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  1. Better to contest from Rapthaadu..anyway suneethamma vunna motham sreeram ee ga control chesedi
  2. Super,expected completion date eppduu
  3. Is it confirm? Same day 4lks housewarmings?This will be game changer..hard gouses are constructed in very good manner
  4. Elections lopu overall 70% complete avvocha project?
  5. AP ki special status not required ane vallalo TG taruvaatha Orissa ne ga
  6. Shhh ..4yrs nunchi same music ..so next year kooda marchipovachu
  7. So maa tpt ki international flights ippatlo chance ledanna maata..inko 24 months ante marchipovachemo
  8. Master customs ms clearance vachindi Ani April lo confirm cheaaaru
  9. International flights from maa Airport Ee year lo kooda doubt gaane vundi ga
  10. Flight eppudu start avuthay masteruuu any idea...
  11. Any update on tirupathi international airport?