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    TDP cader .... Alert

    Adanthaa emoo kaani.. Security thagginchaaru.. Security check chesaaru.. Karyakarthalni champesthunnaru.. Party ni lekundaa chesesthaaru etc etc victim card play chesthe janaalu inkaa helana n enjoy cheyyadam thappa.. Okka vote extra techukolem.. Last two years nunchi ade chesam.. Result choosam.. Atleast last two years fire create cheyyakapothe entha aalochinchina centimeter kooda chinchalem.. Neerasam vasthundayyaaa... Cunning politics kaadu cruel politics.. Toothless politics kaadu.. Ruthless politics.. Ide future..
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    Induke gowravanga thappukomanedi

    Maa inti sandulo intiki velleppudu picchi kukkalu ventapadevi. Picha kukkalu ventapadevani intiki vellatam eppudu maanaledu nenayina
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    That shows you are no less than a bazar fellow when you compared ntr with ysr family...and you say that you are pro modi....how could you support a converted bastard family ??
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    Power for Agriculture

    Evadu cheptharu saami ee sollu Miku Ledante desam lo Miku matrame polalu unnaya Alternate weeks ichadu daytime One week night 1 to mng 10 One Week mng 11 to evng 7 Nenu naa polam lo neellu esa ee schedules lo Last 4 years alage undi
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    akhil ch

    CBN in Assembly

    Asnwering on party defections. Nayaldi any day inspiration Thonda baliste oosaravelli avvachhu emo kani Pandhi baliste yenugu avvadu ra EP Jaffa
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    Please CBN, unnecessary focus on your Airport Checking Issue and no proper attention on real worrying issue of 100s of families suffering due to voting TDP. Nothing will happen in being HUMBLE. If they want to check, let them check you.... if we make issue out of it, they are showing pics of what happened to Jagan in past. Right or wrong.. happened is happened, you must know this when you were ruling.... 10 years you suffered... out of those 5 years BRUTALLY SUFFERED in the hands of YSR. What was your BIG BRAIN doing all these 5 years after coming back to Power. Now after losing power... we are back to square one... just because you did nothing for party and cadre & handling opposition properly in these 5 years. Families sent away from homes means.... they are refugees in their own lands.... pillaa paapala tho ekkadiki pothaaru. Sangha bahishkarana laantidi chesaaranta…. vintunnaavaa chandranna …. Sangha Bahishkarana…. why should they bear it, just because they voted for us ?? Ridiculous man.... come on.... aaa twitter lu vadilesi prajalatho … cadre tho mamekamavvu. Go inside their homes... as Jaithra bro rightly said.... spend few days there and let the entire State look and notice what is happening immediately after YSRCP came to power. Let people realize.... about the BIGGEST BLUNDER they did. BTW.... Hospital lo iddaru vyakthulu chanipoyaaru due to Power Cuts. Manam unnannaallu ALLULLANU choosukunnatlu choosukunnaam eee yedava santha nu. Manalni naakinchi ilaa chaavu koni techukuntunnaaru…. eee issue raise cheyyataaniki 6 months wait chesthaanante ika TDP ni devudu koodaa kaapaadaledu. Ika Thandri gaa neeku antho intho prema Lokesh meeda vunte…. mundu aaa DARIDRAPU GOTTU TWITTER ACCOUNT delete chesi dobbu. Aaata vastuvu chetikichinatlu aatalaadukuntooo….. aaa YCP vaallu prachaaram chesinatlu nijamgaane UTHARA KUMAARA PRAGALBHAALU palukutunnaadu…. SAHANAANNI PAREEKSHINCHADDU anta. Em cheyyagalado emo kaanee…. veetiki maatram thakkuva ledu.
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    watz wrong with beggar blessings
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    What we expect in TDP & What we Get

    Most of these guys hate CBN because of Tarak issues..when u hate someone so much, ur hatred dominates ur rationale and u search for the reasons to hate him more..If CBN has signaled that Tarak would be his successor, these guys would have loved CBN and would have behaved in an entirely different way now.. But what we got to have is rather a constant view..everyone is selfish..be it us or be it CBN or Jagan..we just have to assess all the people as much as possible and take the better person's side.
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    One Nation One Election

