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  1. 175 lo 23 ante ee caste vallu gelavaledu..Baga nammina Kammas and Kapus kooda vodipoyaru like Penamaluru etc chotla...BCs kooda chala chotla vodipoyaru like kalva srinivasulu etc...So caste based ga kakunda need basis ga ivvali and CBN chesedi...Someone quoted Ramasubba reddy, 2 times vodipoyadu anduke vere vallani techindi. Party cadre lo good leaders ni find chesi ivvatam ante sare kani caste equations chusukokunda ivvakudadu.
  2. Naku telisina vallu Chicago nundi kooda vellaru ante adi Dallas okkate kadu
  3. Spent 35k in Vja. Money went all the way to the top.
  4. Manam kastapdi one day trend chestunnam denni, YSRCP and kastapadakunda 364 days negative tags trending chestunnaru. I will do my part to trend it though.
  5. Some posts of Koushik bro makes sense but most are filled with utter hatred on CBN.
  6. Naku teliste techipettukune vadini....
  7. Bonda gelichina vellevadu gelavakapoina vellevadu. 5-6 months ago ne cheppa ede forum lo, palka avakasavadi.
  8. Values Victory is temporary, values are permanent.
  9. Kesineni issue ki CBN ki sambandam enti? edo picha argument kakapote....On the otherside employees resp is CM resp
  10. just curious and with due respect bro, still in election results truama? Why are election results being attributed as a success of one community and failure is an other?
  11. 20 female sheep and one Male sheep per unit - KCR thought process ki hatsoff.
  12. First of all, Laavu pedarattaya tiragani party vunda? so would be his son, geliste loyal ga vunde vadini guarantee enti morning velli Jagan ni kalisevadu. Light bro..Loyalists ki CBN chala value ichadu...
  13. Useless TV discussions, geliste apara chanakyudu ani ade mouth to anevaru....Also about CBN staying home,If CBN stays home for 2months PK will be in TV all the time by just taking a small point like uddanam and make people feel that he is playing the opposition role by questioning the govt. PK america lo cheppina pitta kadalu 2 days patu TV lo chupincharu.
  14. Parledu late ayina parledu...Adhikaram chusadu ippudu opposition kooda chustadu.
  15. 5000 govt ivvademo...Intintiki tirigi pension, ration istu vallani adagalemo..anduke okko volunteer 50houses serve cheyali ani decide chesindi... 50 houses 100 each, 5k.