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  1. Prajala kosam kakunda Party kosam Panicheyandi 2 years... May 23 naadu vachina badha kanna ekkuva edi undadu....aa Badha to poliste ee vellipoyepudu vache feel tucham...
  2. JC Pavan also there...Good Rammohan ni correct gaa vadkovali Party... oka Youth team tayaravvali
  3. Payyavula kesav(TDP) VS Visweswara(YCP sitting)
  4. Maa kalyandurgam ki ganuka Paritala digite Highest majority in state for sure
  5. Always thinks on betterment innovation technology...superr CBN
  6. Just now downloaded kaizala appa and sent positive feedback to CBN
  7. Hello brother ,i joined in DB in 07 itself but i visited our db very rarely ..at that i missed all the vedios and i have only few vedios with me....with your post i came to know very amazing vedios ....really i am thanking you for your valuable patience.........good work and keep rocking