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    This is what CBN is

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    Bharat Biotech ... interview

    Vaccine vasthee gisthee Reddy's, Aurobindo, Hetiro etc etc highly respected batch nunchi ravali kani kamma valla company nunchi vachina vaccine vadatharaaa AP loo
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    No-2's in TDP since CBN taken over: Eliminati Madhav Reddy Devender Goud Erram Naidu Ni picha puvvu post lu & edupu apu inka... covert fella... @Dr.Koneru @Manoj_Jashti @Kiran ee candidate ni PS nunchi restrict chesi ayanaki gastric trouble tagginchandi...
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    వైసీపీ Vs తెలుగుదేశం ... ఎవరిది కుల పిచ్చి ? రెండు పార్టీల్లో ప్రాధాన్యతా పదవులు పొందుతున్న కుటుంబాలేవి ?
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    Nara Lokesh vs YS Jagan

    Nara Lokesh :-- 2012 lo TDP lo active ga participate chesi...2013 lo uttarakand floods lo chikkukunna telugu people ke help cheyadam..2014 lo TDP ke pracharam cheeyadam...karyakarthala nidhi erpati cheyadam....2015 lo TDP membership drive lo key role play cheyadam...2017 lo atu rural itu Urban related department ministries ne successful ga handle chesi awards win avadam....asalu 1985 nundi TDP win avani constituency ne choose chesukovadam (5k tho odipoyaadu).....I somehow feel these are signs of leader....unlike other successors like rahul gandhi,KTR,Jagan,akhilesh yadav who directly contested as either MLA or MPs...last few years nundi Lokesh character assassination chesaaru...below the belt politics chesaaru.....Looks like he is in right track standing by cadre and visiting leaders that are arrested YS Jagan :--- eede peeru 2004 varuku evadiki teledu....2008 varuku bangalore lo vundi direct ga 2009 MP ga contest chesaadu....eedu padayatra appudu galla chokka,Nathi telugu speech,vankaraga chethulu oopadam...nakaeythe pedda comedian ga knaipinchaadu,like swathimuthyam lo kamal hasan laaga...but the way konni kula jaffas own chesukune aadini hero ga project chesaaru.....of course,aadu hardwork chesaadu....congresss complete samash avadam kooda aadiki kalisochindi naa point entante its "Politics of Perception".......oka 2 to 3 times mata tadapadithe,inka deniki paniki ranattu Lokesh meeda visicous campaign chesaaru....Jagan gaadu 20 to 30 times maata tadabadaadu....kaani aadi fans inka aadu topu laa feel avutaaru.....mana TDP fans ee chaala mandi lokesh ne degrade chestaaru....if not support him,dont critcize him...naaku telisi potential lo Lokesh is far better than Jagan.....Sorry for long post!!!!
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    Prapancham lo evarikaina caste feeling undochu okka Andhra Kammodiki tappa..
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    its 25 years old bridge. bridge already in doubtful position. truck driver was in dilemma whether to cross bridge or not. he went ahead. there are many old bridges in india which are constructed with low load bearing capacity . now government replacing old bridges with new one with more load bearing capacity. in the present incident government could have taken help of helicopter(similar to arunachal pradesh, nepal border or other tough terrain) to carry construction equipment. https://www.deccanchronicle.com/nation/current-affairs/230620/video-crucial-bridge-to-china-border-collapses-in-uttarakhand.html our government replaced old bridge with new bridge in record time 27 days. this bridge is crucial for carrying heavy military equipment to arunachal pradesh near china border. https://www.financialexpress.com/infrastructure/roadways/bro-does-it-again-builds-a-critical-bridge-in-record-time-in-arunachal-pradesh/1938348/ since independence our political leadership lacked vision in handling boundary disputes. even current leadership is boasting publicly itself instead of maintaining calmness in resolving issues. our current opposition provoking ruling party and deriving sadistic pleasure in border dispute. every politician fishing in trouble waters. even bjp did same mistake between 2004 and 2014. if indians particularly indian politicians are not united we become laughing stock before china. china india border could settled during nehru time if there was political consensus. opposition leaders including vajpayee make fun of nehru during boundary discussions with china. nehru, indira gandhi, rajiv gandhi worried about political backlash in india if they settled border issue with china. china offer was it keeps aksai chin with it and leave arunachal pradesh to india. we have to stay united with respect to india sovereignty and territorial integrity. we will be safe only when our borders are safe. many soldiers are sacrificing to keep our borders safe. our politicians may be incompetent but not our soldiers. trolling miseries of others became addiction due to social media. you can troll others due to your political ideologies. please think twice before trolling matters related to borders and military.
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    Pakka party MLAs ni bedirinchi case lu petti Money ichi konukkoni RS seat lu techukunnaru. Malli famly owned parties ani neethulu seppadam okati. Chesedi Vyabhicharam Cheppedi Neethulu (#CVCN). 😁
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    Anti conversion bill pass chesi saavu
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    Support modi ji says cbn

