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  1. manaNTR

    Avinash in gudiwada

    Nani Spending 50 Crs
  2. manaNTR

    dwcra cheques

    డ్వాక్రా ఆడపడుచులకు పంపిణీకి సిద్ధమైన చంద్రన్న పసుపు కుంకుమ చెక్కులు... 01/02/2019 2500/- 08/03/2019 3500/- 05/04/2019 4000/-
  3. manaNTR

    CBN promoted list of AP industries

    How many jobs are created in andhra pradesh 2014 to 2018 there is a central government report say 2.4 laks can any one care that
  4. manaNTR


    2 months back Bonda Uma US visit lo said Mar 2019
  5. manaNTR

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Good rains in rayalaseema, kadapa received heavy rain first time in this year
  6. manaNTR

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    I am in US
  7. manaNTR

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    By tomorrow srisailam inflows will reach close to 4 lakhs cusecs, srisailam dam gates may open anytime after tomorrow evening
  8. manaNTR

    Vizag Airport

    Nellore and Prakasam- Chennai
  9. manaNTR

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Massive water released from tunga and bhadra dams after many years. Tunga dam:90000 cusecs Bhadra dam:70000 cusecs Expecting tungabhadra dam inflow to cross 200000 cusecs by today evening.
  10. manaNTR

    Prakasam Barrage

    Super thank you
  11. manaNTR

    Prakasam Barrage

    Vykuntapuram Barrage After మున్నేరువాగు and మధిర?
  12. manaNTR

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Due to the heavy rains in local catchment area inflow increased heavily to sunkesula barriage in Kurnool district, total of 130000 cusecs water released to srisailam dam from tungabhadra river.
  13. manaNTR

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Ongole, Nellore and Tamil Nadu are in North West Mansoon
  14. manaNTR

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    ALMATTI - 1,00,667 Cus inflow