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  1. Howdy, longtime . manaki vachedi poeid emi ledu. no kongarus. CBN - Balaram & Lokesh - Venktesh close friends - Yes Ravi is under serious pressure, he still is with TDP. - Yes
  2. Baa . Closed friend of Bob and Close friend of Lokesh is going to YSRCP. Ravi ey nayam anipincaru. BCG first velli took a wise a decision for his family.
  3. flexi lu veyali Rayalseema lo .. Jagan and KCR working , they working towards to stop water to Rayalaseema ani
  4. kekaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. Mass star mama just 400 posts key nee fan cesukuve I always watch ur posts with lots of interest NTR rox ... :bananadance:
  6. Puttinaroju Subhakankshalu

  7. Happy birthday mama