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  1. SI, "Hosanna Mandir" lo duty chestunnadu anta. Amen.
  2. Advance Congratulations bro. Expect the Unexpected. Jai Mosha.
  3. సుజలం సుఫలం మన తెలుగుదేశం. ఆడపడుచులకి అండగా ఉండే పార్టీ నుంచి పోటీ చేస్తున్న తెలుగింటి ఆడపడుచుకి అఖండ విజయం చేకూరాలని నిండు మనసుతో కోరుకుంటున్నా. విజయీభవ దిగ్విజయీభవ. జోహార్ ఎన్టీఆర్.... జై బాలయ్య
  4. In 2009, PRP got a vote share of 14.6. If JSP fields a strong candidate with no internal understanding, then only the race gets tough for Nani.Otherwise Amen.
  5. If we compare MP and MLA vote share in gudivada constituency there is a huge cross voting. MLA : YSRCP - 53.5 TDP - 41.9 MP : YSRCP - 45.4 TDP - 45.9
  6. Chinna babu di. Avinash ki 1 yr back hint icharu gudiwada lo ticket istam ani. CBN asked him to start ground work. NBK is in favor of Raavi. Mana babu garu nanchi chivariki election notification ichina taruvata confirm chesaru. Avinash spent nearly 50Cr. Without JSP presence its impossible for anyone to beat Nani unless there is a huge wave towards TDP which I don't see.
  7. 5Cr ichi JSP Candidate nomination wrong vesela chesadu. With JSP not in contention and Avinash being the candidate from TDP, majority of the kapu votes(30k) went for this guy. Radha campaigned for TDP candidates in Krishna and Guntur but, he didn't go to Gudivada. If there is a strong JSP candidate any time its next to impossible for this guy to win.
  8. That was shelved by the same democratic congress woman who introduced it on floor.she was not on favor of the amends made in senate. Let's hope a new bill to be introduced and passed.
  9. Biden has promised to send a bill to Congress to provide a permanent solution for DACA recipients. The bill’s fate may rest on the ability to attract Republican support. A key question: Will the legislation include additional immigration provisions and address other groups seeking lawful permanent residence?
  10. At 0:46 the electoral map shows IL as swing state.There itself shows how blind these bhakts are.
  11. [img=http://i51.tinypic.com/25fj69d.gif]