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  1. Nuvvu ardam kavu annayya...Thread ko rakam ga post vestav...
  2. RJY ki Vja and Vsk equal distance so they dont care...Cheste WG vallu emanna cheyali or Rayalaseema vallu kooda.
  3. 4crs in revenue, mari expenses to control/support that 1.77L people and maintain those grounds around? Ee lekha aa statue ki pettina rupai kooda tirigiradu...light.
  4. I agree with @karteek bro, CBN ki heritage vundi ani analsina avasaram ledu first post lo....Rest would have been expressing your views but adding that made it as if you are spitting venom.
  5. Fake Ids and Fake TDP fans ee voting dwara valla CBN meeda vyaterekatanu chatukuntaru ga ayite.... Enni votings pettina CBN is TDP leader and next Lokesh.
  6. Employees andariki plots offer chesaru antunnaru in Vizag. family Hyd lone vundi inka chalamandiki vallaki emi ibbandi vundada Vizag vellatankki?
  7. which Fiscal year rankings oo cheppali...FY 19-20 Ayite sagam TDP vunnatte kada?
  8. 2009 lo vodipoyonappudu CBN ni intakante ghoram ga tittaru....He bounced back with persistence...No worries aa anti section of people will always be there. CBN clearly stated that he will encourage youngsters this time giving them more responsibility which included Lokesh, RMN, Galla Jaydev etc... Also Lokesh ni anavasaram ga tittaru koncham mandi...For me they fell into the trap of YCP....Lokesh will soon come out of CBN shadows and prove himself as an independent leader...
  9. They cannot hold the umbrella like that while they throw the stones appudu drone vastundi..
  10. Opposition very weak.. Next MODI contest cheyadu 70+ rule valla.. Shah chestadu PM ki...Yogi will go to center as Home.
  11. PK sishudu evaro vunnaru annaru kada? PK has created a mechanism and nobody can beat him. IPAC mastered the art.
  12. I am assuming CBN will hire PK or someone with a similar caliber for a complete make over but in 2021 not now. If Mamata needed to hire one I am sure he should as well.
  13. Asla naku ardam kaledu Modi and Shah same chepparu kada? Infiltrators gurinchi matladutunte muslims enduku godava chestunnaru? INC is merging two different things into one to instigate violence anipistondi naku. INC cheptunna abaddalu: 1. CAA is against one religion 2. CAA will push muslims out of country Both are not correct. CAA has to be implemented and I am for CAA.
  14. Bhimili maree remote ga, last year vellinappudu mottam trees and snakes...Sayantram wife tho saradaga beach ki vellachanemo akkada pedutondi...Vizag lo Sagar nagar datite peddaga emi vundadu atu side mari.
  15. Aa committee reports meeda govt cannot make decisions, they have to be tabled in the assembly. appudu chuddam.