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    Jarkhand assembly

    Ipudu chepandra abbayilu Inc jmm rjd evm tampeing ah valla sitting state Jharkhand lo tampering cheyakundaa Jagan kosam ap lo chesaru Antara ipudu vacchi
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    It’s up to Godavari people

    Why would Godavari people support Krishna and Guntur farmers? AP lo evadi M kindaki vaste tappa vaadu react avvadu ga. Krishna and Guntur farmers are on their own
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    Jagan vs anti Jagan

    Tdp political ga nastapoyina parledu, amaravathi farmers kosam fight cheyyaalsinde..... we need to explain the differnece between development decentralization and govt power decentralization..... We should explain vizag and north andhra people that executive capital is not better than losing lulu, adani investments for the sake of vizag/ua development... also we should tell karnool and seema people that high court will not bring more jobs / development than KIA or solar projects..... ardham cheskunte santhosham , ardham cheskokapothe inkaa santhosham..... political gain kosam chooskokunda amaravathi farmers kosam fight cheyyadame .... tdp/Cbn ni nammi lands ichaaru .... vaalla kosam emaina cheyyachu
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    Pavan Kalyan...... U turn!

    Started with BJP—> pachipoyindi laddu —> sailed with Communists —> lost at 2 seats! —> came back to BJP! what a U turn! People who ever kindal CBN for his flip flops, the same people will believe that Pavan is future CM candidate for AP! selective ignorance of educated minds!
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    Dharmana thupuk

    I like kasab ... Because he has guts.. I like laden .. he has guts .. Twaralo ilantivi vinachu anna mata ne nundi...
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    Police Over Action Against Lawyer

    mudragada paina police ni usko annaraaaa???? ippududu nuvvu thagi post pettinatlunnav aaa mata andaniki konchamaina undali vadeee jaggadi dabbulu dobbi andarini gilli train tagalettinchi nana racha chesadu vadu chesina leki panulaki malli ni support kcr bajana tho patu mudragada bajana kuda start chesavaaaa, YS mala kuda vesukuni pavurala gutta ki velli darsanam chesukuni raaa saripoddi
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    Best Post In DB recently

    This notation is wrong, KIA factory is one of the biggest FDI in India, still tdp is lost there does it mean that people doesn’t want companies. Guntur right canal ki water ivvakinda penna ki 120 tmc of water ni divert chesaru still we lost there and here.that is one of reason for lost in Guntur mla’s . Pattiseema valla 14 lac acres got stabilized and got a chance for second crop. Seems they don’t want pattiseema. Konni jarugutha untayi..monna live lo oka farmer cheputhunnadu capital vachaka labor dorakatam ledu polam panuluki so we voted against tdp ani. Rajadhani Area lo vallaki ycp vallu we give 200 more yards ani chepparu anta. Asa ki poyi andaru ycp ki vesaru ippudu unnadi poyindi chavu koni techhukonnaru
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    Iran vs America

    LongLong ago,sooo Long ago... Iran nuclear program start chesi uranium enrichment chesukuntu velthundhi (valla defense ki ani anukundham) kani prapancham (USA) danini "Danger" view point tho chusindhi. So Iran medha trade , banking and other financial sanctions vesaru... result of that, valla economy pumpuhar ayendhi,with inflation all time high... Ee time loo Obama oka deal chesadu, vallu uranium enrichment capacity building tagisthe, sanctions sadalistham ani.. Iran daniki oopukoni deal ok chesindhi.... All cool anukunaru. USA allies like Britain, Germany, France vellu chala kush endhuku ante Iranian oil medha vella companies kuda nadusthaye. Kani trump thata vachi malli sanctions vesadu. Actually Iran, valla neighboring countries ayena Iraq (vomeric's girlfriend) , Syria, Lebanon & Yemen loo rebels ki backing esthu internal civil wars lantivi create chesthu , Iranian influence penchukuntundhi... eemadhya kalam loo koncham baga intensify chesaru...Vetanitini co-ordinate chesevade , evala padina wicket "Suleimani" ankul. very powerful guy in middle eastern world. Ee topic medha chepali ante chala vundhi... multi-dimensional ... like vomerican military... US elections 2020, trump thatha answerable to lot of things... and as brother rightly mentioned OIL also plays major role. recently Saudi Oil facility medha attack jarigindhi... they say that, Iran did it. This has irked lot of stake holders. Saudi , UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait evi ani oil rich countries... world ki supply aye vella oil ... Iran and oman madhyaloo vunna 21 mile sea opening which is called "Strait of Hormuz" dwara pass aye prapanchaniki supply avuthundhi ... This is the most critical Chockpoint in the world... So ee USA sanctions valla frustrate avuthuna Iran, Ee "Strait of Hormuz" critical junction ni block chestham ani bedirinchindhi... adhe jarigithe,world economies medha impact vuntundhi. Vella gilludu ekkuva avuthundhi ani... trump thatha ki thochindhi chesadu. Epudu Iran retaliate aye , emana drastic steps tesukunte... cinema rasotharam ga vuntundhi... India ki kuda impact vuntadhi... petrol tank full chesukoni petukondi .. just saying..
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    Please CBN

