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  1. mahendra also twitted regarding it in morning but I didn’t know where this university. Surprised to know it is in our state. Yavaru pedagha tweet kuda cheyaledhu manavallu
  2. Sivaji

    Shivaji vunna commitment kuda ledhu e pk ghadiki regarding special status , AP reorganization act implementation Nd funds to capital Nd polavaram BJP script chaduvukuntu niku enduku ra polictics
  3. Vizag IIM graduates andhariki jobs vachayie antha dhaniki kuda bjp AP official twitter account lo thanks to modi villaki jobs vachayie annatu vesukunaru
  4. Super biggest joker pspk ayyadu niku enduku ra politics if you want to comment make constructive suggestions Nd improvements antey kanie shakshi news paper articles chadive govt ne comment chestey illane vuntundhe
  5. Naipunya Ratham

    good initiative
  6. New Biscuits to AP

    plz don't believe such kind of things until nd unless they fulfill demands
  7. Yeah. Cellphone plants mostly jobs are giving to local people Nd ladies more so effect will be their whoever benefited from those projects
  8. BJP Pressurized Me -Nitish Kumar

    Regarding contesting in by-poll election. Some candidate died so for that constituency nistish is agnaist contesting elections but BJP forced him to do

    Central govt won’t give funds it seems. If possible maname funds adjust chesukunie finish chestey Bagundhu before elections
  10. Joker another self goal. Do u even have right to give ratings to govt ? How much rating do u give to ur brother selling his party ? Is their any profs to show corruption then show it y to make baseless allegations
  11. Devansh and cbn video

    Ha nice explaining every painting to devansh
  12. Samantha about Tarak

    Sam Nd kajal always supportive
  13. Feeku drama started

    Yeah background also there is banner in Kannada. His target is for Kannada elections to attract votes