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  1. SP and BSP together will get max, There is one reason why alliance is going to get max seats, congress is not in the alliance.
  2. fan no 1

    Strategy on JS

    In the current state of politics, Staying in power is more important which is what CBN is trying by joining hands with PK. If CBN lose and in the next 5yrs if bifurcation of constituencies happen that will do larger damage to TDP than joining hands with PK.
  3. fan no 1


    For me it is a great idea, In a state like NewDelhi, IMams will be in 10s...It is hardly 15L expense and with a greater positive impact...
  4. Gelavaru analedu bro, leda TDP cadre ledu analedu brother...Candidates meeda vyatirekata vundi..Candidates ni marchachu, just like VJA west, JL kakunda his daughter....I spoke to a TDP person who is fairly active in ground level politics.
  5. Brother, ground level lo ala ledu ani vinna, MLAs meeda koncham vyatirekata vundi...Mylavaram , Jaggayyapeta, West and Nandigama lo clear ga vundi vyatirekata...Tiruvuru TDP weak...Only East, central good. Gelavachu VJA because opponent candidate ee ledu and Nani meeda vyatirekata ledu
  6. Ledu brother PK gueinchi telisnattu ee gen ki Ranga telidu...eppudo 89 lo chanipoina Ranga ekkada , two gens didnt even see him.
  7. Radha ni forefront loki teste senior kaps anta vere parties ki jump antaru. Jyothula,Ganta etc lanti seniors in particular....Also Godavri lo Radha ni tippite emi radu , Godavari Kapus may still have love on Ranga but nobody knows Radha , Also PK ni dhee kottaledu Radha...
  8. fan no 1

    Agri gold issue

    Repaying such bad loans is nothing but encouraging people to believe/invest in such bad companies....hera group issue kooda gajning ground, danika kooda repayment adugutaru.
  9. Central or Bandar MP rendu istam leke party marutunnadu Radha, avi rendu already offer chesaru YCP vallu....In my view ippudu vunnavallu kakunda evaru contest chesina TDP vodipotundi both east and central...Inka east ayite Yellamanchali Ravi pracharam kooda cheyakarledu if TDP nundi Gadde kakapote
  10. Janasena for sure..TDP loki radu...VJA east ivvaru mostly TDP lo so radu, Janasena ayite best kapu votes will split between three.
  11. fan no 1

    NRI vote registration

    Nenu application submit chesi 2 weeks ayyindi no progress
  12. Marindi okkadee kada....mana chetilo administration vundi, collectors, Police ni marchachu kada?
  13. fan no 1

    Dl ravindra reddy

    Ninne paper lo chadiva, DL evaru pilichi seat iste vallaki chesta ani....CBN or Jagan evaru first ayite vallaki ani.
  14. fan no 1

    Devineni avinash

    He was asked to contest from Gudivada or Mylavaram...He insisted on Vja East..
  15. Yedava ayyinodu yedava ani, Adhikaram chetilo vunchuluni kooda emi peekalekapote Adhikaram enduku? Ayina CBN is a perfect poll planner, govt meeda vyatirekata ledu so with his poll mgmt skills we can win.