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  1. This is my main concern even though party give statement of establish troll free number and 5lks compensation but atleast lokesh or CBN have to visit each family personally and assure them party is their for them. Another issue about in some village TDP karyakarthas facing harassment issue by Ycp. Lokesh tweets about it but it doesn’t give any confidence to them instead he should have visited that village and if possible stay few days their to give confidence to them. Avinash visited which is good but I hope lokesh needs to do all this things
  2. Yes very very big biscuits after all efforts put on irrigation number of irrigation projects completed this term, ZBNF, giving solar mortars. Using technology in farming widely spread chesaru whatever reason nothing helped this term for us after all the efforts
  3. Well said if CBN directly visit the village and have to give confidence to karyakarthas that he will be there for them and once CBN involve itey it will be big matter and vallu taggutharu as its going to give them -ve image a paniki malina jaiTDP Twitter handle nunchie iyna illa mana karyakarthala medha jarugutuna attack’s gurinchie post cheyavachu kadha and meet dgp regarding it and make some noice atleast giving 5lks won’t bring the lost life. Atleast direct gha CBN or lokesh families ne visit chesie matladie vuntey inka Bagundhe illa edho meeting lo help chestham Anie general announcement kakunda
  4. Well said ultimately blame will goes to CBN for not choosing correct person to access situations. hope he learns from his mistakes and encourage 2nd level party leadership to move forward. Appoint good orators for official spokesperson and available to party karyakarthas to meet without any coterie in middle. Last thing this time we are completely failed in access ground reality situation hope babu gharu realize this mistake to make sure to have good team who gives him ground level report directly about situations in each constituency and they have to work independently and correct mistakes of candidates and access party situations in constituency and improve
  5. Until kcr is their I don’t think he will come out and after kcr I think it’s definitely will happen