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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFFOwH4Sr0o
  2. Good Decision...local vaishyas community nundi evaraina unnaaraa ..
  3. Racha Lepaaaadu CBN... very aggressive in Assembly while responding to BAJAAAPPPA KUYYA V.K RAJU
  4. Muppalla

    Operation Rayalaseema

    Most of the decisions , except the Special Status stuff...anni baaganey workout ayyayi ..central tho last one year fighting especially in parliament was a good damage control action.. Ee saaari welfare schemes, water projects baagaa chesaadu which is a lesson learnt for him during 2004 ..freebies correct ga ichaaadu...janaalaki adhey kaavaali.. Capital and Development intha kantey goppaga evaru peekaleru ..more over lands ichina villages and farmers are well satisfied...which is very rare.. Operation Aaaakaasrsh kooda baaganey undhi... Own party leaders and ministers anti pedha ga ledhu... Telangana election debacle lo TDP/CBN dhi pedha ga ey emundhi role play ...ekkuva focus CBN meedha pettaru thappa just 12 seats contested....but ofcourse overall such results are not expected... Overall , AP lo ayithey clear gaaa TDP ney....
  5. Muppalla

    Operation Rayalaseema

    Good one
  6. ee COUGH paati family ki silent ga undey logic thelidhaa...antha capacity untey independent ga contest cheyochu gaa...?? asalu think chesthaadaa ledha....evadu patinchukotleydhu ani ekkuva think chesi ee decisions theesukuntaadaa.... COughBaati son ki ayina manchi future untadhi independent ga chesthey
  7. Muppalla

    Nellore YCP List

    reservations unai kabatti - verey castes vallaki ichaaru. else aa rendu seats kooda okaey caste ki ichey vallu... this time let us see which party gives tickets to BC's SC's and ST's Prajalaki baaga theliyaali evaridhi caste feeling part ohh... TDP always does social engineering in allocating seats, ministries, portfolios etc..
  8. Muppalla

    AP 10 years challenge

  9. Muppalla

    CBN vs KCR

    We need more crisp and clear info like above which can be easily understood by layman also....good comparison showing technical differences
  10. Ee Kar'Naatak vallu endho , Peru ki taggatey untai politics....
  11. Fact is reality di daggara undhi ee kata uncle analysis...
  12. Agree patience is important, but WB veru...akkada people thinking, money power etc veru...mana daggara veru ....especially this time in telangana elections max Andaru bankrupt... Congress power loki vachina max minister ayyevaadu..ippudu adhey avuthundhi andukey salla baddatu unaadu...
  13. Idhi maathram ghoram bhai...paapam nijam kaakoodadhu anukutunaa...but seems financial troubles... Edhi emaina Telangana redddies ki ee elections baaga chedu anubhavam eppatiki, many will suffer financial issues and chaala mandiri ki Kanchu kotalu kooda virigi poyaayi..hard luckkkk