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  1. yamaha

    Swami Paripoornananda

    Open heart lo mamulu neethulu kaadu
  2. To demoralize To widen the gap BTW Harish and ktr which effects all over state
  3. yamaha

    Very humble, Modest and Down to earth.

    Vedenti saami Mari intha egoist
  4. yamaha

    Diwali Bonanza for MSME’s

    1 Cr below 59 minutes anta Kanisam SB account open cheyyaru aa time to MSME are badly effected by GST and Demoni
  5. My parents are eating millets from past few months, they are happy. Last week nunchi I started taking millets in lunch I can observe drastic difference instantly Afternoon 1 ki lunch cheste malli 7 varaku akali ledu, Ade rice ayithe 4-6 gap lo Edo oka food padali( basically chetta foods) Breakfast and dinner kooda include chestanu in short time.
  6. yamaha

    Jalaganna Berasaralu

    Anthaniki matalu raavu ani cheppadu Don't troll these manake bad
  7. yamaha

    beware of aklil aka venu fraud

    3/4 years back met him couple times in HYD. Went to his room ayana faking ki matter artham ayyindi.He pressed me for money. I strictly warned him not to ask money from me & from DB fellows. He said he will never again. Bad!!!!!
  8. yamaha


    Ee DB lo CBN win Kanna KCR win meeda janalaki confidence undhi ... Let's see how it turns
  9. yamaha


    Leave aside this ethical non ethical part Asalu TDP+ congi position enti? Can they both move KCR out? Is it possible.
  10. yamaha

    krishna politics

    Avasaram ledu le baa Paina TDP vaste Chalu
  11. yamaha


    1 liter bottle MRP ne Rs.20 India lo Atleast they provide something for change.major private buses lo kanisam bottle ivvaru poni pay chesi kone service Koda ivvaru
  12. jayahooooo P MURALI hatsofff neekuu........itta kooda supinchochu balayya ni teliyachesavu

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    2. vizag ntr

      vizag ntr

      avirneni keka ...super

    3. Jag@NTR


      Tremendous Balayya.....keka.....kathi....

    4. Raaz-NTR


      ey avi neekampatindi deyyam