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  1. Pop corn time ... Hari garu.. maximum.. hypothetical scenarios chepathru..
  2. You employees are best people to know the state economic situation..still expected more than TG in cbn tenure..still never felt that you people are less than TG employees. Now jaggai turn.. still many are banking hopes on him in terms of prc or cps..etc Time answers for these stuff.. definitely Jagga will do by end of his term or atleast one year before of elections..
  3. I am not telling what is right and what is wrong.Below my observations are. 1. Group of TDP cader waiting for position like zptc or mptc ..and they can spent money irrespective of the party.This group is small. 2.As part of reservations,or pressure from party..etc..they are not ready to spend their own money..this people are suffering. So to shield 2nd type ..we should boycott.. the moment panchayat elections done I thought why cbn is not boycott the election to save the cader..etc. My relatives lost 15 lakhs ..so their pain is horrible..
  4. We can believe this ..as rrr backed up by RSS and BJP..bjp will help Jagga for sure by delaying the court proceedings.. Nothing happens to Jagga..he can manage with lawyers.. certainly there a minor headache.
  5. Correct..pidi batch anthey ..vallla pidi vadana vallari. Between.. raffael scam edo byte vachindi..any covering information..edo France agency anta..Vadra..thaluka na .. Bale close chesara Rafael case..same lines lo mana jaggu bhai ni kuda close chesi..ap ni appula kuppa nundi save cheyyandi. Pani lo pani..somu maya ni cm chestey.. konchem relax avvochu
  6. Son stroke antaru..thappadu..entha medhavi ki ayuna..peddayyna .kastam antha vrudha ayyuundi..so sad .. Something needs to be done ..to Elevate or prove as metal leader
  7. 100 tv channels lo continus telecast chesina..emi kadu..tirupathi scenario like this. TDP has solid vote bank of min 2 to 2.5 lakhs. Where as ycp has min of 4.5 lakhs..rest bjp or jenasena..entha mandi enni kuppi ganthulu vesina..ycp mejority would be min of 2 lakhs..max of 3.5 lakhs..
  8. We never cared about dumb celebrations...ap people are small group..so this votes never caribg your bjp people...local leaders enni mistakes chesina..me pedda leaders correct chesi...ap lanti daga padda situation ni correct cheyyali...I really praying as AP should stand as like other states..even in Jagan ..rule..but it's way far.. Mistakes are common..don't compare..with silly mistakes with history changing mistakes..ap lo political gain and games are nothing to bjp.. helping to ap state is important whether it's cbn or Jagan... Karma anedi anadari sarada theerustundi...so ippudu ap janala turn...repu inkokari turn..it's never ending process
  9. Even one lakh crores not sufficient. .
  10. Ayyo..no efforts ah....good pilli kallu musukuntey emi kanipistundi..ade pedda pedda hema hemilu kuda matti karicharu.. power perminent kadu..eppudo.evaru effort pettakunda ..potta..gundu..gaddam anni kalasi pothayu...ap ni nsasanam chesina arun Jaitley and sushma amma..aathma..challa ga vundali ..
  11. Manam chestey..samsaram..vere vallu chestey..inkoti..ento mana nri desa bakthulu..manam power kosam kashmir..lo evari tho ayuna dance kadatham..ikkada state kosam dance aadithey thappu enti... sare ..Rahul tho seluva kappatam valana ..ap lo tg lo janalu thokkesaru..mari bjp no emi chesaru..raja simhasanam ekkinchara...ap lo paristhiti enti..central lo Power pettukoni..okka seat lo ayuna deposit vachinda...2018 TG lo enni vachayi....1 seat..where as TDP won 2 seats ..that's not right comparison.. TDP lost ki chala reasons vunnayu....
  12. Bangla tour,some other drama acts are getting more popular rather than Didi wheel chair drama...I want to see Didi lost .. chances are there...due to didi,maya and few ugly people acts... resulting..drama modi pm once again
  13. 43k cores ki charge sheets vunna dude ni secret frienship chestu..edo ice fruit kosam kakkurthi padinia valla tho fighting ento..
  14. People are not considering all these things... something effectively happening from ycp social media end..that is not countering... On liter note ..from 2012 to 2019 jaffas were in nightmare..let them enjoy..till some extent.. My sincere request is don't be participate in betting..I expected the same result..as we are loosing vja and vyzag..