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  1. TDP_Gk

    Chalasani srinivas

    aa chalasani ne pedda XXX
  2. TDP_Gk

    Telugu Desam IT Cell

    Bro, Sad reality .org kuda party daggara ledhu. (both .com and .org used to be with the same person who was once party IT in charge but not now) but he didn't renew that .com domain which got expired recently (all our mail communications are still pointing to .com, in the past in charges /MLA's used to send self appraisal forms to a .com domain) (I personally know this because once i used to manage NCBN gari email) I suspect that person is not going to renew .org domain in May as that person is no longer interested in active politics and he was into active domain resale business in the past. also think why online membership going to http://www.tdponline.in How simple to change this email content?
  3. TDP_Gk

    Telugu Desam IT Cell

    MLAs ne kaadhu Party lo kuda chala changes ravali. Okappudu TDP technology/IT param ga chala active ga vundedhi ( I worked voluntarily in party office every evening after work during 2007-2010) but i don't see same enthusiasm now. (Either it is website, official social media). People are concentrating sharing Individual's posts (either it is NCBN garu or Lokesh Garu) than actually promoting schemes or coordinating teams
  4. YSRCP and JanaSena has official social media teams with at least 500 paid employees working for them, Where as Telugudesam party takes everything granted and thinks voluntary movement is enough. There were around 10 different voluntary teams working in the party with self claimed positions in the party (not party or leader acknowledged these). Sadly if elections are held today we are not in lead position at ground level. Simple example telugudesam.com domain ( which was still being used in online membership emails, and party payment gateway registered for .com domain) and this was taken to Lokesh notice nearly 30 days ago and he gave prompt reply with in 1min saying "i will take care of this with in an hour" but no action was taken (at least they should have updated email content for online membership and CCAVenue settings) Got following email few hours back