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  1. fan no 1

    Pileru tdp mla candidate

    Congress nundi mari Kiran contest chestada?
  2. fan no 1

    Tdp wins with huge majority

    I clearly mentioned on the top, I just want to make sure complacency doesnt creep in.
  3. fan no 1

    Tdp wins with huge majority

    Ivvakapote nenu ivvaledu anchu kada, leda numbers tappu anchu kada? He didnt say either of those.
  4. fan no 1

    Tdp wins with huge majority

    36th minute
  5. fan no 1

    Tdp wins with huge majority

    Lagadapati tho face to face interview ante fake antaru enti mastaru ,post sarigga chadavali meeru...search for IDream lagadapati interview on youtube ,posted recently after his cover up press meet on T Survey failure. Dont get complacent anedi na vuddesam ante .. many challenges ahead.
  6. fan no 1

    Tdp wins with huge majority

    According to last Lagadapati Survey, YSRCP 105, TDP 51 and JS 19. Lagada ni oka video lo edi adigite he didnt say no to the reporter's question. That interview is from Dec/Jan, incase TDP geliste pension increase vallane inka.
  7. fan no 1

    AP Govt - Pharma Scheme

    Edenti kottaga....Inka money vunnaya govt daggara?
  8. fan no 1

    A Random Survey about TDP Govt

    I dont know about cakewalk for TdP but for sure Jagan becoming CM is a bubble ready to pop. They are trying all shitty ways to gain mileage like Sharmila filing case in TG, Kodi katti and NIA, Caste based promotion in employees etc...TDP did a good job to make these reach the people but more needs to be done.
  9. fan no 1

    Ghattamaneni Joins TDP

    Inka Krish fans vunnara? Votes vestunnara? Eeyana financial help tappite emi vundadu.
  10. http://www.andhrajyothy.com/artical?SID=706052
  11. Aamanchi ippudu kakapote eppatikaina poyevadu...Confirm gelustadu kakapote
  12. fan no 1

    Abn people’s agenda done constuency

    Youth votes will split between Jagan and Janasena. Old and middle age people votes solid ga vaste gelavachu
  13. fan no 1

    Lagada Latest

    He didnt say no to the question about the survey he gave to CBN. Not good.
  14. fan no 1

    Modi Slaves

    Housing loan Pay mottam interest anukuntunnaduga..
  15. fan no 1

    manchu manoj tweet on kia launch

    Tesuku vachi Nagari lantz seat emanna ivvachuga....Vupu and Vayasu rendu vunnai candidate ki..
  16. fan no 1

    kotla surya prakash reddy into TDP

    MP nundi Corporation chairman stayiki dinchesav kada bhayya 😄....MLA anna ok kani
  17. fan no 1

    Priyanka tg incharge

    Evaru ninchunna TRS + MIM all seats..
  18. fan no 1

    WW Trending

  19. fan no 1

    2019 ELECTIONS

    MP and MLAs meeda anti vundi + Caste equations main...Monna oka video chusa, an auto driver with TDP membership card in hand and being one of the primary beneficiary of some CBN policies, saying that he will vote for JS candidate due to Caste and other reasons. ..CBN em chestado chudali... People say there is coterie around CBN only whom he believes or listens to....Luckily the same team failed him during T elections, we got to see if CBN comes down to earth or believes in the same team for 2019 elections.
  20. Nani emi great poll management person emi kadu...first time NTR craze, akkada nundi demarcation lo anti TDP villages/mandals anni baga vachi kalisai...one of the First assemblies YSR daggarundi set chesindi antaru...Kapu/bc votes clear ga padite kani gelavalem...Non Kamma ki ivvali...
  21. Bonda Uma first candidate to leave party if party doesnt win......
  22. SP and BSP together will get max, There is one reason why alliance is going to get max seats, congress is not in the alliance.
  23. fan no 1

    Strategy on JS

    In the current state of politics, Staying in power is more important which is what CBN is trying by joining hands with PK. If CBN lose and in the next 5yrs if bifurcation of constituencies happen that will do larger damage to TDP than joining hands with PK.