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  1. abhi

    TG reality

    Kishan reddy ghadu odipotey super vidhu vidie ........
  2. abhi

    తాతా మనవడు

    Wow super cute vunnadu buddodu happy to see tata Nd manavadhu together
  3. abhi

    Thota Trimurthulu

    Picha lite if have doubt tokeyatham e villanie anavasaram gha imp ivatham waste
  4. abhi

    KCR Vs Rachana Reddy (Lawyer)

    Wow she is daring Nd have guts to openly fight against kcr Nd co keep continue ur fighting Nd wish u take lead in politics too
  5. First siggu vuntey bjp leadership ki Nd commitment towards Hinduism ask to built ram mandhir, clean Ganga river and ban cow slaughter in India and then talk about other parties appeasement .... as if bjp is not doing it in north eastern states with Christians ......
  6. abhi

    babli project incident

    That time GoAP has to support but acted inhumanly towards opposition leader babu gharu worst politics by then congress leaders Nd trs too
  7. abhi


    Yeah y can’t local mla of effected constituency Nd minister acham naidu or rammohan need to take spl care regarding this issues Nd hope atleast govt provide them good drinking water to remaining villages who are having issues with water plants
  8. E arnab ghadu marie bjp edhe veyamantey adhe news vidiki Nd defending bjp vidie channel prime responsibilities lagha vundhe
  9. There is another pix to unofficial in that he even imitating babu gharu exact walking style too
  10. abhi

    Vij-central rub

    Every mla needs to release videos similar like this of what he did during this term to his constituency and what is vision & promises for next term if elected
  11. abhi

    polavaram pics today

    Super happy 2 see leader smile whenever he is with devansh
  12. abhi

    Seema Vyavasayam

    Good speech