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  1. Experiencing SSD ........& USB 3.0

  2. 15 hrs of Millionaire Dream Costs a $ #Mega-millions

  3. Tarakasimhudu-->vikramasimhudu-->prathapasimhudu -->suryasimhudu-->rudrasimhudu-->veerasimhudu #Dhammu

  4. On the way 2 Pittsburg.....Lord Venkateswara Temple http://t.co/YDR8zBm6

  5. Gw Bridge, Traffic Sucks..

  6. "Nandhana Nama Samvatsara Subhakankshalu" ....Happy Ugadi.. Hope this year is Nandanamayam.

  7. If life always sucks, just think u r still better than me :-)

  8. Dillaku Dillaku Dillaku Dilla........

  9. The new iPad has already been jailbroken http://t.co/ecQcckzm via @iDownloadBlog

  10. Sachin -100 * 100 ..Jahapana Thuje Great ho

  11. Downloading #Anonymous-Live os, should see whats the stuff inside..

  12. In India, 112 Government Websites Hacked in Three Months http://t.co/vgjOzHVo

  13. My #iphone Uname , , it's like making up Doctr to do his own Surgery with strong 'ARM ' heart ,, :)http://t.co/tA2J8hN0

  14. 6Gb Ram...2Tb Disk, Quad core not enough...**** the limit

  15. Estoy en Hiberna esperar el tiempo encendiendo

  16. All Rumors are now comitted feautures except the silly naming Convention #apple

  17. How to unlock the iPhone 4S using the R-SIM interposer http://t.co/jK9Q1aXJ via @iDownloadBlog

  18. oops.. Except the Title song the rest are the worst ..What happened Mani & Mega Combo......

  19. FB Messenger app 4 Win7 looks cool , hope it had new status other than on/off-line in future :-)

  20. Only game waiting for is - Farcry3. Liked 1st the most, played 2nd the most. now wanna both in 3

  21. Footloose - A nice, smooth and yanky... #righttodance

  22. Why all my beloved late 90's Hollywood Movies stars only "Tom Hanks" as hero..#forestgump