    congress tho tieup appudu emaindi.. trs ni adiginapudu em aindi.. we dont have to suppt bjp or anything.. kani ilanti dialogues suit avvav le manaki (incl me who suppt TDP)
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    Mudragada, anil lanti vallu open ga dorikina , action theesukovadaniki chethakaledu ..ilanti sollu enduku manaku inka
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    Modi meda edchindhi ayana kosame mari, isthamannavi isthe evadu edchevadu kadu Status ivallem package ani edchindhi evadu, sare ade edavandi ani package ki oppukunna tarvatha enduku ivaledu daniki legal sanctity ivvamante ivvani mudhanashtapodu evadu Magadi laga adigadu mulana kurchunnadu, xxxxxxxxxx laga bootlu nakala emi ivvaka poyina thats enough
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    I just got the CAG audited report , from CAG website. Normally state GOVTs provide little fake information about the borrowings to CAG ( As it effects the debt raising ability of state ) But they can not cheat the revenue.. so tax revenue indicators are ideal to analyse the states further survival.
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    Tomorrow 4pm

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    Tomorrow 4pm

    Modi -> Mitron. 30 lacs crore package dedunga. Nirmalamma after 2 days -> 29.99 lacs crore already kharcha kiya. check with your bank. 😁 Rajakeeyam ( @Rajakeeyam) after 3 days-> Rahul foundation took money from tabligi jamat. 😆
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    This is what CBN is

    As a resident of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India .. I am very indebted of what CBN has done to Vizag. He is just Incredible.. CBN
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    Govt teachers

    Ila cheppukuni trupti padali ante, vallaku ade ruchi
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    kurnool NTR

    Nannaku prematho

    Happy Father’s Day
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    He taught me not to believe the history blindly..Because He may win again will probably be remembered future generations as one of the(or THE) strongest, greatest prime ministers/ leaders of India, who never lost an election but in reality he is an actor, who doesn't have substantial knowledge on anything, who plays the people one against another and thrive on their hatred..
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    Support modi ji says cbn

    Yes, as a PM of India we will support him during war. And also we will question him if he does not do things right. Questioning doesn’t mean protesting/opposing. Only Andhs will feel that questioning means crying/protesting/opposing!
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    Better idea than Remove china apps

    hindutva ani kashmir lo muslims tho pothu AP lo Christians tho pothu TG lo pathabasthi basha tho under table links. adoka dikkumaalina party vaadoka dikkumalina leader vaadi gurinchi days together fighting okati
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    Kaneesam Ysr koodaa kaadu. What sir, vaadu TDP ni target chestunte... BC lani target chestunnadu ane outdated politics enti. Mana party lo anni kulaala vaallu unnaaru. If u keep shouting about caste based discrimination, he will target all castes INSIDE TDP. Manaku maname vaadiki avakaashaalu isthe yelaa sir. Please, need a think tank. You were once great with your Ideas & Strategies. But, I think you are not coming out from 90's mentality. We are in 2020 now... about which you envisioned. Those your visions are no where now. Already Jagan took back the state to 80's.... and going by your statements, you are just 10 years better than him, and even those will not rescue you from the 80's Goonda Raajakeeyam. Either you too go back to 80's or start thinking in new way to tackle these bloody politics in 2020. I am nothing & no where to give suggestions to you, but as a concerned TDP supporter and passionate fan of Annagaaru, I cannot sit back and see the things going on, hence, I am trying to tell something that came to my mind.
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    A herd of dogs🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺 attacked one Old lion🐅, there was a young lion 🐅 who was enemy of old lion , he was watching this situation, he attacked the dogs and forced them to run away, the old lion asked the young lion why u have saved me from dogs, young lion replied our enmity is between us , but dogs are not allowed to challenge our position and sovergienty. At this critical situation instead of judging and finding mistakes in CBN hope everyone stands united
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    stable low tax regime, flexible labor laws, easy land acquisition, protection from political extortion, better logistics infrastructure are required to attract investment in manufacturing sector. empty slogans won't make any difference. investors are not fools unlike voters . they won't get distracted by salesman promises.
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    Babu..... TDP cadre ni TS lo TDP elago vaadukovatlaaa..... atleast Revanth ni vadukonivvandi..... monna 1 MLA gelisina BJP ki support chesthey em ostadi?
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    Ila logic lu adagakudadu
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    Ekkada Cheguvera. ...Ekkada Chaturmyasa Deeksha...
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    Killing Amaravati

