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  1. balakrishnudu

    IYR Book on Amazon

    Ippude raasocha
  2. balakrishnudu

    #AravindhaSametha Day 7 AP/TG 2.92 cr First week WW 82.13 cr

    eeroju public holiday naa?
  3. balakrishnudu

    Guwahati Airport Last Night....

    Roof waterproof termination cheyyakapoyina vastundi
  4. balakrishnudu


    6 months ento... Enduku ala bhayataki cheppatam
  5. balakrishnudu


    1hectare = 2.47 acres
  6. Why people are crazy abt NTR? My show gives the perfect example! In UAE, they shown me RTC cross roads experience...

  7. RT @pvamseek What is the difference between frustration and satisfaction?What the xxxx! and What a xxxx!

  8. Poor bowling performance by india

  9. Meher ramesh=================================V V Vinayak

    1. Simha


      V.V.V tho Meher ki Polikendhi baabu??


      V.V.V Enni Hits icchadu?? Meher enni icchadu??

  10. Congrats to BIIT foundation, out of 86 students 42 got ranks.

  11. Listened sega songs! (Sega puttistunnayi)

  12. i am enjoying my long vacation!

  13. watched 100% love yesterday...... i am in infactuation don't ask abt review!!!!

  14. wishing "NTR" and "Lakshmi Pranati" a HAPPY MARRIED LIFE.........