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  1. Great, hope he suceeds
  2. BJP position in Gujarat?

    Up, Rajasthan, and now Gujarat Same repeat ayindhi
  3. TG congress leaders crying started

    Ippudu kcr target in TG, only Cong has some chance now due to revanth
  4. Bharatmala

    South lo bjp ki effect vuntundhi
  5. Revanth resign to TDP

    Nice to know it
  6. BJP position in Gujarat?

    Rahul got good response this time.., his best anattu
  7. National anthem in theaters - SC

    It said it will not allow the government to "shoot from its shoulder" and asked it to take a call either way on the issue of regulating the playing of the anthem before a film. The bench also indicated that it may modify its order of 30 November, 2016, by which the playing of the anthem was made mandatory in the movie halls before the screening of a film, and may replace the word "shall" with "may". "People go to cinema halls for undiluted entertainment. Society needs entertainment. We cannot allow you (Centre) to shoot from our shoulders. People do not need to stand up in cinema halls to prove their patriotism," the bench, also comprising Justice AM Khanwilkar and Justice DY Chandrachud, said. "Desireability is one thing but making it mandatory is another. Citizens cannot be forced to carry patriotism on their sleeves and courts cannot inculcate patriotism among people through its order," the bench said.
  8. People do not need to stand up in cinema halls to prove their patriotism and "cannot be forced to carry patriotism on their sleeves", the Supreme Court said on Monday, asking the Centre to consider amending the rules to regulate the playing of the National Anthem before a film. The top court also observed that it cannot be assumed that if a person does not stand up for the National Anthem, then he is "less patriotic".
  9. Holy water and Prayer oil cure illness?

    Navratan oil chalu Christian healing videos are as popular as Hindu Babas Media sees the pulse of people Business anthe
  10. LOL ...Janasena

    Vedu Kathi Mahesh tho yemi matladu
  11. Vijay slams Modi

    Rajani okay... Kamal ki little respect vundhi
  12. Chandigarh is part of haryana, Punjab and union territory Hyderabad ni ila chedham anukunnaru
  13. This is a new historic juncture in China's development," he said in his over three-hour address outlining the party's priorities for the next five years. Over the past five years, China's GDP rose from 54 trillion yuan (USD 8.2 trillion) to 80 trillion yuan, contributing more than 30 per cent of global economic growth. More than 60 million Chinese people have been lifted out of poverty, he said. "The Chinese nation has stood up, grown rich, and become strong and it now embraces the brilliant prospects of rejuvenation.. It will be an era that sees China moving closer to centre-stage and making greater contributions to mankind," Xi said.
  14. My response #Me too #stand_against_sexual_harassment What about the things going on in our minds, not everyone will take the risk or lose control and hence ends up being a gentleman.... inappropriate sexual behavior is direct consequence of not allowing appropriate sex... when you deny consensual sex nor provide legal prostitution how long one will continue to starve watching porn and mastrubating..... Sex is limited by marriage and crippled by religions, people are forced to choose wrong means owing to their perversion.. In our enthusiasm to keep love on the pedestal we have deprived lust of its expression... Our basic needs don't stop at food, clothes and shelter, sexual needs are equally important if we want humans to be sane...