    Yaa i agree, vaadiki em teliyadu .. endukante vaadu chinnpatinundi janalalo peragaledu. Oka illusion lo perigadu . ( like nenu ground loki digite double century, nenu ball veste wicket breaks ane modelo ) But once you are in responsible position you will face reality. Eppudu problem entante : Vaadu todagodite neellu raavu. Vaadu ariste current free gaa raadu. Vaadu morigite ration sarukulu takkuvaku raavu Vaadu tummite roads automatic gaa form avvavu For doing these things need to keep a lot of planning and effort. Chinna house kattaante nee ento planning vundali .. leka pote nuvvu baga loss avvutao. As he is unable to face the reality ... he is just throwing stones every where ..... But it may not last long.
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    Love your caste, respect other castes. Simple
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    IPAC team back to action

    Hello All, I am new to this DB...but following this long time....here are my observations 2009-2014 madhya lo Jagan craze peak lo vundi......2014 Feb varuku ee survey ayina YSRCP ke TDP ke 6% to 9% annaaru.....within 2 months lo TDP swept elections......YSRCP ke Greater Seema lo max seats vachaay kaani....inka convincing ga TDP gelicheedi 2014-2019 lo...2018 varuku TDP has edge..2017 nandhyala lo 22 days campaign chesina 27K tho odipoyaadu...IPAC team and Jagan first time ever caste and region politics chesaaru and JSP kooda vots spit chesindi...anni startegies workout ayyayi....meeru observe chesthe 2009 lo YSR ke 36% voteshare vachindi....ade TDP ke nearly 40%.....manam ee 5 years lo inko 5% to 6% voteshare individual ga gain chesthe chaalu......
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    UN ante english vallu .. ante jesus kerala ante ekkuva jesus akkada jesus.. ikkada jesus.. so kerala HM ni called .. itlu veera pushpam, lothu bhaavi.
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    Why one should be a Communist??

    world lo balance anedhi lekapothey you will see correction. This world saw a prolonged left wing govts and they gave verdict for right wing. Now, after the failure of right wing govts in dealing pandemics and crisis situations, you may see people bringing back left wing governments. Again, its a balance that happens in this cycle.
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    2014 - 15 VS 2019 - 20 చంద్రబాబు తొలి ఏడాది పాలన VS జగన్ తొలి ఏడాది పాలన
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    As per my understanding Vajpayee team is best in either foreign affairs like war with Pakistan and Nuclear tests. Next Congress team either Indira Gandhi or Manmohan and Pranab Mujarji team is better, They created infra structure to northern states to control China. last and least Modi team- just using media and fake propaganda, that’s it. No proper team and no proper way to at least give a Speech other than chai may charcha.
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    Support modi ji says cbn

    A few things the members of this forum have to know, when it comes to nations problems like pandemic, a war etc we stay with the national pathos, and be silent and stay with leader who ever it is? Else we will see the repeat of history 1,200 years ago with the first invasion in North-West of India. CBN mata lo mata kalapadamu manchidi kaadu? Congress was TDP's enemy when it was formed and note that agenda will show up again during election Ha Ha Ignoring the founders pathos is not a Joke Ha Ha .
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    Mundu India lo China goods ammakoodadhu ani center rule pass cheyyamanandi..... why are you making people fools ? Middle class entho kasta padi color TVs konukkuntaaru...... why are you creating loss to Indian middle class by creating these movements ? if you are sincere, pass that rule and dump all Chinese goods in Chinese occupied areas. Appudu nammutaaam!
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    JC Mass

