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  1. Loan to govt...

    Same question, Online lo konacha, ekkada konali
  2. Nice to hear. Finally something concrete. Ee cases expedite chesela kooda ordinance lo pettali...
  3. Ee roju na neighbour , Sarvepalli resident to matlada, Somi kastam annadu...Ayana YCP batch kani he is very confident eesari kooda YCP ani akkada.
  4. Chintamaneni Rowdyism

    First of all kottadam tappu...Ahamkaram ekkuvai vastuntai atuvativi....ayina garikapati nageswara rao garu em vargam ani chusi kotti vundadu dani kulaniki jarigina problem ga cheyakudadu....Anyways Chintamaneni is a mess, okka term intlo kurchopedite saripotundi.
  5. Pk wants Bengali Girls for Massages

    First of all casting couch ki heros height ki sambandam enti? Why the hell is she commenting on height, weight and heritage of heros when it has nothing to do with casting couch? I support the fight against harassment of women but such useless comments against heros will dilute the issue and take a different turn.
  6. Why we rape ????

    I gave a thought on this subject and every thing boils down to Lack of goals in life ani nenu anukunta....When one don't know their priorities or doesn't have goals in life or everything is coming to them without much effort they eventually lose sensitivity towards society particularly women. Pani pata lekunda when they have all the time in the world elage avutaru. Priorities and Goals vunnavadi focus dani meede vuntundi. Right parenting or growing between right people will help build righteousness ani ma feeling. This is just my view. Ayesha meera cases ninditudu he used to be a day labourer but after work he had money and time.
  7. Nominated posts

    Geluvatam kastam vhesaru TDP ki, wave lo kooda raledu ante inka kastam so a Duke Delimitation Prakasam and Kadapa tone modalu pedatadu CBN eesari .
  8. Loka Sabha Live

    Their problem is equally important bro, lets respect. Supreme court reduced their share of Kaveri river water. Major section of TN depends on that water for farming and drinking.
  9. Caste in US

    Caste feeling is different from atrocities AJ article referring to.
  10. Caste in US

    http://www.andhrajyothy.com/artical?SID=558407 What do you guys think about AJ article on attrocities in the name of Caste in US? Never in my life here ,ever, I was asked what my caste is by anybody, be it my colleague, friends or an higher authority in the company.
  11. #CBSE10thMathsLeakGovtLapse

    Instead of investing in Bullet trains they can invest on creating infrastructure for examination automation from paper based which is prone to leaks.
  12. Why not TDP contest in some areas?
  13. Hans India Tweet. Is it true?

    BJP doesn't care, he is indirectly giving them an option plus a security threat.