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  1. Tanishq vaadu repu 5% discount ani pedithe ee boycot batch antha line lo nilchoni velli konukuntaru Oka TATA product ni boycott ani cheppe position ki vacharu ante intha kanna siggu leni tanam ledu Desam lo
  2. Ohh god, this guy was my friend and group mate in Jagriti Yatra. Ee post ekkada undi? He used to be active in FB, now I checked FB his profile was not there
  3. Ilanti scum labour la.ja videos DB lo nduku They don't deserve any space for discussion and don't encourage people like these by circulating their videos
  4. Bi- election pedithe 25,000 votes tho gelustadu bachula
  5. 1)Farmers can't sell beyond boundaries anedi myth. All you need is to pay just 1% extra APMC cess in both states if you cross border Now in this Bill, all farmer is gaining a piece of cake in that extra 1% 2) MSP is not applicable if farmer and buyer accept at below MSP rate This is quite bad as farmers is loosing MSP argument and there exists no scenario in India where farmer can demand more. It's market that decides the price with 80% of times below MSP and 20% above MSP This is big debate, even if MSP rule exsists farmer won't get it, if market demand is there he gets MSP else NO. 80% times he won't get but the point here is he is losing the argument of MSP. 3) Stock limit vanished. This is quite bad for farmers as till now globally MNC could not operate in this segment.They follow strict legal rules. Till now Local Marwadi/Baniya/ agro processor stocked the goods in season for better price in Un-season, their financial pocket is limited, but now the limits are vanished for MNC who have too deep pockets. So they decide the price and and it will always be lower as much as possible. So net gain some portion of 1% market cess is gained by farmers Losing MSP argument MNC stocking of commodities during season will lead to throw aways prices for farmer.
  6. Jagan and Vamsi neeku antha comedy ga kanipistunnara annai?
  7. Dutta is Nikharsina Kaapu His alludu pulivendula Reddy
  8. Avasaram ledu le baa Paina TDP vaste Chalu
  9. jayahooooo P MURALI hatsofff neekuu........itta kooda supinchochu balayya ni teliyachesavu

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    2. vizag ntr

      vizag ntr

      avirneni keka ...super

    3. Jag@NTR


      Tremendous Balayya.....keka.....kathi....

    4. Raaz-NTR


      ey avi neekampatindi deyyam


  10. ee NATUGADU nd co batcheyy (dada batche) edo valla vijayam laa hadavidi chesi sachin fans ni kindaling entoo..........place ke dikku divanam leni meeru kooda matladatamena baa ....adi kooda maa gelupuni chupinchi lolzzzzzz

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    2. knaga18


      very funny text..... MI match kabatti sachin gurinchi chepparu..lol

    3. Raaz-NTR


      2days upavasam cheyyi raa taggipodi


    4. Simha


      Captaincy naa valla kaadhu ani cheppe prathi munxa pans batch kuda maatladatamenaa?? chi brathuku

  11. RCB RCB nd its RCB ..........rest all ongondii esp MI pans

    1. satya


      yo yo rcb rocks

    2. knaga18


      RCB rocks...hope they comee out with fying colours today

    3. knaga18


      RCB rocks...hope they comee out with fying colours today

  12. NBK ki party presi.....NTR ki youth presi ivvvalsindheee...vallu enchakka cinimalu chesukuntu manalini elali ......party kosam janam lo tiragapoyina no issue .....padavi matram vallake vellali - itlu N 'baavi' bhaktudu

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    2. Peter Griffin

      Peter Griffin

      simha garjana neeku edo pedha kayya vunnatu andarini pillakai antavu :hitwithrock:


    3. Simha Garjana

      Simha Garjana

      teju fillakai i10458_9bt1.gif

    4. Jag@NTR


      appudu party M-gudisi pothundi