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  1. abhi


    I don’t know about this incident but in general however person comes to meet he ask them whether they eat or not if not near to his house there is hotel and give tokens for them to eat after that only come to talk to him antharu
  2. abhi


    Goosebumps hope more videos illa chestey Bagundhu
  3. Hope she will lead happy married life
  4. abhi

    Kanna Srikakulam tour

    Lol 😂 a crowd ki Malie tour musukunie cancel chesukoka enduku e comedy circus shows
  5. abhi

    babu garu endi ee fire ...

    Jaffa batch villa lo kalisiepoyie hadavidhe chesie natu vunnaru. Anyway nice to see issue resolved. If it’s genuine request then we can consider otherwise no need to encourage these kind of things
  6. Army should act immediately & kill those xxxx hattsoff to jawan bravery
  7. abhi

    AP Subsidies, Grants & Benefits

    Super bagha encourage chestunaru farmers ne