    Easy to hack and manipulate EVMs in one go. Madhya madhya lo elections aithe hacking kastam ga vuntandhi papam. Oke saari aithe oke saari program chesesthe ika godava vundadhu
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    Ambati Comments on TDP/CBN : Assembly

    I agree with you thammudu Kaushik.. chinna vayasullone bhartha ni kolpoyina baalya vithanthuvu maadhiri aiyyipoyindhi nee paristhithi....evadu gillina ..gichchina...kannu kottina baane undhe anipichchiddi ee time llo.... evado manchi mogudu vasthaadu le ani wait cheyyatam thappa manam peddaga cheyyagaligindhi emi ledhu...
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    TDP Signed PK (IPAC) ??

    Kejriwal nin kuda kalupukunte Andari meeda discount ichevademo
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    akhil ch

    Current kastalu in AP

    Shhhh power cut lekunda ivadaniki new govt stable avvadaaniki sambandham endi ra
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    Within few days Of YCP Govt

    Let people face the music.. Janalu tippalu padutunna oka 1 year silent ga vunte best..
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    300 doctors quit in Bengal

    Development agenda anta 4.5% GDP and highest unemployment rate in 40 years Bengal ni kuda UP la chesesthunnaru
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    TDP Signed PK (IPAC) ??

    The person who creates fake news caste wars,religion wars, fake youtube channels,anti social element has become hero in india where country is going?
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    Induke gowravanga thappukomanedi

    New party koda akkarla aa lead cheddam anukunevallu vachi nunchunte venaka rally aithe automaticga party vala chethiloki velthadi, evadanna CBN laga life ni partyki dedicate chesevadu unte vachi try cheskondi evadoddannadu NTR srama enthundho anthakante ekkuva CBN face chesadu partykosam, Ragging chesarani illaki povalani anedi correct aithe troll chesthunnarani cinema herolani koda cinema dobbithe illallo koorchobettali cienamlani manesi . Movies politics already mixi esi same laga feel avthunnaru kada chala mandi Party tough timelo support undalsindi poyi roju nasa, first 1 week or 10 days edo frustration le anukovachu
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    Nuvu open aina pikedem ledu le pora lavangam. Niku cbn padadu party spoil chestunnaadu anav fine. Cadre joliki vaste urukomu anna statement mida troll esina nuvu endi ra vippedi? Ummeste tudusukokunda aaripoddi le anukune lavangam gadivi. Polls mundu panga sapi kurchunava? Results Tarvata retrospective mode lo evarnaina tittachu. Cadre joliki vaste urukomu anna statement mida troll eyyadaniki nu evadivi ra asala cadre mida trolls eyadaniki? Ipudu party kosam esa ani cover drive este panga sapadaniki kuda lekunda kodataru cadre. Next level a Ni bokka. Ipudu db antha ummutundi ni mida em pikutav ra lavangam? Piku. Thu!!! Ummesa ipudu aripoddi anukunta anthe ga . E endalaki aaripoddi le edavaku
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    RTC vileenam into govt

    Why employees are anti to CBN? CBN untey works and targets untayi. If employees doesn’t work, state cannot progress and revenue cannot be generated. CM level nunchi seriousness unteney all levels ki ah seriousness paakutundi.... take example of a corporate company, if CEO is serious, it filters down to CFO, VP, ED, D, AD and Managers. Its human tendency to “take it easy”
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    aa okkadu

