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    CBN In Chennai

    Same modi ni jan lo kalisinappudu alage anipinchindi
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    I don't know brother.. But i know he was broker in Human Trafficking to Dubai from TG in past.
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    RamaSiddhu J

    Calling TGiets

    I am just a common man. Wait for my fitting answer you
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    CBN In Chennai

    What a fall aaa ..meeru chesina dommari dealings kanna idhi chaala better.. CBN emi back door plotics cheyyatleduga..direct gaane chesthunnadu.. PDP tho alliance ami antaaru.. YCP tho backdoor..MIM tho backdoor..TS lo backdoor..elections avvagane support to KCR.. Bihar lo emi chesaaru..Meeru maatledhi..
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    Kcr ga

    the more KCR talks the better for TDP in AP.....
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    Akhilesh Yadav , Mayawati

    Oh my Naveen patnaik.. ide smiley esava aa roju ? Ekada nindi vastar vya..konchem constructive discussion cheyali kani agenda based posts prati thread lo..em upayogam evarki upayogam
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    Nara Lokesh

    Must watch video Even TS Colleges Dean's, Principles and Hod's sharing this video. Nara Lokesh Long way to go..
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    T lo TDP vodipoyindhi ani AP lo janalu YCP ki vesthara Janalu ala logic lekunda overnight decision change chesesukuntara? - ilane 10-15% swing ayipoyindhi last week/month lo ani cheppi nela nakinchesaru monna TG elections ki. 5 months tharvatha jaragalsina elections ki TG election result will have 0% impact Movie hit ayite cadre ki voopu ravadam enti 😮 Ee roju TCL ground breaking ceremony. Inko 4 days lo Amaravati Secretariat ki raft foundation, January ki Judicial complex ready Aa tharvatha week, Polavaram lo first gate fix cheyyatam, all set to break world record in single day concrete works Ivi cadre ki voopu theesuku raavaalsinavi. Ivanni vadhilesi
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    Not easy being Naidu

    perfectly said........ ------------------------------------- Not easy being Naidu THE HANS INDIA | Dec 19,2018 , 12:01 AM IST Not easy being Naidu Having taken up the task of A (Amaravati) P (Polavaram), yes it is not a cake walk nor it is as easy as pie...But for leader like CBN...who takes on every criticality as a challenge....it is falling off a log... working for 16-18 hours a day... unmindful of his age, health, family....He is left with challenges from all sides in the form of deficit budget, no resources, share of income of AP retained with TS on account of irrational bifurcation..., having to start from zero balance, land pooling for his dream Capital, Amaravati..., enmity, hostility and non- cooperation, from the neighbouring TS in the form of hurdles for Polavaram despite the project being a Central Govt Accord as per Bifurcation act.. Added to CBN's bruise, another hiccup is in the form of the opposition leader who has been relentlessly placing stumbles by filing writs, moving courts, indulging in sending mails to the IMF to thwart release of funds...for Amaravati or Polavaram. KCR has inherited a hassle-free state with abundant income already getting since long owing to the developed status of Hyderabad. With regard to financial position, unlike CBN, KCR with a rich Hyderabad, has everything to his advantage, in an 'as easy as falling off a log' situation... When it comes to political scenario, in the assembly, KCR doesn't have to combat much with his foes or rivals in the Assembly as the TS legislature opposition is weak, meek, tame unlike in AP assembly. In AP, an atypical and bizarre situation prevails where public divide on caste basis. Contrary to AP, people of TS have reposed confidence in one leader i.e., KCR, whom they believed as their deliverer.....influenced by his speeches focussed mainly on chiding CBN... KCR on, no occasion misses to lambast CBN stigmatising him as an Andhra leader and bespeaking as an usurper of TS...which idle talk fetched for KCR a great triumph...... Regardless of how badly others criticise him, use filthy language or unparliamentary abuse by opponents like Jagan, GVL, KCR, he never stoops down to their level. He knows devoting more time and energy to dealing with the criticism will hamper focussing on the goals set. The tree that bears fruit will be stoned. K Sai Prasanna, Hyderabad
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    When CBN does loan waiver in installments - anna maata nilabettukoledu When Congress does runamafee in single stroke - not good for economy When Modi does Demonitization - har har modi Hypocracy
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    Maaa CM vadey Basha valla Maaa paruvu potondi ani alochinchey scene ledu TG lo.... better come to reality. KCR is doing what TS core public is expecting from him.
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    meeku naa posts nacchakapothe ignore cheyyandi saar ... nenemi naa posts ni chadavamani gunpoint lo cheppaleduga ... nacchithe chadavandi lekapothe ignore cheyandi ... antha ibbandi emundi
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    Pseudo Intellectuals

    Pavan’s mother 4 lakhs nagababu 25 lakhs varun tej 1 crore gave funds officially to Jana Sena. Ippudu caste kanipinchadu! Just imagine how much noise they could have made had NTR/NKR given some fund officially to TDP! maarandirareyyyy..... kulanni addu pettukoni edavadam anedhi mee naijam.... meeku eppudu oka Vargam yokka kulam matramey kanipistundi.... mee gurivinda nalupu meeku kanapadadu.... P.S : naa meeda padamaakandi... I neither belong to CBN or Pawan or Jagan caste! I don’t consider caste as a criteria to choose my favorite hero or politician or party!
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    CBN about taking over TDP from NTR

