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  1. Having grown up in an inter-faith family, Prakash identifies himself as a non-believer. “I don’t have a religion. My daughters don’t have one. I didn’t want to force anything on them. I wanted them to grow up and decide for themselves, but [they had to be] persons of good values. My wife is Hindu, my mother is Christian. We are very happy at home,” he stressed.
  2. Pandaga Manade

    Sankranthi king
  3. First premier show

    Aaat... super Inka racha starts
  4. First premier show

    It is like temper.... movie starts revealing in 2nd half...
  5. Caste clashes in Maharashtra

    Dalit version will be different from RSS version... So talking all that past is of no value.. people will read what they like to Right now jignesh Mevani is new found Ambedkar for Dalits His victory gave more force to their movement... New dalit party might come up in Maharashtra..
  6. Every one is responsible for country's safety RSS is Hindu oriented organization
  7. Ufffff So much people discuss I can't think beyond a point, but love each one as a human being We can always differ in our opinions
  8. 2019 Elections

    BJP and Cong both are same It will be close battle 2019 MP, Gujrath and Rajasthan lo Cong will perform well
  9. gogineni vs venu swamy

    He is ready, it could happen any day Problem is he can only debate, they have to accept to come on TV
  10. Because he is being in the news now a days.... For the people who are curious about him, this interview will give clarity about him
  11. KA next?

    Post Gujrath elections Cong chances improved in KA MP and Rajasthan Cong will come back Every thing will be balanced
  12. gogineni vs venu swamy

    Babu Gogineni In full flow now a days