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  1. Suresh Prabhu Tweet

  2. CBN met Modi

    No use confirmed anukunta.. CBN next steps ki ready anukunta..chnage ayithe kanapadathandhi...
  3. PM given appointment to CBN

    Vibajana Hamilu anni Nervaerustham ani cheppi Tea Biscuit isthaadu..Time Bokka
  4. One more attachment by ED

    Big Game ..this is big show..At the end vadilesenduku idantha..
  5. AP lo kuda 24 hours power?

    Big risk is ground water motham thodesthasru..Give them 12 HRs , I think it is good enough..
  6. Sakshi paper

    Ee paper bro idhi..
  7. Sakshi paper

    Lepi dobbali Ration cards ilanti vallaki..Jagan anna vachaka thisko ani cheppali..Veedi meeda case pettali Sakshi meeda kaadu..
  8. Sakshi paper

    Idhi kuda Loki Tweet cheyyochuga
  9. A2 and B1...shake it...shake it.

    Boodi and Co most of their time spent on Politics...Swach Bharath & Demo are just show cheyyataniki...I do not see any speciality in Boodi..Mute PM and Amayakudu Rahul Baba much better than Boodi.. Options levu anakandi ..takes time ..now the option is crystal clears for few people... Last 3 years lo Boodi gaadu chesindhi emina vunda ante “Big Zero”... Politics can turn in just 3 months..Just like AP-TDP 2014..