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    Bandi Sanjay

    As per Hindu mythology triple riding is extremely safe. That’s how Hanuman brought Ram and Laxman on his shoulders.... kavalante Venkatrama & Co ekkala pustakam enakala hanumantudi bomma soodundri
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    20 Years

    గంగి గోవు పాలు గరిటడైనను చాలు! కడవదైననేమి ఖరము పాలు!
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    Enti ee kadari deepika

    Ilanti scum labour la.ja videos DB lo nduku They don't deserve any space for discussion and don't encourage people like these by circulating their videos
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    Tractor with sofa

    Empty tunnel thread ki reply kosam etiki etiki alisipoyi chivariki tractor sofa seat customization tho vachaaadu mana Raajakeeyam! nee pichi kaakapothey..... tractor driver ki sofa seat untundi..... ekkada kooda sofa esaaaru..... daaniki bhoomi daddarilli potondaaa pichi Bhakts ki......
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    Empty Tunnel

    Rey Bodii, maa @Rajakeeyam anna, 2rs ted esi varam ayina kaledu nuvvu ila dorikipotha untey aayana enni teds ani vesthadu, enthani cover chesthadu papam.
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    Bypoll Results

    Already fix ayina match ki umpiring avasaramaaa Venkyyyyy
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    #RRR - Bheem

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    lokesh in amaravati

    Ive mari...30 case lu pettukoni every trip lo Delhi kallu pattukunnodu pululu avaga lendi oka sadistic opponent ga unnodu definate ga simhame.
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    CBN on 🔥

    CBN is fighting.... a true TDPian will back his efforts. We did enough soul searching on last 1 year, time to unite and rally behind leader
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    May not be the ideal thing to do..But I cant stop myself from enjoying this..Its funny and happy to see BJP guys talking abt freedom, misuse of police..What happened to these values when all the central agencies were used against people who are raising their voice.
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    Lokesh recent speech

    good going...... regular ga press ni kalavaaali.... those old memories will be slowly replaced by these things
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    ఉండవల్లి.. ఫిబ్రవరిలో జగన్ కు వ్యతిరేఖంగా ..నిన్న జగన్ తరుపున వకాల్తా పుచ్చుకొని మాటాడటానికి కారణాలేంటి? ప్రకాశం జిల్లా రెడ్డి నుండి హామీ వచ్చిందా!? గతంలో ఉండవల్లి మాటాడిన కొన్ని మాటలు వినండి .. ఆతర్వాత .. అతని మేధావితనం ఎంతో ... అతని క్యారక్టర్ ఏంటో మీరే నిర్ణయించుకోండి
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    Hemadri Raju

    Paytym gadiki pagilindi

    Let me share me my views on BJP, I was hard core fan of BJP from 1998 to 2015, I admire Vajpayee and Advani, i used to be liking Modi still 2015, but 2015 onwards realized his real mindsets, Modi has different mind set , he is good speaker nothing good for AP and country, what ever he promised 2014 elections still not fulfilled, he is ruining BJP big way, normal people also started realizing the mistake of voting to Modi, mark my words it would be worst situation than 2004 elections, it would take decades for BJP to come back to power. Only achievement is Kashmir and Ram template, he failed bigway in removing corruption and reservation system even though he had power in hand, these are core BJP agenda, I cannot imagine near future any party will get this kind of majority. Hindtuva only cannot fetch votes for BJP, he is supporting corrupted industry list. Especially 3o to 60 years age people got fed up with Modi as they supported Modi for future of country, we thought and voted considering that he would clean the Indian system as he is bachelor and thought for country he would take any action which would benfit the country, so far disappointed, nothing BJP doing in this matter last 7 years, note ban only benfit to BJP , already majority people realized he speaks infront of media but no actions on cleaning the india corruption and reservation system, I know I am writing less about AP, BJP betrayed AP people like thing. there was around 10 to 15% vote share bjp used to have in AP, now with Modi mindset no body thinking about BJP in AP. If you are real supporter of BJP, share honest opinion with facts.
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    Ratan Tata is now Anti-National

    Andhuke Janalaki em cheyakudadhu anedhi.. inkosari prove ayindhi..
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    వీడి గేమ్స్ ప్రతీ సారి వర్కౌట్ అవ్వవు. 2014 ఎలక్షన్స్ కి ముందు ఇంతకన్నా ఎక్కువ సానుభూతి ఉంది వీడి మీద. 2019 ఎలక్షన్స్ లో పరిస్థితులన్నీ వీడికి కలిసొచ్చి గెలిచాడు. ప్రభుత్వాన్ని నడపడం వీడి వల్లే కావట్లేదు. ఒక్కసారి వీడికి శిక్ష కన్ఫర్మ్ అయితే పెళ్ళామైనా, తల్లైనా, చెల్లైనా పార్టీ నీ, ప్రభుత్వాన్ని నడపలేరు. ఏ సింపతీ ఐనా, సెంటిమెంట్ ఐనా జనాల కడుపు కాలనంత వరకే. ఈ విషయం మీద జనాలందరికీ క్లారిటీ ఉంది. వాడు, వీడు తెలివైన వాళ్ళు అని అనుకుంటాం కానీ అసలు ముదుర్లు జనమే. Use and throw rakalu.
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    Lokesh recent speech

    Slowly TDP people who support CBN are owning Lokesh.......Lokesh place lo vere vallu vunte,Handup chesevaremo......He is certainly determined......His speeched are more interesting than CBN.....we also seen his work as minister.....Eppudo oka thread veesa RamMohan Naidu 2024 lo CM cheyalani.....I now completely change my opinion......2024 lo first year CBN CM chesina,next year nundi Lokesh should be made CM....My opinion
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    Pakistan civil war in Karachi

    Yes shame ferson, rallied for institutional reforms in telecom sector, because he could foresee the leap India could take... The shame ferson firmly believed that INDIA should be ready to ride the wave of Telecom & IT in coming years. {Telecommunications Reform and the Emerging ‘New-Economy’: In order to achieve this the BJP-led coalition government immediately formed a high powered committee to develop the Internet Services Development Policy headed by the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. The commitment of this committee and the major interest of the Prime Minister towards transforming the telecommunications sector gave birth the NTP99 for the Indian telecommunications sector .} And when governments where mishandling the sector, he was again in forefront to warn them of ramifications ... Because, you see " It takes years to build up, and takes moments to destroy " => https://www.dnaindia.com/business/report-cdma-gets-call-of-support-from-chandrababu-1137528 Be it then or be it now...Politics might fail him... but the shame ferson, have not hesitated to dream big... for his people , for his countrymen.