    To those Foxies.... who wanted to utilize my post to criticize CBN, please note that.... my intention is not to do that. If you want... you can open a new thread. Please naa bhujaala paina thupaaki petti mee saradaalu teerchukovaddandi. Whatever CBN has done for AP.... even NTR had not done. We need to agree this fact. Ika bandhupreethi vishayam lo CBN ni annaanu ani.... migatha vaallandaru manchollai poru. Peddaayana LP ni thala paina ethukuni vundaka pothe.... CBN ki eee mulla kireetam thappedi. Jeevithaantham mostunnaadu paapam... party ni rakshinchukuni. Andaroo Humans..ye. Andaru thappulu chestaaru. But avathala vundedi RAAKSHASA JAATHI. Please mind it. Kalalo koodaa.... vaallu manchi kosam yemi cheyyaru.... Raajakeeyam annaaka konni konni cheyyaka thappadu.... andulo welfare okati. Adi okkati chesi devulla maadiri pose lu istunna Saithan santhaanam adi. Mana vaallanu degrade chesukuni Raakshasulni praise chesukune vaallu... be it KCR or YSR or YSJ..... please don't use my thread for your sunakaanandam. Period.
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    Jarkhand assembly

    Tampering Buss kani, BJP helped YCP anedi pakka nijam TDP vaalla meeda IT Riads, ED Attacks chesi money flow lekunda chesaru. Officers andarini maarchesi one side ga TDP ki anty ga pani cheyincharu. Antha YCP vaallu adiginattu help chesaru. Ivi kaadante inka em cheppalem
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    Vijayawada ladies

    Discussion between Women and Police at Nunna PS yesterday: Police: What is ur name Lady: Vijaxxxxx Police: What is ur caste? Lady: Y u r asking the caste? Police: No. U should tell... Lady: My caste belongs to Reddy Police: what is ur mobile phone number? Lady: 10000000 Police: This is not correct number. it should have 10 digit.. Lady: then 1000000000
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    Brothers 70 years Age lo chandrababu mana vijayawada kosam chaitanya yatra start chesthunnaru .... madhathu thelpatam mana anadhari bhadyatha ,,,, vijayawada nundi rajadhani tharilipothe nashta poyedhi maname cbn kadu .... mana kosam okadu poraduthunte madhathu thelpatam Nandamuri abhimanuluga mana kaneesa bhadhyatha Kadali randi Telugudesa karyakarthalara Jai NTR
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    Capital Villages Maha Rally

    Yes monna over action chesaru.. Arrest cheyaboyindhi kuda YCP families ne.. Police laki water, chairs ivvadam apesaru.. Shops lo water kuda Ammadam ledhu police laki.. Peaceful ga chesthunnaru protest.
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    Simple and straightforward

    Forget about CBN speeches...... youth and unemployed need to have a clear idea of what they want. How they want to live their life. That’s what missing in AP youth. We don’t have a capital and we don’t have any Industries or job network in AP. Who will create that anedhi alochinchatlaaaa....... punch dialogues and jabardast comedy ki alavaatu padina bratukulu.....
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    Meeru Bold lo highlight chesina, crop chesi vesina matter almost anni party leaders election time ki cheppeve. Eeyana time nadustundi kabatti meeku ruchistundi. Repu okavela odipothe meelanti vallu chala mandi vastaru rallu veyataniki.
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    yeppudu change avutaru?

