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  1. kotha Post Pedda Post istaaru ...Just Time Gap anthe
  2. Govt Etunte atu vaipu JUMP kotti malla Neethulu...Chal HUT
  3. idi help chesina malli edo inko angle lo ayinaa rivals ayyevallu...Gatham Gathaha
  4. Anni Vesaaru..Main di miss ayyaru..Here comes the Funniest tweeet.
  5. Payyavula kesav(TDP) VS Visweswara(YCP sitting)
  6. Maa kalyandurgam ki ganuka Paritala digite Highest majority in state for sure
  7. Always thinks on betterment innovation technology...superr CBN
  8. Just now downloaded kaizala appa and sent positive feedback to CBN