hathyacharam ki diff theliyadu Gabbu na gorrelu
  8. You always perfect bro... Mee Mantalu Konchem katinaga vunna.. Always gives some information and good as well
  9. Venkatpaladugu

    Breaking News .... #RafaleLiesExposed

    I am working in banking sector and also part of implementation of core banking as well as capital markets solutions in leading Indian banks(except SBI) including one Swiss bank(credit suisse). For best results he wouldn't have introduce 2k notes and just increase the printing of 100 notes. Due to poor implementation, people suffered (few died) like anything, still we are OK with that by considering the bright forecast of economy. Eventually demonitisation disaster and even govt also not showing any proof for the statement "it served the purpose"
  10. Venkatpaladugu

    Breaking News .... #RafaleLiesExposed

    Typical gujju.. At any cost gujju's should be more beneficial in all aspects. Gujju ki pm padavi vundaganey deepam chakkapettukunnadu.
  11. Venkatpaladugu

    Breaking News .... #RafaleLiesExposed

    If we consider the period from demonitisation start date to till may 2018..its almost costs 2.13 lac cores directly or indirectly. Introducing 2k note was foolish and black money transaction not stopped.. Eg:Recently one of colleague paid 20 lacs black money to his builder.. In case of shell companies modi Govt has done some policy changes before demonitisation itself. I only fought with my friends about demonitisation positive aspects at that time of announcement.. Now realised that it was blunder. Even GST also same.. Though it was not initiative of nda Govt,it was implemented by them. Infosys implementing GST with lot of hurdles.
  12. Venkatpaladugu

    Breaking News .... #RafaleLiesExposed

    Demo.. It was executed very badly bhayya.. It didn't serve the purpose at all. When I was part of Ubi implementation, I had a discussion with RBI guy and came to know that it was impact economy very badly. I can explain you the correct way how it would have executed effectively.
  13. Venkatpaladugu

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Yes.. After 2016 June, SN Padu mandal has good Rains today and yesterday
  14. Venkatpaladugu

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Seeking mahesh1987 brother updates
  15. Venkatpaladugu

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Any good news in terms of rains for drought effecting districts.. Prakasam, nellore and Seema? Praying for best.... Mari ma prakasam lo SN Padu mandalam.. Last moderate rain was in jun 2016..after that nothing.. Along with this Tangutur Nd gudlur