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  1. Looks like a plan to save Jagan by diverting all cases to her. Now if she goes to prison for some reason, lady sentiment workout ayyiddi and also Jagan will be saved from going to jail na feeling
  2. fan no 1


    NDA ki maddattu ivvachu ante opposition ki ichinattu kadu....boycott chesina NDA ki help avutundi.
  3. Kapulu aa range lo TDP ki veyaledu bro...55-45 may be.
  4. "Ma sir ni monna katti tittadu, ninna sri Reddy tittindi, ee roju nuvvu" anta.... roju evado okadi cheta tittinchukovakapote nidrapattadu annattu vundi 🤣
  5. fan no 1

    Piriki PK

    Media ki em poinchadu? Media lo posadu kani.
  6. fan no 1


    CBN will not go with congress, chachina pamuni lepinatte congress tho handshake ante
  7. Video unavailable in your country ani vastondi bro...
  8. fan no 1

    Murali Mohan ... mukha mukhi ...

  9. While India is investing on villages China is going the other way. Kani inta pedda city ante one point of failure avutundemo...Edanna easily spreadable diseases vaste contain cheyatam kastamemo.
  10. fan no 1

    New dgp

    Court ki veltadu bro....Appudu govt. Ki paruvu nastam.
  11. fan no 1

    Vij central

    Considering the strength of Gadde and Bonda , Vja eesare kooda TDP de
  12. I agree, that is what DT did, pulled out the inner feelings, that were in people minds all along, made them an public issue and won the election. Regarding plan B, PK could be his plan B 😉.
  13. UA BJP head Ram Madhav perhaps it is his game plan to create insecurity feeling and win back Vizag.
  14. fan no 1


    GDV is not TDP stronghold no point in contesting. Penamaluru cheste dani effect GDV meeda vundachu. I really wish he contests from Kaikalur, there is strong TDP vote bank or Dendulur to replace Chintamaneni 😉