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  1. @sskmaestro @LuvNTR enduku me time bokka..meeku inka ardam kaala...
  2. Good Job.Babu gaaru . oka 2 3 movie dialogues add cheyyandi..
  3. Ambulance service already vundhigaa...what is this new one??
  4. Chief Guests mana Admin and Govind uncles aaa...
  5. Endhi matter...railways privatization aaa??
  6. Rumors create chesthunnaremo Covid management failures divert cheyyataniki and for sympothy...
  7. Ee revathi evaro..musesthaaru...
  8. Till date no particualr pattern.. 50% infected doesnt know how they got Covid..
  9. Manam kuda adhe cheyyali ippudu..Kammavaccine thisukuntaara ani gattiga cheppali..
  10. niceguy

    Japan Fans

    AV teaser kuda baga famous ayyindhigaa..