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  1. narens

    NFDB Opinion Polls

    TRS 70+ Others 40+ TRS easy win
  2. narens

    CBN - TDP 2019 prospects

    TDP 95+ YSRCP 75+ JS 2+ othes 3+
  3. narens

    Telangana lo edo jaruguthundi........

    Annai last 6 months lo easy ga we lost 2 to 3% vote share.. But I feel after leaders press meet we might reduce that gave at least 1% and gained bit momentum ..overall if elections happens to day we will win same margin as 2014...but next 6 months very crucial for TDP and leaders... Both state and centre elections happening at same time is an advantage for us ..
  4. narens

    Live updates: CBN crucial Delhi tour

    annai jarigepane antaava... Not even 10% probability...
  5. Guntur super ga..emaina add chesaara
  6. Festival day noon shows general GA takkuva vntaay.. Nothing to worry
  7. narens

    #AravindhaSametha Day 6 AP/TG 2.9 cr

    Repu public holiday na? If public holiday sure first nd 2nd shows Will have better occupancy
  8. narens

    NTR - Rajni - Vijay

    All my fav heros are in single pic..
  9. narens

    Reddemma thalli

  10. narens

    #AravindhaSametha Day 5 AP/TG 3.56 cr

    5th and 6th days.. RS and BAN total ap/tg numbers please
  11. narens

    #AravindhaSametha Day 5 AP/TG 3.56 cr

    First Monday and Tuesday.. RS movie collections entha