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  1. May be. Some posts could be stress busters for all of us. No need to take any thing to heart and demoralize. I meant more of less edited videos. Like ycp/bjp/jsp mla/mp/cm/Cadre propaganding false information or info they rub on people, how they are pulling people into their nets.
  2. Hello Everyone, Just came as a thought. Why can't we pin a thread in which everyone can post all the negativity circulating on TDP, CBN, LOKESH and all party leaders, caste politics. I believe this will give us ground reality (in some cases) and think unbiased way from voter perspective. To me, we lost last election only because we didn't realized the ground reality. Watching all the positive news, videos in db made me think its cake walk win for us in last elections. I don't post very often, but always follow the db from long back. So please don't try to deviate my intention or judge me for my thought. If any one thinks alike and admin thinks too, please pin a thread for all negativity on us.
  3. Zindabad Nadamuri Natasimham Balayaaa