    People accepted ,family accepted and he wont with thumping majority in 1999, there is no point of discussing the same old topic... ika inner agenda and edavalsina vaallu edo oka rakamga edusthoone vuntaaru ... leader is undoubtedly the best , so lets have support him to win 2019 elections...
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    నేను మాత్రం నీవైపే! 21-12-2018 03:12:31 చంద్రబాబుకు మద్దతుగా ఫ్లెక్సీ ‘కేంద్రం నీపై కక్ష గట్టింది. పక్కరాష్ట్ర నాయకులతోపాటు స్వరాష్ట్ర ప్రతిపక్ష నాయకులూ ఒక్కటయ్యారు. అవినీతిపరులకు, నేరగాళ్లకు నువ్వంటే పడదు. ఇప్పుడు నువ్వు ఒంటరివి, కానీ నేను మాత్రం నీవైపే ఉన్నాను. నా పిల్లలకు బంగారు భవిష్యత్తు కావాలి. నేను గర్వంగా తలెత్తుకు తిరగాలి. నా రాష్ట్రానికి నువ్వు కావాలి’ అంటూ విజయవాడ ఇందిరాగాంధీ కాంప్లెక్స్‌ సమీపంలో ఏర్పాటైన ఫ్లెక్సీ నగర వాసులను ఆకర్షిస్తోంది. భావిశెట్టి భాను అనే వ్యక్తి ఏర్పాటుచేసిన ఈ ఫ్లెక్సీ అందరినీ ఆలోచింపజేసేలా ఉందన్న అభిప్రాయాలు వ్యక్తమవుతున్నాయి. - విజయవాడ, ఆంధ్రజ్యోతి
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    Golden period of Governance

    1.Modi fans talking about this topic ...halleluaah 2.Kejri chesedi konchem aite modi chese danni emantaru 3.PDP alliance batchey alliances gurinchi enta takkuva matladite anta manchidi
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    CBN In Chennai

    bar dancer enti? ame chesindi waitress ga kada? ala work cheste tappenti? I am seeing so many Indian students working in Restaurants (both boys and girls) now a days in our area. vallani kuda bar dancers ani anali kada mari. This question is for the folks like that cab driver.
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    CBN In Chennai

    Comedy enti ante kontamandi kcr fans untaru ikkada trs-mim kaliste em problem undadu vallaki,tdp em chesina poduchukochestadi ah batch ki 😂
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    naa sodhi :)

    emi ledu cried in my beer ... and it took a couple of days to come out of the hangover ... but, I'm fine Lagada ... endira idi? Intha offtrack emitra Anyway, win is win ... no second guessing. TRS played well and deserves applause ... congratulations TRS (gulp). Like Sai said, ground reality was different ... most of us just didn't see it ... even reasonable minds here succumbed to lagada predictions ... not entirely unreasonable due to his prior record. Life goes on ... you learn and you move on ... Look at it this way ... TTDP was at 0 few months ago ... now we bagged 2 ... that's a win I want to say one thing though ... positive message was never lost though ... stay positive, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. After the fact, those who come here to gloat (I told you so types) ... trust me, they have no conviction. Gaali etu veesthe atu velle type annattu ... vallani pattinchukovalsina avasaram ledu ... let's charge ahead ... this time with some ground level reality (means no more lagada or any other). Silos eppudu untai, we cannot avoid them ... I hope CBN doesn't backtrack on our association with congress. We took a stand, right or wrong ... lets move forward with it. Win or lose, always TDP at heart
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    Devineni uma

    TS ledhu maxxa ledhu.. Vache 1-2 seats kosam arata padaam waste.. avasaram ayinapudu Valle vesukuntaru votes..
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    Kcr ga

    నా మనవడు కూడా ఇంగ్లిష్ మాట్లాడతాడు.. సీఎంను చేసేస్తామా?’’: సోమిరెడ్డి 29-12-2018 19:56:16 అమరావతి: ‘‘నాలుగు ముక్కలు ఇంగ్లిష్ రాదు.. రెండు ముక్కలు హిందీ రాదు. ఢిల్లీలో ఏం చక్రం తిప్పుతారు’’ అంటూ చంద్రబాబుపై కేసీఆర్ చేసిన వ్యాఖ్యలకు ఏపీ మంత్రి సోమిరెడ్డి చంద్రమోహన్ రెడ్డి కౌంటర్ ఇచ్చారు. ప్లే స్కూల్‌కి వెళుతున్న తన మనవడు ఇంగ్లిష్ మాట్లాడుతుంటే.. తాను అర్థం చేసుకోలేపోతున్నానని... అంత మాత్రానా ముఖ్యమంత్రిని చేస్తామా అని ప్రశ్నించారు. చిన్న చిన్న అటెండర్లు కూడా అద్భుతంగా ఇంగ్లిష్ మాట్లాడుతున్నారన్నారు. ‘‘అది కాదు కావలసింది ... మనం మాట్లాడింది అర్థం చేసుకుంటే చాలు. మీరు గొప్ప ప్రసంగీకులు.. ఇంగ్లీష్, హిందీ, ఉర్దూలలో బాగా మాట్లాడతారు. అంతగొప్పగా మాట్లాడే మీరు.. తెలంగాణ ప్రజలకు ఏం చేశారు? ఏం అభివృద్ధి చేశారు? కష్టాల్లో ఉన్న ఏపీ దరిదాపుల్లోకి కూడా రాలేకపోయారు’’ అంటూ తీవ్రస్థాయిలో మండిపడ్డారు.
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    Akhilesh Yadav , Mayawati

    Bhayya.. okati adugutaa. cheppandi. Kukka Bow Bow ani kaakunda vere emaina morugutunda?
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    Kukatpally TDP Meet - 17/12/2018

    spirit of TDP
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    CBN In Chennai

    3 states lo janam ongo pettaru gaaaa adi raise laga n idi fall laaga kanipisthundaaaa pushpalaki