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  1. narens

    Poonam Kour New Tweet

    Naatugaadu uncle posts laaga vunnay GA deeni posts
  2. narens

    Tirupati International Airport

    Shhh ..4yrs nunchi same music ..so next year kooda marchipovachu
  3. narens

    Tirupati International Airport

    So maa tpt ki international flights ippatlo chance ledanna maata..inko 24 months ante marchipovachemo
  4. narens

    Tirupati International Airport

    Master customs ms clearance vachindi Ani April lo confirm cheaaaru
  5. narens

    Tirupati International Airport

    International flights from maa Airport Ee year lo kooda doubt gaane vundi ga
  6. narens

    Tirupati smart city.

    Antuneee vunnaru start avvatle anthe malli ippdud October antunattu vunnaru...
  7. narens

    Tirupati smart city.

    International masteruuu