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  1. Just checked with friends.. Your guess is 100% correct and componsation sake his family members would have placed the suicide note.
  2. Venkatpaladugu

    One year on, GST is succeeding and growing

    I have seen many people discussing about their business impact(worse) after GST implementation.. Especially small scale
  3. Venkatpaladugu

    One year on, GST is succeeding and growing

    GST implementation doing by Infosys.. Few of my colleagues invloved in implementation and development.. Only the feedback they have given as "in PMO itself people doesn't have complete picture of GST mechanism from both ends" .. Another failure of faku..
  4. Venkatpaladugu

    Talk of Nation : Naidu's Hindi Speech

    Then why people are feeling great about kcr, ktr orrating skills... Yeah you are right.. It's not celebration time.. In worse time you have to appreciate his efforts..
  5. Venkatpaladugu

    NTR Anna canteens

    You Totally wrong.. Infosys won't funding to akshya patra.. For less money they will feed quality food.. No involvement of Infosys here.. We Infy people had that food till 2016.
  6. Venkatpaladugu

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Last year, with drawl of moon soon no rains.. Hope best rains this year.. Especially nellore and few parts of prakasam. @MAHESH BRO:Any chances of rains.. For nellore, prakasam(SOUTH PART), GUNTUR (EAST)?
  7. Venkatpaladugu

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Okkati Anna nellore and Ongole Madya land fall ayuthe bagundu
  8. Venkatpaladugu

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Tangutur mandal very less rain fall yesterday
  9. Hi venkat Thanx for the book this is goutham.....ninna mimmalni kalisina vinay is my partner...neney pampaaanu...any way keep in touch my office is at malayasia township circle...

  10. hi venkat Hitech city loo e company. I am working in CSC, BUilding number 4. Canu u give me u r contact number.Mine is 9948298145.