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  1. Pk Fan frustration

    Mental gadu... Veedu TV channel vasthe
  2. A moderate Hindu's frustration

    We are humans first Religion is optional
  3. A moderate Hindu's frustration

    Religion should make us love each other note hate

    Judge resigned after giving verdict
  5. Pk wants Bengali Girls for Massages

    Kathi seems confident PK part 2 start chesthadu in 2 days
  6. మందిరంలో_మానభంగం

    It is actually because of the nature of rape and kid being just 8 year old is the main reason... just like Nirbhaya only Lot of women joined in with rants and pain Agenda tho chesevalu obviously vuntaaru but it has gone beyond that
  7. Modi ga

    410 crs bokka
  8. Modi ga

    Inkem istharu
  9. మందిరంలో_మానభంగం

    UN dhaka vellindhi Modi himself spoke about it after 3 months Seems true... If anything fishy BJP is part of ruling govt , they would have busted it Anyhow the intensity is very high in public.. I have seen this only in case of Nirbhaya So CBI inquiry is good option to Know the truth
  10. Why we rape ????

    Asifa case lo main culprit school drop out gadu.. Definitely one reason
  11. మందిరంలో_మానభంగం

    Appudu social media ledhu...
  12. #GoBackModi

    Cow is politics that's all If you have love towards animals become Vegan that's all
  13. Why we rape ????

    Why rapes happen?? If sex starving is reason than even married men rape.. If lack of religious or moral teachings are reason?? Even religious people do it People in high position rape?? Even a cab driver rapes a software employee Why women don't rape men ?? Because men are stronger
  14. Ramoji Rao - why he became Atheist

    Well said
  15. Ramoji Rao - why he became Atheist

    Communist party ni nammukunte AP lo Raghavulu laga settle avaali University level lo revolution ane kick kosam it seems attractive.. but it will not sustain in long run Same time life dedication tho vunnavallu vunnaru... I feel there could be no expiry date as such, labor unions, University politics and academic interests variki it will have it's influence.. Political ga they can't grow and it would be challenging to hold the 3 states too