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  1. Super bro finally AJ picked Nd covered ur facts to some extent
  2. RRR super his spontaneous response Nd counters edhu journalist ento kanisam basic knowledge ledhu TDP medha edavatham tapitey
  3. Me bjp vallu attalo aritipandu JSP ki manchie shock icharu villaki ilaghe avalie ...
  4. Yeah that’s what I feared after seeing ... hope she will be fine
  5. Last point can’t agree trump fans won’t support Biden Nd there is more further divided.
  6. Super Bagundhe song Nd catchy gha kudha vundhe
  7. Yavaru win iyna finally baffas will form alliance with them to form govt
  8. Yeah he released selfie video saying threat from her Nd how she cheated not giving money too sad nammina karyakarthas ki illa chestunaru e jaffa batch ....
  9. abhi


    Jaffa ne ayyadu Inka vidhu itey emie vundhe