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  1. narens

    Muslim Votes

    Enduko eesari manaku one side ga padathay anipisthundi..konthamandini adigithe they are supporting CBN....Modi ki against ga fight cheyadam main reason ..last time jaggadi party ki solid ga padday ade manaku bokka padindi main areas where muslim population more...seema lo manaku last time taggadaaniki kooda ade reason mainly in kadapa karnool and nellore..5k to 7k lopu YCP ki majority vqchinavi arround 12 vunnay ee 3 areas lo... overall ga eesari manaku padochu majority muslim votes anukuntunna..
  2. narens


    Good analysis ..inko 5 sure..95+
  3. narens


    Ee party lo vunnadu?
  4. narens

    Rajahmundry Rural

    Yerranna daughter sangathi enti?
  5. narens

    TDP Winning MLA Candidates - 2019

    Maa district lo kalahasthi 40-60...its not easy seat.. piler add chesukovaxhu inka
  6. narens


    TDP 92 to 98 YCP 72 to 78 JS 3 to 6 others 2 to 3 polavaram pattiseema freebies industries and babu gaari hardwork valla there is no negitivity.. ..may be cast spliy,JS effect and jagan ki oka chance iddam anna reasons tappa there is no major negitive points in 5yrs rule.. positive voting kanuka help ayithe we will reach 105+
  7. narens

    Gannavaram TDP Prabhanjanam

    Eesari ministry ivvandayya eeyanaki..spastamfa eduti vaadu batapedettu maatladuthadu
  8. narens

    Kadapa District

    Vaathe we can understand that BJP alliance made the difference e
  9. narens

    Kadapa District

    Last time BJP tho alliance kooda oka reason in seema not getting good majority since muslims are completely votes against TDP...kadapa karnool nellore districts good no of muslims votes vunnay
  10. narens


    Worst fellaaa..extract baggage for party