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  1. Whatever brother,CBN ki ee 5 yrs humiliation peaks lo vuntadhi ani thelsu but he is not running away from it.First of all aa mindset ki hatsoff yemi jarigina nilabadadam manam chala nerchukovachhu. Gelupu,votami maarutha vuntai ikkada manam yenni suggestion lu opinion lu ichhina mattadukonna party daka velthadha, so plus ayina minus ayina adhi affect CBN ke. so we need to just observe him correct steps vesthe malli nilabadathadu leda aayanaki retirement ichhestharu permanent ga.But konni dynamic qualities vunnai avi follow ayithe chalu mana life ki.
  2. CBN as an individual player done great job. But as a team we should accept its a failure(Sachin Tendulkar team captiancy la anuokovali). At this point no one can identify a powerful secondary leadership. I feel it takes time, now it is of high emotions and turbulence. Eventhough we can give n number of suggestions but on ground it could be different. Regional parties lo vunna drawback adhe valla valla family members ne encourage chestharu, never encourage the secondary leadership and they want to keep power till their death(example karunanidhi,jayalalitha) and our babu garu. Ilanti situations vachinappudu automatic ga ilanti vimarsale vasthai.
  3. Did anyone expressed doubt on EVM's brother. I mean in your survey after the results.
  4. Its already there in karnataka schools. It is just like anyother school day, they will carry only one rough note and school diary rest the subject classes will be taken as it is. Only thing is they will keep the note books in class room cupboard for that day.
  5. Perfect.Our leader missed to catch the pulse of 18-40 age group.Even though BJP is our rival just observe them how advanced they are in electioneering.Modi has shah as strong secondary leader who works in the background to catchup the latest mood.TDP has this during Anna gari time NTR as mass leader and CBN in background.Now it is one man show.
  6. Mood of AP people, they have voted for aggressive bad Jagan and rejected passive good CBN.They didn't even thought of ignorant PK.
  7. Can't they identify during mock polling.I heard they will check each EVM by polling 50 votes for each candidate.
  8. They won 7 times brother. When compared to paritala ravi period(the poor looked him as robinhood) that image was there till suneethamma. Now i think that is fading away slowly may be due to relativies, caste fanatics surrounding sriram.
  9. CBN antha trouble chese rakam kooda kadu BJP ni when in NDA. Then why BJP wanted to suppress babu garu.Where the terms went wrong with BJP?
  10. Any idea on how many kamma MLA's won from ycp bro.How kamma hatred didn't affect the won Kamma MP's and MLA's
  11. Telangana intermediate results happened after parliament elections.
  12. Brother CBN is good administrator no doubt.What my observation is, looks like he doesn't accept the truth. Example KCR after winning election in2014,CBN should have humbly accepted it.But he use to say wherever possible 'na daggara panichesadu ani. which may be true but prathisari ante avathala gillinattuntadhi.Same with Modi he assumed modi will be soft as Vajpayee and over estimated his role in NDA.Ego clashes akkade start ani na abhiprayam.Vasthavalu agree ayyi if he would have confined to AP intha mandhi enemies vundevallu karu ani na opinion.
  13. Correct.Adding to this i don't think he do that foolish thing.Which again will be big headache starting from scratch.Some one posted other day he has the option of blaming CBN for capital place selection and continue there finding loopholes in the land allocation and mint money.
  14. Brother your analysis are nice.What could be the reason for complete loss in Krishna&Guntur and Anantapur inspite of pattiseema water, capital, water to Anantapur along with KIA motors.