    Poyinollani dobbi unnollaneeeee dobbatamenaaa ?
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    mari claps,deepalaki poleda
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    True leadership

    Hi .,Lakshmi Parvathi.,garu. Hope u r doing well in these Carona times 👧
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    Forex $500B

    Why are forex reserves rising despite the slowdown in the economy? The major reason for the rise in forex reserves is the rise in investment in foreign portfolio investors in Indian stocks and foreign direct investments (FDIs). Foreign investors had acquired stakes in several Indian companies in the last two months. After pulling out Rs 60,000 crore each from debt and equity segments in March, Foreign Portfolio Investments (FPIs), who expect a turnaround in the economy later this financial year, have now returned to the Indian markets and bought stocks worth over $2.75 billion in the first week of June. Forex inflows are set to rise further and cross the $500 billion as Reliance Industries subsidiary, Jio Platforms, has witnessed a series of foreign investments totaling Rs 97,000 crore. On the other hand, the fall in crude oil prices has brought down the oil import bill, saving the precious foreign exchange. Similarly, overseas remittances and foreign travels have fallen steeply – down 61 per cent in April from $12.87 billion. The months of May and June are expected to show further decline in dollar outflows. pratidi gujjunomics angle lo chusthe asalu secret bayatapadathadi. as usual vishayam teliyakunda thigh slapping.....
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    Out of curiosity adugutunna.. Ante ippudu modi cognizant CEO ki phone chesi 18000 members ni lepai ani chepadu Antara?? Leda trump ki call chesi outsourcing apeyi ani chepadu antara meeru ?
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    Covid disaster in telangana

    Jagan is not as fool as he appears and we assume..tdp is still not taking him serious and same with cadre..he is really a man with clear agenda..imagine launching sakshi media then was not an easy task and he made it as popular as eenadu and the way he dealt after ysr death and keeping that momentum..even befor prasanth Kishore he had great stratagies...even ruling lo he is pleasing all his voters and only killing or abusing tdp voters...manollaki ardham kavatledo, rajakeeyam theliatledo I reguoarly talk with different labourers ..okkadu kooda thittatla..they are finding arguments to defend him..sand Kooda state ki benefit ravali anega andi antunnaru..to be honest apart from tdp and intellectuals which anyway do not vote ..aadiki vachina noppi emi ledu Covid kooda jagan is dealing much better..
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    This is what CBN is

    CBN ki crisis is an opportunity to create wealth.. YCP ki kuda crisis is an opportunity to loot more and more
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    Why one should be a Communist??

    Min basics theliakubda social media influence thappa nee post ki oka correct point if anyone transformed andhra and telangana post independence it is only communists..thelisi thrliakunda bjp bhajana batch posts eyatam prathi okkadaki comedy aindi..edo fashion laa y Kerala is successful in fighting carona than so called progressive parties communism antey western people hate due to Second World War and Russia conquer many European countries..as such ideology has some flaws..but to India it wasveru helpful in 60 to 80s than any other ideological parties ntr himself claimed he is communist..communist pelli thelusa..oka biscuit oka tea and 4 leaders madhya pelli..no arbhatam..this prevrnted manydaliths from conversion than so called bjp..charithra theliani batch ki cheppina waste.. tdp lo buchiah chowdary unnadu ..ghanta unnadu..u can not attribute ghanta character to tdp but buchayya is real tdpian..same with communist.. telangana ki tdp emi chesindi..tg developed state..hitech meeru emi thela ani charithra thekiani trs dwags ki..communist role in India transformation post independence theliani batch ki pedda theda Ledu
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    Lol. Flowers CBN peru cheppukokunda ee topic lonu defend sesukoleru. #CVCN (Chesedi Vyabhicharam Cheppedi Neethulu)..
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    TDP is never going to win under nara's leader ship .. we want some young and dynamic leader I prefer rammohan naidu to lead the party ... Let CBN and loki work at backend ... Time to change ... Can't see demolition of TDP in AP also..