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  1. oka friend cheppadu, Panabaka ki base vundi and known name, so last time laga oka 4-5L votes vastai...Inkevaranna ayite work cheyaru cadre sarigga ani.
  2. Evaru manage chestaru ee handle? Edanna iPac lanti org or Someone from TDP ee na?
  3. Chesina antaru cheyakapoina antaru...Ponee meeru cheyandi ayanaki chedastam kada.
  4. Chusanu..yes anchor variety gane vunnadu but nice.
  5. SumanTV ,YCP batch ani telisi kooda RRR valla chudalsi vastondi.
  6. Swami denkiki against ga emi anadu, Central govt TTD control tesukovali ani vesi vellipotadu. Jagan ni emi anadu.
  7. when TDP was in power you were on TDP side, since BJP won you switched to BJP , tmro TDP or somewhere shit ..Yes you are on the winning side, always 😊
  8. CBI cases ni speedup chesaru...High Court lo jail vestaru and he has to go to Supreme appatiki avasaram Kosar planning edanta. So jail ki vellalsi vaste sympathy kosam chestunnaru.
  9. That is why CBN is not getting involved...Let TTDP leaders decide their course. More than L Ramana, I am confident on Professor Jyostna.
  10. Anti incumbency vundi..UP lo vundi, MP lo, Haryana now...NDA anedi vunte govt form avvachu kani BJP by itself rakapovachu
  11. They are the primary beneficiaries of Jagan's free money and I am sure they will continue to support him and such videos doesn't ditter that vote base.
  12. I disagree, 2009 lo we got 90+ seats in united Andhra and it was PRP who stopped us from getting there.