    ఈ ఒక్కడిని దించటానికి... జగన్ తో మోడీ మంతనాలు. పీఎంఓ లో మోడీతో విజయ సాయి మంతనాలు ముద్రగడతో జగన్ మంతనాలు మోత్కుపల్లితో ముద్రగడ మంతనాలు మోత్కుపల్లిని కలవడానికి వెళ్ళి మీడియాను చూసి వెనుదిరిగిన విజయసాయి (ఫోన్లో మంతనాలు) ఐవైఆర్ తో ముద్రగడ మంతనాలు అమిత్ షా తో రమణ దీక్షితుల మంతనాలు రాజ్ నాథ్ తో రమణ దీక్షితుల మంతనాలు రమణ దీక్షితులతో జగన్ మంతనాలు ఐవైఆర్ రమణ దీక్షితుల రహస్య మంతనాలు ఉండవల్లి జగన్ ల రహస్య మంతనాలు ఐవైఆర్ ఉండవల్లి ల రహస్య మంతనాలు పవన్ కిషన్ రెడ్డి ల హోటల్ మంతనాలు పవన్ కిషన్ లతో వైకాపా నేతల హోటల్ మంతనాలు జనసేనకు భాజపా అధికార ప్రతినిధులు జనసేనకు భాజపా ప్రచార, వ్యూహకర్తలు బ్రదర్ అనీల్ తో ఆర్జీవీ మంతనాలు వైకాపా నేతలతో ఆర్జీవీ మంతనాలు శ్రీ రెడ్డితో ఆర్జీవీ మంతనాలు పవన్ శ్రీ రెడ్డిల నాటకీయ పరిణామాలు కన్నాతో ముద్రగడ మంతనాలు జగన్ తో కన్నా మంతనాలు నితిన్ గడ్కారీతో పురంధేశ్వరి మంతనాలు ఆర్ క్రిష్నయ్య తో పురంధేశ్వరి మంతనాలు చిరంజీవి ముద్రగడ మంతనాలు ముద్రగడ సోము వీర్రాజు మంతనాలు కిర్లంపూడిలో ముద్రగడతో జనసేన టీం మంతనాలు ముద్రగడతో మోహన్ బాబు మంతనాలు మోహన్ బాబు జగన్ ల మంతనాలు జగన్ తో పోసాని ప్రుధ్విల మంతనాలు గాలి జగన్ ల మంతనాలు సిబిఐ, ఐటి, ఈడీ దాడులు ప్రశాంత్ కిషోర్ విష ప్రచారం... మోడీ, అమిత్ షా, కేసీఆర్, జగన్, పవన్, విజయ సాయి, కన్నా, రఘువీరా, ముద్రగడ, చిరంజీవి, సోము వీర్రాజు, జీవీఎల్, మురళీధర్, రాం మాధవ్, పురంధేశ్వరి, అంబటి, నాని, రోజా, చెవిరెడ్డి, వాసిరెడ్డి, ఉండవల్లి, మోత్కుపల్లి, ఐవైఆర్, రమణ దీక్షితులు, పోసాని, పృధ్వి, విష్నువర్ధన్ రెడ్డి, రఘురాం, హరి బాబు, మధు, కొమ్మినేని, అమర్ ఎట్సెట్రా ఎట్సెట్రా.. రోజులో వీళ్ళల్లో సగం మంది వివిధ చానళ్ళలో విషం చిమ్మడం. దొంగే దొంగా అన్నట్లు పచ్చ మీడియా అనడం. ఇన్ని గూడుపుటాణీలు, కుతంత్రాలు ఆ ఒక్కణ్ణి దించడానికా ? పని పూర్తయ్యిందిగా, కడుపు మంట చల్లార్చుకోండి.. Courtesy : Anigalla A Anigalla
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    Good Luck Babu garu

    vallani cheelchi chendatam tarvatha....mundu vellani nindu sabhalo manabhangam chesthe adighe dikku kudaa undadu....
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    CBN as CM is living in rented house and gvt paying rent for that. if current gvt wants to demolish that building as it is illegal..let them demolish.it is problem of house owner not tenant if they demolish that house CBN will take one more rented house as simple as that.Vijayawada lo rent ki houses leva anti inka? adi nachakapothe oka house kattukuntadu leda konukkontadu adi kuda cheyakapothe na lantolla intlo untadu. what is the big deal in that?
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    Within few days Of YCP Govt

    Every action has consequence. Unfortunately people has to face the music of their stupid decisions. Realty is with his experience CBN made sure people won’t be facing the consequence of bifurcation by managing things admirably. People started taking CBN’s hard work for granted.
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    Within few days Of YCP Govt

