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  1. hahaha

    Super clarity rofl adukunadhu
  2. hahaha

    Thxs bro lol
  3. CBN lesson to Jaffa

    E video ki inka konie bits add chestey super vuntundhe about this year pattisemma stats Nd showing that actually saved Krishna delta farmers Anie then it can clearly prove about how vp jagan is class tisukunie Marie prove chesadu CBN Anie if possible yavaru iyna e video chestey super vuntundhe
  4. yeah bro or atleast twitter lo miru tweet chestey we can spread it
  5. call chesie marie VP avutunaru gha vidhu raffa adutunadu vidhu emmo
  6. Revantham

    Inka active vunadhu a I think he lost his image by changing party