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  1. phani2


    mostly of kamma community!
  2. phani2


    Already chesesaru. Vja east lo 65k votes removed. Ila list chaala undhi
  3. phani2

    Addanki dayakar

    Yentha level ki teesuku vellaru ante, my cousin went to vote in Himayathnagar. Akkada booth room lo all filled with news papers having head lines of KCR statements( control from amaravathi, water projects will be stopped etc). Cousin adigithe, just tables meeda spread cheyyataaniki pettamu anthe ani answer iccharu. Akkada EC vaadini pilichi how can you allow this ante appudu teesesaru. xxxxxx jeevitham, intha vigorous ga manam cheyyagalama?
  4. phani2

    Addanki dayakar

    karunudi chaavuki 100 reasons anattu........ 1) The successfully established again the andhra, TG sentiment 2) Successfully projected CBN as anti TG 3) Full support from EC in removing the votes 4) Full misuse of power - Police, employees etc
  5. phani2

    Prajakutami 21 seats

    Sridhar babu is good, aggressive and has subject knowledge
  6. phani2


    True, politicians ki info untadhi. Anduke ga day to day strategies change avutha untai. We all know it was one sided when kachara decided to go for early elections. Appudu yentha confident ga unnadu....kongarkalan utter flop taruvaata, kutami alliance.......we finally saw kachara crying....vodipothe naku yemi kaadu. Have 1st hand information where kachara had a report from Naveen chand, IG intelligence 25 to 30 seats ani. Akkada nunche game plan change chesi CBN ni attack cheyyatam start chesadu
  7. Haha...rafale dhi scam kaadu ani namme vallu oka sari GSPSC exploration deal choodandi...........same to same, contract icche 6 days mundu company register aiyindhi. Contract vacchine konni rojula ki, drilling contract oka textile company ki iccharu. Modi gaadi scam mottham cost as of date 20000 Cr. Ivi anni hide cheyyataaniki GSPC ni ONGC tho konipinchadu. 20000 Cr appu undhi 20 cr revenue unna company ni buddhi unna yeh sannasi konadu, that too a listed company. Modi gaadi chalava tho ONGC ni naakinchesaru. Uppudu sir gari kannu LIC meeda padindhi. Adigevadu ledu ani vaadi ishtam vacchinattu chelaregi potunnadu. Same arrogance and tala pogaru like sonia during UPA...buth many times more. 2019 will be an answer
  8. Very easy to abuse, If you have sources, try to get information on the role Radhakrishna is playing in this whole episode. Ever since parliament sessions, hes is shuttling between delhi and hyd to help us out. He is getting first hand info from delhi and helping us on the strategy. Just try to check on this information if it's true or not
  9. UL bro active ga untadu Twitter Lo......any handles that we can use. Operationgaruda too long avutundemo bro....andaru mobiles lo chaduvutaru kada
  10. Request all dB members to be more active in social media and also make near and dears active in spreading the message
  11. Ground level lo deeni meeda chaala manchi feedback vacchindhi. Party leaders ki kuda headache taggindhi antunnaru. Chinna chinna problems ki leaders daggara ki vaache vaaru.....uppudu leaders kuda 1100 ki call cheyandi ani cheppukuntunnaru
  12. Recently they sold their projects worth 1000 Cr to some consortium. So it should not be any problem for this project atleast!
  13. phani2

    Pi DATACENTERS, Mangalagiri

    Will create atleast 2000 jobs good IT jobs.....................This is out an doubt a CBN achievement. Mangalagiri lo intha pedda DC yemi choosi pedataadu yevadu aiyina, that too leaving all tier 1 & tier 2 cities.............hats off to CBN