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  1. Nijam Cheppanaa 90% party cadre lo negative mindset ekkuva and ayipoyindi Brother...Jagan matram anta potugaada..Nandyala lo chithu gaa odina vaadi try vaadu chesaaadu..manamu anthe CBN prathi chinna vishayaanini pedda gaa react avthu ekkuva publicity icheskuni malli ade publicity uchu lo irukkupothunnadu... Ippatikayite CBN enta takkuva TV lo kanipiste anta Better....
  2. Let People face the music for Minimum 2 years and then only party should start our works...Meanwhile find/groom some energetic youth leaders in Party... CBN and Loki plzzz avoid media attention as much as you can...Do ground work...esaaari Kodite dimma tirigipovali
  3. Medalu Vamchutaaam Thodalu Korukutaaam ....Thelu Kuttina Dongallaaaaga muskuni kursodama tappa emi eekaleru ee Jaffasss
  4. ahankaaram kanipistondi tappa Padaviki Alankaaram teche lakshanaalu levu...
  5. Meeru antondi PMAY Scheme gurinchaaa? Paina cheppindi yearly 2l tax exemption untundi danni 3.5L chesaaaru
  6. not that easy but its Posible with Hard work and dedication...Hope For the best
  7. Cheppanna Cheppanna...Endira cheppedi naa tadika