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  1. Too much gha dighajarutunaru e baffas/jaffas/paffas illa fake pics/videos post chesie AP lo illa vundhe Anie chestunaru yadavalu hope official jaiTDP twitter handle has to post this fake busted videos and pixs
  2. abhi

    Development Works AP

    Too good hope every mla should make videos of his constituency development and release to public and also should make list of pending issues which he will solve next term
  3. abhi

    Firestar is back

    E desham state lo manalie divtieya porulu lagha chustunaru tokkestunaru TG ne dochukunaru Anie annaru seperate ayyaru manaki emie sampandham vundhe manam emie dochukunam vallanie politicans exploit chesaru ...... manohar raise chesadu antha a time lo vadinie opiriadakunda tokkesaru antha inka chudathaniki navalla kaledhu first 2mins idhe
  4. Super hope people see the development and dedication of babu gharu towards state and vote for development
  5. Tata crieteria lo talented and highly skilled antey emie rules apply chesthadu o marie ......