    TDP leadership politics lo weak and political strategies lo weak compared to YCP. I don't doubt this statement of mine. Always in defensive and reacting mode. Coming to Social Media...manchi photos and videos share chestunnaru...good. But, vati mida TDP and TDP related watermanrks yentra babu. basic ingitha gnyanam kuda lekunte yela? How long will you continue this? Honestly, the party & leaders who can convince the people by educating them with clarity and good strategies are the ones who deserve to rule people. Since you don't have that skill...so you are not the one for sure. worst ante worst. ilane continue ayithe supporters will also quit.
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    Champeyyatam entha sepu, 5 seconds. Ade bathikinchatam chaala kashtam. Power of Mass. MORON
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    Yes Build cheyyadam kastam.. Kuuladhoyadam padagottatam easy..
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    Motham illiusion ki reason cbn kuda State develope avvadanki oka pedda city kavali.econamy antha cities lone undi country wide which is reality Kanee aa city defintega capital ayi undalani kani leka capital ni matrame ala cheyyalani rule unda Why we should compare with other city capitals which had lot history Britisher chosed area where they get economical benefit and later they became big cities and once their political power gained india they ruled from those cities.so they became political and economical centers.after independence they continued to be as some state capitals and in timely manner trendy industries came to those cities and may be state gvts also did their job.finally those cities became back bones for those states. In thses many states how many capitals are chennai,Bangalore,hyd and Mumbai? But now cities which are not capital also raising.Pune is not capital of any state still it is source of econamy Take kochi, it is not capital of kerala but better econamy than trivandrum More than amaravathi being capital, people of other areas got felt unsecured mainly due to widespread publicity of being world class city So if capital as well as economic source is amaravathi, why should it only had that privellage.what is the greatness of those 33k acres empty land to become that much great city? Why not 33k somewhere else? Is there any plebiscite held? Or cbn put this matter in election manifesto and people voted? Is there any cm constructed a metropolitan city in empty lands? If cbn wants to do it how much money needed and how many years it will take? Is there any guarantee that you will be in power or other parties would have same ideology? If not what is the situation of people got involved in this? Investors come to city by looking at designs of assembly and secretariat? We gave chance to jagan to do all these things..now can we give statement against this? Again in kind of tg situation.cant say yes or no. Due to 2 eyes policy ,we lost one eye? Now 3 eyes? We gave these chances to jagan with our mistakes..we should have put high court in seema with benches in amaravathi and vizag.this will not make any loss to our so called "world class city" See the response from seema and vizag area if you have friends. Others are happy on this and tdpinas are neutral on this. Cbn should have constructed one administrative capital first in place in these 5 years and later based on geographical situations ,vizag,amaravaghi or thirupathi which ever investors chose that would grow as economical source and will contribute to state econamy in future
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    Jaggadu correct

    Inka Sava thenkaali jenalani ..
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    India GDP growing fast

    There is no C and D brother...its upto people to decide whom they want everytime they get opportunity to vote. Basically people need to know how to visualize long term benefits and understand that hardworking nature will give them better life than what they are leading. In fact, they should get into the culture of aiming for higher standards of life. Otherwise these kind of caste politics, freebies and etc will continue.
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    ee elections effect zero for 2024 elections. okkasaari money panchakundaa try cheddhaam. enthamandhi manaki vote vesthaaro chooddhaam. manam money ichinaa nachina vaadiki vote vesthaaru. eppudu bhayapaduthoo vunte elaa? elections lo karchupetti illu ollu gulla avuthaayi leaders ki.
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    hindutva party ekada?

    Idemundi.. Govt Sankhusthaapanalu kooda pasters prarthanalatho jaruguthunnaayi state lo... Matham kaadu Modi ego mukhyam 99% BJP batch ki.. Ippatiki CBN meeda edavadam thappa inkoti cheyyaleni chaava leni batch adi..
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    VISION 2020

    Oka sannaasi unaadu db lo.. context edaina ..CbN meeda padi edavadame. pichi sunakam ..🤧
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    Maddali Giri

    dont expect much from ap people who are blinded with caste and religion
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    pavan s

    Please CBN

    bro.. take it easy... if people want appealing speeches emotions to choose their leader, let them do so and get what they deserve.. AP people are such a hopeless people where there is no unity at anytime for collective future of the state other than looking for their own benefits..
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    CBN with Goswami

    Important point to be noted here is..... bjp-jsp alliance ayyakee.... national media ki gurthu raavadam amaravathi anee issue undhi ani...adhi bjp sympathizer arnab gaadiki... yaadruchikam amma mogudu idhi...
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    Andhra and Telangana Financial Situation

    usually the artificial food replacements from tender age like pediasure milk etc will give boost to hormones and they grow very fast. After certain age, because of pampering and other food habits, they grow beyond control.
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    Police Over Action Against Lawyer

    So Mudgrgada === whole Amaravathi farmers! never before! Never again foolishness idhi maathram!
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    Yes correct, CBN didn’t involve in human trafficking
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    IYR Krishna Rao

    5 years back CBN adhe mistakes chesaadu..ippudu anubavisthunnadu... Sumathi sathakaniki evvaru athithulu kaadu..
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    Best Post In DB recently

