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  1. Oka pakka CBN face, mohan lo rakthapu chukka ledu badha tho Inkoside hero Manchi smile Uff Inka cheppedi emundi le.... Chese panulaki samayan sandarbham undali
  2. aa edava sontha tammudu PK active politics lo unnadu, mana lan.ga personal opinions chepthe vadiki political disadvantage ani inkitha gyanam kooda lenodu Inka Dutt cheppevi em ekkuthayi
  3. Darunamina incident StephenHawking said earth is not suitable for living in next 1000 years annaru Ee janala mindset chuste max 100 years. We as a society don't deserve to live a life
  4. Ilanti bokadia cases nilapadavu li8 People know it, they voted tats it
  5. Repu assembly lo live telecast lo BJP Ni andaru kalisi rape chestaru emi lol
  6. One good thing also is with this stroke Sena will collapse and their ring wing extremism will also end. BJP is more liberal than sena in my opinion 😛
  7. It's high time to think of direct CM elections, not via MLA Politics in this manner is becoming ugly day by day
  8. In all the events mistake is more of Sivasena 50-50 agreement is not public, if it's not made sena di 100% tappu if it's made sena has two options 1) support bjp without getting CM - compromise 2) give outside support to NCP-CONG alliance and claim BJP cheated by not agreeing to 50-50 and since there is no option of govt formation they are giving outside support to next big alliance ncp-cong, morally they would have been correct. Avi rendu vadilesi vellu CM enti comedy ga, they have made mockery of themselves
  9. Avasaram ledu le baa Paina TDP vaste Chalu