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  1. AP lo chadhvukonna prathi vaadiki ardam avuthundhi ilaanti incidents and discussions ippudu enduku therameedaki laagaru anedaaniki..PK gaadiki acting choosthe sagam ardam ayipoddi..Konni sangavidroha sakthulu thama partyla kodam ilaanti godavalu cheyisthunnaru..
  2. YCP is doing this intentionally BJP ni lepataaniki...Both parties want to religion fights/discussions to happen..Otherwise these provoking talks are not required at this time..at least from a fellow like cleaner... AP inka gone case janaalu ilaanti vatillo kuda trap ayitha...Youth future sarva nasaname ayipodddi..Ippudike sagam naaki poyindhi...
  3. Try something different and is possible promises..We need Youth votes..Expecting change in them next term.. We give good roads, good infrastructure, water for agriculture, quality education.. We give only limited Welfare...Tell them we don’t give free bees.. We focus on reducing cost of living..food etc. All these can be done without Free Free items...
  4. Target lower class people...Full free bees... Chrstian vote bank safe... Middle class addagam munigipothaaru...Cost of living inka double avuthundhi... Goverment safe...Adhi game..Appulu anevi Lower class people ki pattavu... Anduke Baffas backdoor lo votes cheelchi veedni safe gaa vunchudam ani Plan.. Ap ni devude kaapadali...Target chestunna castes anni safe gaa valla future vere states lo choosukunte better..Focus on career and land vunna vallu focus on alternatives tooo.. As a TDP fan power loki ravalanna pedda interest kuda raatam ledu.. with too many debts development not possible inka...
  5. Maa @Rajakeeyam uncle tharapuna theevram ga kandistunnam..
  6. Raja Kaja Maja... Entha edupu edchaaru raa CBN meeda chinna chinna vaatiki..edvandi inka..
  7. Just take Buchayya Thatha as example..10 more candidates like him are good enough..
  8. Yes, somewhat better. Still needs paid team for solid reach. Volunteers cant do everything.
  9. Make it very simple..CBN cannot handle multiple things without Savardeetha... BC Mantra Strong SM Media Chance to new Youth leaders only We do development only..Very minimal free items..Make it very clear statement.show the difference from last time mistakes..
  10. Bad Amdinistration, Thats it. B000di dont know what is administration. Focus is only Politics and How to use power.
  11. TDP pro media vadi party ki konni matters lo anavsaram gaa kelukkuntundhi anedhi nijam..SM lo aadukovaali..matters like capital etc. keep calm and watch his reaction ala vundaali..
  12. previous and current generations who are already in jobs are lucky annattu...Next generations inka kastam jobs...Mana sampadinchi ichinave vallaki inka..Future lo new jobs anevi kastam emo...this is not only for AP..India antha ilane avuthundhi..
  13. Maree ilaa thayaaru ayyav entibabu...
  14. Good.. vallaki valle edavalu avuthunnaru CBN meeda edchi..AP pichi janalaki ardam avvakapothe inka valla karma..
  15. Lokesh improve avuthunnadu gaa..iDream vaadini rangamloki dimpaara malli..Malli Lokesh meeda padathaaru inka linelo..NTV TV9 all neutral musugus..
  16. Kummi dobbu raaja janalni...Free bees isthannav gaa..Thappuledu..
  17. Attracting Youth...Surap uncle cheppedhi correste...
  18. +111 Negative vachevi emina vunte first 2 years lone closing Target...Next 3 years BAU nadipisthaadu...