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  1. skilaru

    Pujalu chesukoka meekenduku i rocchu

    1. NTR appatlo... Eee Swamiji la meeda anti ga cinemalu teesadu 2. Munsubu, karanam vyavastani poorthiga teesesaadu.... Vaallalo bapins mejority as they are enducated... Ee two reasons valla vaallu antis..
  2. skilaru

    What is scratch

    Yedukura manaki ivanni avasarama
  3. skilaru

    New year twist by cbn

  4. skilaru

    Registrar of Companies,AP

    Who are CA and CS in our Nfans... I am CS. Probably I will attend this
  5. skilaru

    NTR... Best of the Best

    now most of the videos are not working ..plz do the needful
  6. Aa photo nadeley baa naa face book lo nidhi this my face book kowshick.reddy