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  1. 80,90 kids or colleges lo cigs, alcohol Ela alavatu ayyayo ippudu drugs ala! Only supply chain management create ayyindi, so product is available and people are using it
  2. True !! Ee cinima posters batch, twitter celebs should give way. These are reel mass ppl not real mass A leader should emerge within party and get connected to masses.
  3. Monna Lokesh failure accepted. Next exam varaku wait cheyyi annai!! Ippudu modalu Petti chesedi em ledu, 2 years agithe best
  4. Ground reality ala ledu le annai Entho dooram avasaram ledu Repu local body elections chustaru ga
  5. Brother em brand vestunnaru recent ga lemme know ( lighter note) Apudu antha conclusion ledu annai, give some time, TDP will bounce back
  6. TDP ki since beginning film glamour ekkuva So couldn't accommodate many people. YCP lo ala kaadu, so can't compare. But Venu was a loyal party person, internal ga party emina help chesindo ledo no idea He deserves respect for his work
  7. Grooming, teaching lu cheste leaders avvaru annai Leader will emerge! Time will give answer
  8. Entha vichitram ante Pakka threads lo kodela koduku ala chesadu, Ila chesadu vaadu povali, vere koduku badulu ee koduku poyi unte good ani posts Malli ave manushulu ee thread ki likes and posting in favour of thread title Rendu sides batting Valle adestunnaru
  9. "Kasturi" valla ammayini chesukunnaru, Gayatri Nagar Lepl pakkana untadi valla building. Just Janam cheppukovatam kani manakem teliyadu
  10. Annai Mana school ee na? Great He worked as Doctor in Singareni Wonderful person ani my elders told
  11. True anduke 23 ki restricted. Hyped Amaravati, and not reaching the expectations of that hype