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  1. fan no 1

    Vijayawada city Beautification

    Pantakalva road asala guetupattalem...You can go all the way to Poranki from NTR center...Beautiful road now.
  2. Bus yatra chestara adi rastra vyaptamga ....enduku? Jagan padayatra , Pawan Kalyan bus yatra malla ippudu ida?
  3. fan no 1

    Anam Ramanarayana reddy into BJP

    For Anam, sympathy from his brothers loss might workout. Atmakur is his bastion.
  4. fan no 1

    Anam Ramanarayana reddy into BJP

    One more guarantee seat to BJP after Kanna's Guntur 1?
  5. Desanni palinchandi ani gelipiste desalameeda padi tirigevadu okadu desam lo tiregevadu okadu...enduku tirugutunnaro vallakanna teliste bagundu.
  6. fan no 1

    VDP Associates Latest Survey

    State lo tDP vaste ne better, YSRCP elections munde BJP di nakestunnaru inka elections taruvata inkem chestaro..
  7. fan no 1

    TDP kanchukotalu

    Gudiwada is no more a TDP forte.
  8. fan no 1

    Bc janardan reddy

    Tokkalanukunte ide time...inkosari geliste she will be in politics for life.
  9. fan no 1

    TDP into Elections till day

    Nice info brother. TFS!!
  10. fan no 1

    East Godavari Politics

    Dont under estimate Kapu Corporation....Kapus lo bagane vellindi idi...JS effect vuntundi kani chiru chesina political damage to Kapus and kapu corporation will balance that ani nenu anukuntunna...Also kapu top leaders andaru TDP lone vunnaru Jyothula , Kottapalli, Thota , Ganta etc...
  11. fan no 1

    Terrorist Attacks

    Naxals damage count cheyatleda? Chattisgarh ni NE lo kalipesara asala konna years 0 vundi? More SF personnel were killed in the last 3 years compared to the past ani ma feeling..
  12. fan no 1

    TDP After NTR

    Having seen a lot at an younger age, He would have accepted the fact. Most of the MLAs, who he groomed, switched sides while he was alive , imagine the negativity LP brought into the party. CBN was a perfect replacement that God has sent. Nobody else would have survived the beating. Despite the clout of Daggubati & family in the party , he survived.
  13. fan no 1

    mahanadu today

    I was at Mahanadu too, very privileged to see Narsi Reddy's speech live...Conversed with two people one from Cuddapah and the other from Anantapur. Cuddapah guy said he didnt vote for TDP after CBN took over but he is going to vote this time because for the first time in ages his farm received water, he was very happy. Anantapur guy is a staunch supporter, he came to see CBN and he is happy too.
  14. fan no 1

    Sting on media

    Paid media, Fake news etc. are everywhere in the world, Russia influenced US elections. So it is up to the individual what he believes in, paid news or his conscience.