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  1. OK. Let us wait and watch how will it happen. Hope for the best.
  2. I see a lot of pessimism in your posts. Don't lose confidence on CBN. I am confident that CBN will take necessary steps to further fasten the growth with whatever resources available.
  3. I disagree with your statement that we can't do anything even if we get 25 out of 25 MP seats. If we have that many MPs, don't you think that either BJP or Congress needs our support to form government?
  4. I am not talking about centre and State. I am talking about the conditions to be put forth for extending our support to any future coalition governments. Why do we need to convince the congress to get the benefits, instead I am saying why don't we demand the congress that we give our support only if you fulfill our promises. After all, nothing is fair and we have already seen the effect of being fair with Modi government. As CBN told several times that he told the central government that he told them that he won't sworn-in until the 7 mandals of polavaram catchment area are merged in AP. Did it happen or not? I am telling to follow the similar approach, not exactly though.
  5. I agree. We need CBN at least one more term to realize the results. Otherwise, all the efforts from last 4 years go waste.
  6. Yes, but he tricked everyone, right.
  7. We don't care for respect but we need funds to fulfill the promises made to public. So, we shouldn't just support congress because Rahul respects CBN. Instead, we need to learn lessons from unconditional support to Modi. Our only condition should be that we support only after you approve our long pending projects.
  8. Acche din came to NRIs as we get 70 rupees for every dollar transaction. It was 39 when I came here in 2007.
  9. Even if we become friendly with center we won't get any extra allowances from centre if they have a secret agenda. Think about Telangana government. Even though they have been friendly with centre in the recent days, they haven't got any special resources. It is just the attitude of the person who is in charge. The only thing we can do better now is to win the elections and try not to fall in any traps from either Congress or BJP before elections and demand to approve all our promises if they need our support to form government. It is better to not to involve in any third front politics at this time.
  10. I don't think so. I wish Narendra Modi was never present in BJP. If it was just Advani and other BJP politicians, we would have got better response from the central government. It is a big lesson for several people to not to believe a person based on their outer appearance.
  11. I agree with you. After we win the next elections, our first condition must be to sign on all of the AP reorganization act promises before we even think about providing the supporting the next central government. I hope that will be the case.