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  1. phani2

    Tg congress working president

    most interesting part is that giving good position to Revanth will help TDP a lot. He will take the lion share of the responsibility in convincing people on TDP & Cong alliance. Mana lo antha powerful speaker ledu
  2. phani2

    Vijayawada 2009 Scenario

    Nani ki aiyithe tremendous ga undhi positive feel district lo. BoB garu anavasaram aiyina eqaution ki poyi seat ivvakunda kampu chesthe tappithe bumper majority guarantee
  3. phani2

    Vijayawada 2009 Scenario

    Vellampalli ki ward member yekkuva.....nakka thoka tokki MLA ayyadu. Atanu vyshyas, not kaps......yevadu yemi peekkunna, VJA lo TDP sweep chastadhi. One of the challenge is candidates of YCP & JS. JS will have an impact, which party will lose votes depends upon their candidate and his caste
  4. phani2

    PK vasool raja

    Vassol raja videos out
  5. vaadike seat yekkuva ante, 30 anta. vaadiki antha support unte yeh paatiki mukkodu tackle chese vaadu.
  6. phani2

    KCR hadavidi...

    Might be one of his strategies, to prevent congress from tie up with TDP. The more time congress has, more it will go into public and tie up will get public acceptance.
  7. phani2

    Aadhar vulnerable?

    1000% unsafe. Afterall sim cards activation meeda vacche commision kosam okadu 3000 fingerprints and aadhar data download chesi( from telangana land registartion website), ebay lo dorikina machine tho rubber finger prints prepare chesi 3000 sim card lu activate chesadu. Now tell me how safe we are.
  8. Haha...rafale dhi scam kaadu ani namme vallu oka sari GSPSC exploration deal choodandi...........same to same, contract icche 6 days mundu company register aiyindhi. Contract vacchine konni rojula ki, drilling contract oka textile company ki iccharu. Modi gaadi scam mottham cost as of date 20000 Cr. Ivi anni hide cheyyataaniki GSPC ni ONGC tho konipinchadu. 20000 Cr appu undhi 20 cr revenue unna company ni buddhi unna yeh sannasi konadu, that too a listed company. Modi gaadi chalava tho ONGC ni naakinchesaru. Uppudu sir gari kannu LIC meeda padindhi. Adigevadu ledu ani vaadi ishtam vacchinattu chelaregi potunnadu. Same arrogance and tala pogaru like sonia during UPA...buth many times more. 2019 will be an answer
  9. Ground level lo deeni meeda chaala manchi feedback vacchindhi. Party leaders ki kuda headache taggindhi antunnaru. Chinna chinna problems ki leaders daggara ki vaache vaaru.....uppudu leaders kuda 1100 ki call cheyandi ani cheppukuntunnaru
  10. Recently they sold their projects worth 1000 Cr to some consortium. So it should not be any problem for this project atleast!
  11. phani2

    Pi DATACENTERS, Mangalagiri

    Will create atleast 2000 jobs good IT jobs.....................This is out an doubt a CBN achievement. Mangalagiri lo intha pedda DC yemi choosi pedataadu yevadu aiyina, that too leaving all tier 1 & tier 2 cities.............hats off to CBN
  12. phani2

    BRS ventures to invest 12600cr in AP

    Hope Amaravathi become medical facility destination for the country and for medical tourism too. When top class infra and medical facilities become available, obviously everyone would flock to amaravathi!
  13. phani2

    Tirupati smart city.

    adhe kada.............smart cities lo pettesamu pandaga chesukondi antunnaru, ippati varaku yemanna oka rupaayi aiyina use aiyyindha?
  14. phani2

    AP IT sector

    IT minister palle ragunathreddy gaari gurinchi yevarikanna informatin unte veyyandi His background, experience etc. IT ministry & team ni koddiga young blood ki isthe baaguntadhi ani naa opinion except IT, anni fields lo AP manchi progress put up chesindhi! There are some key areas which are grossly neglected....not sure why they aren't being addressed!
  15. Should have kept a realistic deadline or have this started much earlier. Intha large scale lo works ki timelines stringent ga unte, quality ghoram ga untadhi; No one knows whats going on, they just need to finish it off before given time, no monitoring, quality checks etc!