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  1. fan no 1

    Meetoo: Feeku case!

    That is what exactly TDP is telling BJP folks, telugu people are not idiots.
  2. fan no 1

    cbn in srikakulam dst

    He can manage the same from his office or just have an aerial view and go back to Vishakapatnam but he preferred to be on the ground and monitor the rescue and restoration, that is the difference and point of discussion in this thread.
  3. fan no 1

    National news channels

    Kothi veshalu vesevallavaipe andari chupulu vuntai, manchi panulu chese valla vaipu vundavu anedi Kiran bro post vuddesam😉
  4. fan no 1

    CS Dinesh Kumar

    NREGA funds vastunnai..Adi central scheme and APnis first in the usage and implementation ranking. Kiran bro what CBN is asking is what was promised in 2014 for deficit coverage etc...
  5. Police/security might have said no due to the fluid security situation there. Moists guerillas CBN/Lokesh vastaru ani wait kooda cheyochu posing as civilians.
  6. fan no 1


    Loyal ga vunde valla meeda invest cheyochu ...Next gen needs to be groomed.
  7. fan no 1

    Guntur politics

    Typo, gelavadu antunnaru. Nadella gelustadu antunnaru. Sympathy on Nadella and ayana hayam lo baga development jarigindi ani vundi anta
  8. fan no 1

    Guntur politics

    Tenali raja gelavachu antunnaru eesari? Nadella YCP loki vastdu antunnaru?
  9. fan no 1

    UP State May Be Tetrafurcated

    UP division is long due. Also If I remember right, UP passed a resolution longback in the assembly supporting the divide. It is too late this term though.
  10. fan no 1

    Chalmasetti Sunil

    Poina sari vesina number lo 50% ani bro question.
  11. fan no 1


    Jyothula -I doubt he will shift, he has learned his lesson.
  12. fan no 1

    Amanchi Krishna Mohan

    The way he spoke, it is clearly evident he will jump into JS in less than 2 months. Group meeting on Mahanadu dias meede pettadu ante inka emanali?
  13. My point is TDP and BJP are natural allies not Congress any day.
  14. fan no 1

    Y all ex IPS & IAS joining YCP...?

    Govt employees and TDP never on the same side.
  15. CBN target is Modi not BJP. The moment Modi goes down and someone who appeases TDP becomes the leader of BJP, CBN would go back into NDA.