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  1. Inkosari jarigite lands ivvaru evaru.
  2. Corona time lo 1.2cr ante mamulu vishayam kadu, aa 28acres kone vadini kooda investigate cheyali.
  3. Ee Mahesh lanti vallu chese baseless comments vine janam BJP vallaki votes vestunnaru.
  4. Evaranna petition veyali..50% sal ke pani chestunnappudu ade continue cheyandi ani...
  5. Ikkada baga question chestunnaru "Jagan anna Nandamuri fans cheyuta" program kinda tala okka 20k kodadam next month.
  6. Bendalam ashore from Ichapuram, Gadde VJA east, Bandaru Appala Naidu, Maganti Babji etc...tons vunnaru leaders ki kodava ledu.... Ee donga xxxxx chesedaniki janam evarni pettina vesela vunnaru..
  7. It is hard to find and target one section of the people. I agree with the above post that we need full time paid resources to start creating content and share. Content needs to be like Q&A rather than just a message.
  8. 10L visirestadu....100C veste noppi telustundi.
  9. Waste , BJP game ante or process is that if MP requests provide ani emo. Inka TDP vallaki ee lekhana Z+ invali
  10. #ironleg ani eeroju trend chevalier, vachina daggers nundi anni daridrale.
  11. Repu vastaremo BJP fans , conspiracy by Chinese or Pak ani? No body touch needed so safe way to pursue plans ani.
  12. Democracy first bro, next realignment due 2024 or 2025.
  13. Not a BJP fan but country needs a new parliament building. There is need for increasing the existing MP strength to ~800, existing building cannot support beyond 600 and no room to make changes as well.
  14. I am just curious beyond Amaravati region asala discussion anna vunda about this move?