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  1. Should continue current energy without focussing on these side tracks...Money spend cheyyali ee last 2 days...dont give chance to third party...
  2. JS metta batch vundhigaaa.NOTA daaruthaaru...kill that xxx is the first thing required..
  3. Yes, but these things can be avoided if you follow basic thumb rules in tech dominating era...CBN discipline ani enduku antaado ardam avuthundhi...
  4. They are trying with religion politics...AP vallaku burra vunte vellaku vote veyyaru...
  5. Maname koni thechukuntunnam...complete TDP was there in Thirupathi...Leaders emo loose talks...
  6. Ground meeda padina kastam antha ilaanti minor mistakes tho dobbettukuntunnam...SM paid team lekunda chaala kastam..
  7. YT motham vundhi...malli whatsapp enduku..
  8. Achanna anna daanni mis interpret chesaaru..Leaders should be cautious when you are representing a party.. Anduke TDP should start with fresh blood...Youth batch much needed...Seniors are expecting next day benefits which is not possible..
  9. Sudden gaa padakaalu aapesthe janala paristhithi enti...they also feel like missing their own salary...