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  1. Lokesh dhi kooda unte veyyandi bro..choodham TDP prospects ela unnayo
  2. mundhi velli poyina varganni kalupukomanandi..ruling lo ki vachinaka only valla cotarie ne choosukunte..cotarie votes matrame padathayi
  3. i know the reason..but not to disclose in public forum..almost kammas motham anti ayyaru and they are not even bothered..hope ayithe ledhu malli rapthadu tdp kodathadi ani..they are just banking on Ravi image
  4. Anantapur mari worst ga undhi example paritala own mandal lo 2 villages gelicharu..have to re-check whats going wrong..chala mandhi party ki dooram ayyaru
  5. naa posts anni bomarillu section lo lepestharu