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  1. vammo endi idi ...

    Edem comparison, Karnudu kauravula side vunnadu ante adarmam .. abimanyudu sagame telusukuni chinna vayasulone vellipoyadu....
  2. AP New Districts

    I think it is too late for this term. Ippudu cheste chala mess avutundi, electio year lo gambling cheyakapovachu CBN.
  3. #FRDIbill

    Vatiki edo conditions vunda kunda vundav bro....wait till the complete details arrive. Evi Maree gallo deepalala vunnai
  4. LoL !!!

    adedo CM tho matladite aa 5L ichevademo.
  5. Mata pracharam takkuva vunna state GJ ani vunna...Ippudu congi geliste inka dwaraka lo kooda
  6. 5%

    Reservations ni adjust chustunnaru bro not increasing...reservations shouldn't cross 50% ani rule vundi...

    Pattiseema is just a temporary solution and not a permanent solution. The idea of Polavaram is to reduce the water going into the ocean. Besides Polavaram and pattiseema cannot be compared because pattiseema is not a holding area where as Polavaram is.
  8. Brother, Is there a brochure that we can download?
  9. PWD Grounds to Become "Vijayawada Square

    China vadiki runapadipptunnam annamata chivariki
  10. http://www.pewglobal.org/2017/11/15/india-modi-remains-very-popular-three-years-in/ Interesting thing in the poll is, southern India is more favorable than any other parts of the country.
  11. Polldec Survey - Andhra Pradesh

    Narrow lead in some districts is bad , adi Srikakulam and Vijayanagaram lanti places lo ...Hung la vundi naku JS growth chuste ....
  12. future lo ap tdp situation

    Good choice, Nandamuri + Nara
  13. Adi guarantee ga adhikara durviniyogame...How can she shield somebody like that?
  14. Proposed 'AP Assembly' Designs at Amaravati

    None...where is nativity ...Andhra Vibhavanni chupinchatledu evi kooda.