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  1. pradeep01

    Revanth Reddy Deputy Cm Bhatti Vikramarka CM

    Good one NG bro.. premature
  2. pradeep01

    Uttam Kumar Reddy

    Good fella la unnadu, Hope MK pulls it. KCR and family too much publicity, no longer term vision
  3. pradeep01

    Not every

    DMK/ADMK route is best path going forward. Center lo any Govt, TDP should be able to join it. Keep options open. we like or not INC can't be separated from India. NTR used Self respect anti INC slogans to come to power, then he worked for welfare of all sections. Adoape or die ani annaru elders, I see no wrong with joining INC. Vote4Note is the only thing i didn't like CBN did in last 5 yrs, every thing else he is on point nai i feel.
  4. pradeep01

    Balayya about Tarak

  5. pradeep01

    prakasam politics

    after Jan untey elections.. enjoy.com BCG camp lo place patti enjoy ceyali eesari...
  6. pradeep01


    nice thread.
  7. pradeep01


  8. kekaaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. pradeep01

    NTR... Best of the Best

    Mass star mama just 400 posts key nee fan cesukuve I always watch ur posts with lots of interest NTR rox ... :bananadance:
  10. pradeep01

    NTR... Best of the Best

    +1 Rachaa thread mama one of the best ..
  11. Puttinaroju Subhakankshalu

  12. Happy birthday mama