    Avakasam ichinapudu vadukovali kani.. Meeku kavalisinapudu avi ravu...
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    అసలు ఈ "నేను" తో నే చాలా మందిని దూరం చేసుకున్నాము....Leader గురించి cader చెప్పాలి , neutrals విని నమ్మాలి! అంతే కాని నాయకుడే నేను చేస, నేను తెచ్చా అంటే చాలా comedy గా, Team work ని ignore చేసినట్టు గా ఉంది! ఇది ముందు మానుకోవాలి.....లేకపోతే ఇంకా troll అవుతూనే ఉంటాము! ఈ "నేను" అని తన చేతి వేళ్ళని కూడా తన వైపు తిప్పుకుని చెపౌకోవడం ఏ మాత్రం హర్షణీయం కాదు...దానికి తోడు ప్రతి speech లో "తమ్ముళ్లు! computer ఎవరు తీసుకోచ్చారు?" తమ్ముళ్లు! Mobile ఎవరు తీసుకోచ్చారు?" తమ్ముళ్లు! Hitech city ఎవరు కట్టారు?" తమ్ముళ్లు! Shamshabad Airport, ORR ఎవరు కట్టారు?" ఇలా ప్రతి సభ లో పదే పదే అడిగి తిరిగి తనకే ఆపాదించుకోవడం..ఏ మాత్రం సబబు కాదు! ఏ నాయకుడు ఇలా చెప్పడు, చెప్పకూడదు❗ "నేను" కి బదులుగా "మన ప్రభుత్వం", "తెలుగుదేశం" చేసింది అంటే ఎంత బాగుంటుందో ఒక్కసారి ఆలోచించండి!..... బాబు గారికి ఈ విషయం నిర్మొహమాటం గా చెప్పండి...మార్పు అక్కడి నుంచే మొదలు అవ్వాలి!
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    Ysr 1time CM ayinapudu entha mandhi TDP leaders chanipoyaru...6 yrs narakam chusaru..ayina kevalam party ante prema meda alage fight chesaru.. 2014 govt vachaka okkadini bayapetta lekapoyadu ...news chadave manke elaga unte already prblm face chesi..mana govt vachaka kuda nastaprichina vadini em cheyyaleka pothe vallaki elaga untundhi..ee CBN entha sepatiki chetha gani matalu tappa em undhu..govt lenipadu cadre kurthuku vasthundhi.. govt vachaka devlopement antu cadre ni galiki vadlisthadu ... Manam okadiki joliki pothe vadi time vasthe manalani kodatharu ane bayam undali...govt evadi ayina tdp cadre meda dadulu...thuu
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    TDP Signed PK (IPAC) ??

    Hire cheyyalsindhi PK ni kaadhu sir...oka PT (physical trainer) ni babu slim aiythe youth llo adhe vachchiddi following....
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    Ne baada endi ra babu, prathi daniki kindal chesthavu.... Intha worst character ento....
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    Kaleswaram chief guest

    Pattiseema Janalaki akkarledu kada ani decide chesaru kada. Pedda Impact emi undadu le
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    TDP party leadership should shut their mouth and open their EARS to listen from all party sympathizers for at least first six months ala kaadu! counter argue chesi convince cheyyadamu, ego satisfaction kosam reverse attack chesthye mathram purthiga......
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    well my 1st suggestion to you, if you are ycp fan come out in open, nothing wrong in that , we can still have a dialog coming to your thread, politics lo most basic rule, never take advice from an opponent party, even if it seems genuine, never ever !! only if you hate tdp to the core , you will start these kind of threads. When an opponent gives you an advice, your response shld be : "Its not your business" This only proves how much you love ycp. Since you dont have the guts to announce your affiliation to ycp publicly there is no point in engaging with you
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    Youth Icon Chandranna. Technology ka baap. E dialogues meda pettina shraddha party social media campaign meda pettaledu
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    Within few days Of YCP Govt

