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  1. His prediction close in 2014 .from there after Delhi,bhihar,..etc all went wrong
  2. Friend Kosam ..Manam bettings ki,packata ki Duram. Lagadapati exit poll tharuvatha ycp vallu full vupu lo vunnaru TG results la ga ap lo kuda miss fire avthundi ani. Ycp batch Ela vunnaru anthey.oka plan Prakaram lagadapati TDP ki favour ga exit polls istey TDP vallu rechipoyu bettings vestaru.result ycp ki favour ga vuntadi . finally ycp vallu labapadatharu ..ani chepthunnaru ..vammo
  3. Ippude betting Kosam ani oka Ongole MLA close aid tho matlada ..CBN survey anta ..DJ is going to win by 4 to 7k votes anta ..praksam lo 8 vastayu anta..as per party assessment 10 anta .
  4. Journlist Sai oka survey thechadu 3 weeks back .naganna survey anta(TG lo 100% accurate anta) ..ycp ki 95 ani cheppadu .Dani lo Prakasam ki 5 ichadu ..
  5. Nageswar analysis TG vishayam lo wrong ..he told that kutami has edge ani
  6. Kukatpally 40+ antey Inka nammaleka pothunna.serilingampalli going to loose ani polling day roju thelisindipoyundi
  7. Parchur ycp geleste..ycp ki star wide 130+ vastayu.. Gannavaram lo ycp geleste TDP seats would be 30..ippude friend okaru USA lo 10 lacks betting anta Vamshi is going to loose ani. Found similarities . In my view ..praksam lo kondepi,addanki and parchuru sure shot TDP. Snpadu Ongole Chirala and kanigiri tough..snpadu and Chirala TDP has agde. Worest case 3 ,moderate 5 best case 8
  8. Ee 4 surveys has some good success rate .india today TG results lo success ayundi
  9. It's has done lit of damage .. indirectly RBI governor resigned
  10. Those people are extremists I can say ..also they are extreem about Hindu religion than belief in God . Also in-secure about other religion though it's valid emotion as per me . They also thinking that Modi only correct solution for Hindu's and he only can stop conversations though the fact is different. Observed few people mind set changes (not extremists) due to recent bluffing by faku
  11. Fact emiti antey ..last 5 years lo modi ruling valla except very few sections,most of the sections got effected very badly .sad part is most of those effected people casted their vote BJP in 2014.keyboard tigers, NRI people only supporting this bluff master. Very few people got benefited with house loan waved off. Swatcha Bharat kuda pedda scam ..mana daggara direct tax collect chesi .. proper ga utilise cheyyaledu.
  12. BJP ante andaru Vajpayee ruling model anukunnaru Modi-bondam model ayyundi. Ayodhya lo ram temple entha varaku vachindi..Malli BJP manifesto lo ekkindi. We can say these Modi and bondams ki .. Hindu,muslim,..etc Kadu .power power.. Antha Hindu meeda Prema vuntey Kashmir lo aaaa mohaboba tho pothu emiti
  13. Ok ..fake election promise as per BJP. Mari Demo valla entha Black money vachindi..adi emanna shell companies Ni pattukunnaru antaru.. Ma 15 lakhs each account mata emiti.. eppudyna with EC lo split chusara..