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    Deppatam aapi veelainantha ga news share cheyyandi, ilantappudu public ki teliyalsindi YCP valla true nature TDP shortcomings kadu
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    vaadu emi chesinaa political calculation tho chesthunnaadu. vaadiki ipac feedback vuntundhi.
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    why waste so much money.....ask them to hire Boston group and High power committee. they just charge you for samosas and xerox to give you a recommendation. Their population is 5x times Andhra's. So they need 15 capitals.
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    Bjp వాళ్లే chesaremo, they have plan already so implementing la vundi, Pichodu thodayyadu ga జనాన్ని pogeyyataniki, ila polarize cheddam ani plan chesaremo.. But how ppl react to these religious divide in andhra anedi చూడాలి..
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    Naveen patnaik type aypoyeleaa unnadu akkade anthaa middle class tidatharuuu but gelchesthaneee untadu because of poor and backward section s