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  1. Exactly it’s doesn’t resemble only getups matching
  2. abhi

    Japan Fans

    Shakti lo thaliya thaliya song ki kuda attack of titans music petie oka video vuntundhe adhe kuda bagha famous appatlo
  3. Twitter kuda around 4.2+ vundhe
  4. Well said used to admire and believe him a lot until 2015 and later realized how well he can manipulate and way he betrayed AP lost all respect.
  5. Exactly max andharu enduku alliance nunchie radhu bayatakie Anie question chesaru
  6. Pattabi clearly explaining how it is not related to state govt minister and it’s central scheme and officers are responsible for contracts Nd held responsible but not minister
  7. Inka e state itey next MH ki shift chestharu akkada Yala form Cheyalie Anie ur ruling India with absolute power enduku Inka e worst horse trading few states lo