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  1. Till 3 PM - 58% polled in #Telangana Source TV9
  2. vgchowdary

    Prajakootami ads

  3. vgchowdary

    KTR right now ...

    The reason I dismiss Rajgopal’s survey as concocted; his message to me on 20th Nov that TRS is winning 65-70 seats It’s the same survey he shared today under pressure from CBN with cooked up numbers P.s: I had no choice but to share this conversation to break the conspiracy
  4. Wow..First day chusi Bayapadda..Baaga Matladuthondi
  5. vgchowdary

    Pk Mandapeta meeting

    elevation Peaks🤣🤣
  6. vgchowdary

    Medchal Meeting