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    As from some sources : Anna RTO department ki monthly target set chesadu anta : Each district ki month ki enta ani. Adi meet avvadaniki RTO vallu dorikina prativadini peekkutintunnaru. veedi money souces anni dry aiyyatappatiki, veedu janalani tintunnadu.
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    Hemadri Raju

    Prof Nageswar obsessed with Jagan?

    I wonder why cannot TDP do the same thing when YCP is doing, these days people are not trusting TV channels analysis, people are believing paid psudo medhavulandaru one more name is Nagarjuna reddy also with their arguments, same thing happened in 2019 elections. II think TDP should counter attack these people with another paid psudo medhavulu otherwise loss will be immense to TDP.