    TDP cadre medha attacks ni matrame respond avali TDP leaders..
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    arachakma yemiti ante.......Kukatpally, Serlingimpally, Jubilee Hills, Secunderabad, Rajendranagar lanti constituencies win avvadam.....TDP sittings ni thana vaipu lakkuna kuda same majorities tho thirigi gelipinchukovadam! manam lakkunamu 23 MLAs ni......okkadu kuda naggaledu. thats the beauty of the democracy which CBN and leadership should understand. post 2009 strategies/results vishayam lo KCR tho comparision lo CBN baaga venakapadi poyadu. KCR achieved state with just 2 MPs whereas Babu failed to get either Speical Status or package thereby convincing the people. CBN capabilities meeda idi pedda debba. Thats why we saw huge difference between 2014 vs 2019 results across both states. Today many neutrals perception is KCR is achiever and CBN is looser. CBN tried to manipulate this opinion by choosing Modi as an opponent to project himself as an alternative to Modi, which got boomeranged. KTR tho comparision lo Lokesh sangathi vere cheppakarledhu.......GHMC elections tho start ayyindhi prahasanam
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    CBN any day legend ne. He is aged and tired now .. koduku badyata tiskovali andaga undali. Party Ni nammukunnollaki balam avali. Twitter lo kuste enti use. Janallo tirigi jagan cm ayadu.lokesh babu ki Twitter lo scripted tweets copy paste cheyatam tappa Janam lo tirige dammu leda .. go n meet people often be with them fight for them work for them else STFU and resign. give it to eligible guys. It's not lokesh political future we are interested in .. we are interested in protecting party people and leading party to victory again to serve and save Andhrapradesh
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    Single line agenda

    Finally TDP handle , edo teliyani relief
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    TDP Signed PK (IPAC) ??

    Exactly bro...Jr NTR ee unnadu...slim aiyna taruvatha youth llo fan base marintha widen aiyyindhi... How a leader looks...his body language ..all these may look trivial ...but really matters a lot.....in the end it is all about inspiring confidence and building positive perception.... This time except for hardcore TDP fans...majority of the youth were either on the side of Jagan or pawan kalyan...we cannot ignore this core segment of voters...if we want to regain their confidence and if lokesh wants to lead them...certain steps have to be taken in this direction..
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    Royal Nandamuri

    TDP Signed PK (IPAC) ??

    Kastha dabbulu karchupetti unemployed youth ni gather chesi social media management chestoo inko pakka leaders andaru janallo tiruguta unte saripoddi. Evado strategist vochi peekedem ledu
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    Ippudu ayipoyina daniki ee okkarini target cheyadam anavasaram mistake is on CBN side if at all it is true and corrective actions should also be taken by him
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    TDP Signed PK (IPAC) ??

    Success has became measure of a person irrespective of the path he/she choose for success... Worst days are ahead..
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    Entoi dadipisthunnavu maria maathaa photo vesi... aa prabhuvu deevenelu neeeku eppudu dakku gaaka... AMEN..
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    Radha Manohar Das

    I am on the same page bro, evadi pani vadu cheskuntene nadustadi, pani gattukoni hinduvula valla productivity ledu jathakalu cheppukuni bathukuthunnaru ante kaalatadi kada. Eee kanche Ailayya support chese vallu em chesthunnaru, hinduslo konthamandi astrology vasthu tho kalam gadipithe vallu suvartha ani cheppu holy water ani dabbulu dobbutaru End of the day good and bad anii chotla undi edo oka religion or caste ni target cheyadam tappu valla kinda chuskokunda
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    Radha Manohar Das

    Ayanni adagali ayana cheppe communities em productive work chesayo
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    73 First Time MLA's from YSRCP

    Meeru karchu pette daniki moodinthalu sampadinchukunduru gani ani directga Jagan e cheppaka 70 enti inko 300 ayina vastaru kotha candidates
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    APIIC Chairman- Roja

    Ilanti posts party leaders ki ivvakunda IAS la ki isthene results 2004/14 la vuntai
  48. 2 points

    Kaleswaram chief guest

    Pattiseema waste of money kada, polavaram vachevarku wait cheyadam better, CG will complete Polavaram in their own timelines.
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    What we expect in TDP & What we Get

    If voters not able to punish God will take care in the form of nature
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    Power Cuts

    ippudantaaru koushik chaitu...jagan is saving power for future generations where previous leaders wasted ani.. hospital lo power leka janaalu chasthey jagan is reducing India's population which is not under control ani and it is good sign ani