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  1. Kodela son & koothuru arachakalu baaga ekkuva ayyayi ee term lo
  2. If converted already law says SC status will go to BC-E category. So for records they are as Hindus only. Nothing can be done
  3. Reddy lo few % may vote for TDP based on local leaders and traditional Reddy TDP families. Leave about converted batch, you can't get them to TDP. Somehow Jagan had made good ground in that segment.
  4. Direct Intelligence nunchi vachinda bayya
  5. DB Mari watsapp fake forwards kanna ghoram ayipoyindi
  6. Rigging emina untada ee place lo ??? Only Prakasam highest enti eppudu
  7. Ila booth agents Ni konatam antha easy kaadu, Very few cases it may be possible.
  8. Colonies lo pancharu annai Wrong info meedi
  9. MP ki kooda Hindupur lo vache majority Manchi boost istadi
  10. Annai Inka 24 hours time ledu Votes already taken decision. Take rest, hope for good and wait for 23/05
  11. Foundation partners Manjula anagani & sam
  12. Krishna lo Gannavaram, Mylavaram, Gudiwada antha 2000 range Rest all less than that K Zilla hype telisindega annai
  13. Esari CBN geliste Adhi only govt positive vote thone sadhyam. So I don't think these moves impact much.
  14. It's better let's not comment on their education background Since most of them will be 60/70 era, education is tough and not reachable to all