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  1. vgchowdary

    Kanna Srikakulam tour

    Opposite odu pakknodu kuda pattinchovatledu gaa Pushpams ni
  2. just 1 day back eenadu lo news vachindi..Social medai lo Bangalore lo elukalu tinnayi ani viral avthunna pic fake ..Rats doore chance ledu..In case doorina Alaram mogthundi ani....
  3. RTG will place CBN on top of all states..Visionary leader..Porential PM
  4. vgchowdary


    Dora ki Baaaga dinchindi Didi
  5. vgchowdary

    cbn delhi updates

    Bhayam Memu kuda puttinchagalam...CBN to Modi(in spyder mahesh style)
  6. vgchowdary

    Chandrababu Alipiri rare video

    Venkanna Daya kuda Gattigaa Undi Leader ki
  7. vgchowdary


  8. vgchowdary

    Aata aadathanadu ga

    #Oops kummtunnadu
  9. vgchowdary

    Jagan Paadayatra

    No one gets all votes who comes for meeting..happened only for Annagaaru
  10. inter fail batch hero ...intellectual anukne illiterates fans
  11. vgchowdary

    Lokesh oora mass Tweet

    Masss Oora Massss
  12. vgchowdary

    Nvss survey

  13. Itta Kodite untundi Majaaaaa...130+ kottali appudu untadi okkodiki..Jai N
  14. vgchowdary

    vande mataram party