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  1. ilaa tayarayyarendi manollu...facts verify chesukoraa.....manadi original news...and paytm batch di morphed pic newss
  2. common...more than profession, they had to study hard and cross several hurdles to become a doctor...no other profession in india need such hardwork and strong will.
  3. india's most toughest n respected profession..420 ni kottinatlu kottatam endi
  4. He supported us big during last 1 year, suffering now. stay strong sivaji
  5. kotha bichagaadu vatchaadu...thread lu meeda thread lu create chesi edustunnadu papam
  6. Mods can edit n delete anyones post...Know forum rules
  7. endi ee thread intha comedy gaa undi...orayyo..rates perigindhi GST valla...RERA valla......prathi daaniki egesukunta vachi cbn ni dobbatame...eda dorukuthaaru saami...half knowledge batch antha