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  1. Short memory Nd by elections time they forget everything and vote to baffas
  2. Comedy power lo vunnaru and state govt has right to request for CBI inquiry Iyna ikkada dramas enduku worst batch motham scrap entha sepu CBN medha edavatham tappitey atleast special status gurinchie or more funds release gurinchie cheyavachu gha worst ...
  3. Orders itey istharu I doubt when it actually comes to reality and implementation. until Nd unless central govt decide to act Nd implement it strictly nothing to expect anything will happen to jaffa or similar corrupted politicians
  4. Yeah CBI head ayyadu officer ... Expecting post emmo ultimately from bjp
  5. To worst comments recently yavaro swamy chanipotey me bjp batch e anukuntunanu .... 🙏
  6. That’s one good thing this time we reacted quickly with proofs otherwise narrative will be completely driven by then