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  1. No problem....TDP have edge... Telangana lo TDP poti chesindhi 13 seats, CBN prachaaram chesindhi 3-4 days in limited areas...giving his explanation for the questions which had been asked... AP varaku, he doing his best as well party.....akkada koodaa prajalaki sentiments untai...but need to be careful as castes also plays major role in AP.. Definitely strategies maarchaali
  2. Muppalla

    where is Reddys polarization

    Actually they did polarized, KCR TRS lo Reddies ki 35 seats ichaaru.... Reddy against Reddy ney Kadha... Ofcourse, Apart from Reddies , BC, SC votes baaga padai TRS Ki... Odipoyina vallaki aa Maatram voting caste voting ey major..
  3. Muppalla

    Addanki dayakar

    Good orator, MLA ga prajalu chance ivaalsindhi.. Also good leader amongst SC's...ilaanti vaallu koodaa odipovatam bad luck.. But still good fight
  4. Muppalla

    Nandamuri Suhasini @ KP

    Andukey chepindhi prajalaki evaru kaavalo vallakey vesaaru...that's it...
  5. Muppalla

    Nandamuri Suhasini @ KP

    Same Andhra voters ey 2014 lo and 2018 lo vesaaru TRS ki koodaa.. But overall prajalaki evaru kaavalo vallaney elect chesukonaaru...reasons might be many...
  6. Muppalla

    Think on CBN , Post mortem

    Hey...h r u....I'm good bro... Spamming cheyatley anthey
  7. Muppalla

    Think on CBN , Post mortem

    SS gurunchi Enduku maatlada koodadhu? Same Sonia ney Kadha Telangana ichindhi.. Muslim votes, Adhi vallakey theliyaali and historically all Muslim vote bank was with congress...and TDP has nothing to do with it..atleast in telangana...
  8. Muppalla

    Think on CBN , Post mortem

    Definite anti incumbency undhi Adhi enduku votes kinda raaledho thelsukovaali konchem time patochu , at the same time accepting the defeat is reasonable considering significant numbers of TRS... CBN ikkada chesindhi em ledhu, meeru chepinattey chesaaadu.. Oka party leader oka 2-3 constituencies lo prachaaram cheyatam mistake kinda manam thessuko koodadhu it's common for any party any where..., and initial gaa CBN ni comment chesindhi KCR ey Adhi koodaa Andaru gurthu telsukovalii...
  9. Muppalla

    Think on CBN , Post mortem

    Adhey chepthunaa...CBN only Central support kosam maathramey ee alliance loki vachaadu...TDP strength thelsu kabattey takkua seats lo contest chesaaaru... CBN odatam pakkana pedithey , AP capital and development gurunchi ekkuva feel avaali so called PK/Jaganfans... Better they celebrate in AP if they get into power...ikkada em osthaadhi...valley thelsukovaali...poni CBN evarni tokkatam, narakatam, Champaran, bedhirinchatam, takkuva chesindi maatladatam edhi cheyyadu ..ayina edusthunaaru antey...adhi valla thought process...em cheyalam...
  10. Muppalla

    Think on CBN , Post mortem

    Actually CBN It was never projected that way, it was only perception...ikkada CBN ni cover cheyatam kaadhu..winning makes people to be aggressive and loosing makes to retrospect and belittle... As I said , just 13 seats ...no body will consider themselves as bhahubhali.. KCR ..enduku CBN emcheyyakundaney comment chesaaadu ghoranga...which only invited CBN ....Adhi koodaa just 3-4 days in minimum constituencies...CBN clearly told that he had worked for only cyberabad nothing else.....Andaru baagundaali...rendu regions baagundali anthey kaadhaa...chepindhi ..nothing negative...he cleared that he has to take care of AP and nothing to do with Telangana politics.. Okkosaari results ala vasthaai, vandha reasons undochu...I don't think CBN has done anything wrong....anyways let's see..
  11. Muppalla

    AP TDP Loksabha & Rajyasabha MPs

    I guess they are marginally doing appropriate stuff but still chaala cheyaalsi undhi...AP lo bifurcation act paina chaala vaccum undhi, not only leaders even people should also needs to be aggressive as Bifurcation promises are AP peoples right... Rather some section of people also rallying behind castes/leaders... Atleast Bifurcation act lo unnavi anni implement ayye varaku ayina AP people needs fighting spirit keeping aside caste/party equations....
  12. Muppalla

    Think on CBN , Post mortem

    Yeah..Hope all good with your PhD etc etc....man with multiple facets, knowledge...mee gurunchi cheppu kuntu pothey posts saripovu brother....but ivaala mood different...manaki ilanti days tappavu anukunta
  13. Muppalla

    Think on CBN , Post mortem

    As I replied in the morning, Khammam Ajay having edge ...and thummala slight margin tho vasthaadu anukunna.. Remaining 8 seats as expected...
  14. Muppalla

    Think on CBN , Post mortem

    Europe bro..
  15. Muppalla

    Think on CBN , Post mortem

    I'm talking about only Central support for special status and bifurcation issues... Avi resolve avvataaniki we need Central support, development CBN choosukuntaadu...BJP hand ivatam vallaney ee prayasalu anni.. Also AP development and Bifurcation ki , PM face ki EMI relation ledhu, PM taravtha mundhu 33000 acres of land ichina vallaki answer cheyyali antey progress should happen ...for which strong Central support required... Andukey Kadha KCR ni koodaa ...kalisi Pani chedhaam anaadu...not for CBN benefits..let's see