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  1. Didn’t know that jaffa batch intha serious gha tokkutunaru Anie wish we should have acted similarly on sakshi Nd jaffas
  2. Asalu kanisam video kuda ledhu Anie na doubt chintamaneni matter lo papam kottesadu Anie fake pracharam ippatikie chesthaney vunnaru Ayana medha
  3. Yeppatikie telusukuntharu ala mana logs lekunda videos cheyavachu kadha vunna reach kuda kill chesestunaru illa cbnarmy Anie vesie
  4. Jaffas Ennie titina siggu lekunda vadinie support chestharu e jsainks gorrelu
  5. cases, capital change Nd mandali raddu gurinchie aduguthadu antey
  6. Shamelessly still blame TDP party in the name of caste. Like sakshi we are missing media to project his failures Nd reddy, + favoritism towards them
  7. It’s already built during TDP govt time asusual another name change and promoting as if he built new building in his tenure and naming it