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  1. narens

    Mana state govt school pillalu

    good Annai... Nothing special... Going on.. Ee madhya asalu DB side raavatla ga meeru
  2. narens


    First of all.. Andhra prabha is janasena news paper now.. It's owner joined in janasena hence complete support to janasena.. Ignore discussion on its articles Same like Sakshi
  3. narens


    Avuthundaa by jan19?
  4. narens


  5. narens

    Janasena best case 2019

    6 to 7% voting vachuddemo ippudunna situations lo.... PK gaadu ekkada contest chesthado akkada kaastha strong candidate ni pettali both tdp and ycp... Vedavani assembly lo choose daridram tappuddi
  6. narens

    Kamal hassan latest on cbn

    Superbbbb.....leader rocksss...most of the 90% tamilians have same opinion that AP is developing well under CBNs ...and all the investments and industries are going towards AP due to his leadership..heard it many tamilians saying this...
  7. narens

    Project Gaandiva

    Excellent decision...
  8. narens

    Tirupati International Airport

    Shhh ..4yrs nunchi same music ..so next year kooda marchipovachu
  9. narens

    Tirupati International Airport

    So maa tpt ki international flights ippatlo chance ledanna maata..inko 24 months ante marchipovachemo
  10. narens

    Tirupati International Airport

    Master customs ms clearance vachindi Ani April lo confirm cheaaaru