    State motham votes veyyadam veru Krishna Guntur vallu veyyadam veru, valla ke capital akkada undadam istam ledani chepparu indirectga, ippudu bada padi waste
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    Pink diamond type of pulihora Jaggadi paina unna cases prove avvadam chala kastam asalu CBI file chesina cases lo success rate only 6% So TDP Cader, leaders vadu jail ki pothadu, center support chesthadi aneee bramala nunchi bayataki vachi how to save amaravati and how to strengthen party aneee issues paina concentrate chesthe better
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    2 much atrocities

    Eedi ayya kuda vanpic bhoomulu ichinollani ilaney treat chesi kukkkaaa saaaavu sachaaadu!!!!
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    oh god!! please save TDP from these CBN fans ☹️ xxxxx.. manolle nammakunte inka vere vallem nammutharu real videos post chesina.
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    Dwacra ladies ki dimputunnadu

    Jaffa gadu ekkada meeting pettina local Dwacra ladies attendance mandatory, if not attended, local volunteers will note them and refer to remove them as Dwacra.... Kadapa Style harassment Started at ground level.
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    Cbn yatra aithe...nara fans kadalali kani nandamuri y....😂
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    Karakatta Kamal Hasan

    Ee sannase kadaa..anna canteen ki potee gaa Rajanna canteen ani 4rs ki food ichadu. elections avvagaane bichanaa ethesaadu. siggu leni janala ki ilaantolle correct!
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    Simple question...... Hyd nundi raavataaniki eeee munjalu enni veshaalu vesaayi? Enni gontemma korkelu koraayi..... special trains adigaaru special TA/DA adigaaru Amaravathi lo plots adigaaaru.... eppudu emi ichaarani kukkaaaaa toka oopukuntu potunnaru? someone from TDP or some so called neural should question this.....?
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    Lokesh character ...

    Avathalodi ala vunte manchodi ga vuna tappu ledu.....vadu edavainapudu ilanti neethulu paniki rav
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    Papam farmers

    Vizag development ni veedu aapithe thappa అది develop avvuddi by default, data center lulu ilantivi proposed vi pogottakunda vundunte, next 2 yrs lo big surge vundedi name wise n employment wise... If you got a chance to develop one more city అది cheyyakunda develop అయ్యే దాన్ని develop chesedendi తుగ్లక్ vedava...
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    Influencing other Members

    Ikkada realise avutunnaru ani dialogue lu apandi.. Ikkada entha entha chinchukunna no use.. Nijam ga party ki manchi cheyali anukunte.. Don't waste your time in DB.. Ee section evadu chudadu..
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    Political Content writer

    different version on capital rasa , konni banners la vesi janalaki artham ayyela cheppali na tapatreyam ee ycp vallu divide and rule choppuna ela andariki vishanni ekkinchesaru mana power lo unnppude .... emka power lo lekapote ,mana counter evvakapote aa 1.3cr voters etupotaro evvariki telidu
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    yeppudu change avutaru?

    manchi photos and videos share chestunnaru...good. But, vati mida TDP and TDP related watermanrks yentra babu. basic ingitha gnyanam kuda lekunte yela? How long will you continue this?
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    Jarkhand assembly

    It's different game when it comes to PM elections. Main problem congress lanti national level party dead weak undatam. There's no alternate candidate also. people not accepting rahul as PM candidate. Congress failed to project a capable PM candidate.
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    Jaggadu correct

    Yes. Jaggad di emi tappu ledu. Vaadu first nunchi ilane unnadu. Vaadiki vote vesina evarikaina muddi noppi pudithe that is their problem. Not his
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    Seperate Coasta

    Separate costa vachaaka, separate xxxxNadu antu caste perutho divide avtundi...... first our people should learn to see things in right way. Unless we dump the caste feelings, we cannot progress.
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    women stepping up for tdp

    Though bjp did not like YCP they had helped him. They completely cornored all TDP leaders with police raids, IT raids in camping time. KCR also threatened many TDP leaders with police cases on their properties in HYD. that's why even TDP leaders could not spend money as they already got clear confirmation that both BJP and KCR joined hands to defeat CBN. So many TDP followers votes were also deleted by FORM 7 scam. This will not happen without help of BJP. During election time they stole all tdp followers information by taking hard disks from IT grids in hyd. They handed them to PK team so they can upload FORm 7 to delete TDP followers and beneficieries votes. But mana CBN maathram antha pedda intelligence unit pettukoni kuda nidra poyadu. 😁😂