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    Excellent work everyone here

    Hi, I am a huge Andhra development enthusiast and a big fan of CBN. 2 months ago, I am trying to find latest status on 'pulp and paper industry (Rs 20,000 cr) proposed in Prakasam' and nandamurifans db article came on the top of the google search. I read the whole thread of 'CBN promoted list of industries' and many other threads. I have been following every thread in the db for the past 2 months and finally got my access today, thanks to moderators and admin @Kiran. Excellent work by everyone here. Annagaru's many informative posts and compilations on irrigation and industries. Sonykongara , Yaswant526, SaiChandra and other users' news and updates. @AnnaGaru @sonykongara @Yaswanth526 @Saichandra I hope and wish CBN is AP CM for the next 15 years and make AP #1 in India and one of the best in the world.
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    1) PATTISEEMA : Hyd media is scared of reporting these facts ..Andhra got control&benefit Today getting out of sadistic acts we saw just 2-3 years back + AP got total control on krishna river with Pattiseema: KCR 2014,15 "completely emptied N.Sagar into sea" durmargamu ki mugimpu palikamu..That day Kcr saw pulichintala is also not ready and deliberately emptied N.sagar into sea for "sadistic pleasure"...Krishna delta did not had drinking water that year and pleaded not to do that + Total scene reverse with pattiseema: labbar chappal is begging(see last months news) for release of water. .But CBN is not that cheap and doing best for both sides farmers - Khammam&Nalgonda,Krishna d.t west are main looser with the sadistic acts of emptying Sagar in 2014,15....feel sorry for them and they continue to suffer more time 0 - NSP right also suffered but we have solution for next year at least with Godavari diversion...but there is no near future solution for Nalgonda 2) NERADI BARRAGE WIN in srikakulam: Historic Tribunal case win after 5 decades. "srikakulam NERADI barrage" got go-ahead with CBN efforts in Tribunal. This win after so many decades allows 10 tmc usage extra in srikakulam Just within 1 year of court permission CBN govt showed the fruits of this project https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/vijayawada/tribunal-allows-andhra-to-build-neradi-barrage-on-vamsadhara/articleshow/60509129.cms 3) VAMSADHARA_NAGAVALI interlink 4) GALERU-NAGARI: going jet speed and this October looks promising for water release 5) HANDRI: chittor interior phases also close to completion by december....once complete sakshi paper will not have chance to write articles for Anantapur vs chittor 6) VELIGONDA: Sankranti seems promising for 1st phase....idi telise decoit subbi started padayatra rehabilitation ane natakam tho...CBN took over tunnel works and close to completing 7) VYKUNTAPURAM=> NSP right: with just 50 km water diversion this is is the best project in India for 15+ lakh acres under NSP right&Nandigama&JAggayapeta lifts on river side CBN made irrigation look very(ideas of result oriented person) easy with this project design....We can see water just couple of seasons away in NSP dry canals...... 8) PURUSHOTHAMAPATNAM: this lift is complete and eleru reservoir will be filled this season and dry east.godavari has new life....where are those opposers of pattiseema on this ? with pattiseema boomerang crying silent .......Jagan gadiki e project peru ettali antene drops karindi a area padayatra lo....with pattiseema results and purushothampatnam giving same jaffa did not utter word on this lift 9) Anatapur farm ponds: India lone Anantapur any other state kanna ekkuva farm ponds chesindi adi kuda "MNREGA" funds tho ani teliste emai potaro 10) Check dams: MNREGA tho AP highest check dams kattindi india lone....AP govt built 5000 check dams and highest in country 11) NELLORE,sangam barrage: ivi complete chesaru within scheduled time as announced 12) CHINTALAPUDI LIFT: This is almost getting complete and helps in getting more water diverted from godavari towards krishna basi&dry godavari area...... This is giving water to worst krishna&west godavari areas that never saw(struggled) water before Sattupalli/aswaraopeta(telangana)-REddygudem border area farmers are praying they get CBN way of practical solutions&implementations like chintalapudi water that passes just 3 KM away from them.. 13) GUNTUR canal extension to Prakasam east: CBN extended Guntur branch canal from prakasam barrage to interior east prakasam and that helped them do paddy in karemchedu,pratipadu areas 14) ELURU canal from polavaram right direct: cbn govt saw opportunity of giving eluru cacal water direct from polavaram via riverlet(vagu) with just 15 crores. with this direct connection water doesn't come from prakasam but from veerapanenigudeam area(65 km km short travel for water) I may have missed many..... /********************bottom line summary***********************************/ CBN vykuntapuram-nsp project 18 months lo finish cheste 95% of krishna water coming from KA can be used for SEEMA,NELLORE-PENNA,VELIGONDA as we don't need release to sagar anymore( CBN's master stroke to solve AP problems in irrigation) with Vykuntapuram-nsp(yes this will be complete max in 18 months) becoming reality soo,n anything under srisailum(earlier sagar dependent) is serverd with Godavari water where krishna water canals are already there...... That means we control krishna river at srisailum and no shortage even worst years at Srisailum just 5000 crores tho 15+ lakhs acres ki life istu+krishna water save chestunna CBN chesedi dhana yagnam.....samasye ledu addupadali enukante SRISAILUM diguvuna 99% krishna existing canal network (except buggavagu reservoir at starting of sagar) godavari water vastai once vykuntapuram-nsp right complete so we should stop all this and do "kisses to each other" Yatra
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    Whatta great initiative.. Aakali tho unna vaadi kadupu nimpithe oche satisfaction antha intha kaadu... For this alone cbn should come back to power.. Hope they maintain good hygiene daily like they are doing now and that the enthusiasm there at the start doesn't dwindle over time.. Aakali tho unde vaadiki padi items pettadam akkarle.. Pette okka tiffin ayna vaadiki respect ichi, mana equal ga treat chesi pedithe chaalu.. Countless blessings will come
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    Aaa manishi devudu saami, entha kastha paduthunnadu, chinna chinna vaatilo kooda chaala sradha choopisthu prajala/raastram kosam. Grama pachayatheelalo roads vese vishayam lo collectors ki aadesaalu ichaetappudu choosa, "anni cement road lu vaddu, ekkuvaga vahanaalu tiragani janalu nadichae chinna chinna chota gravel tho veyyandi, lepote mokaalla neppulu vasthay". dheentlo sagam chesina telangana lo nethina pettukuni choosthaaru 30 aella raaka, kaani mana raastram kulam, matham ani choosthunnarae thappa entha pani chesthunnadu ani kaadhu.
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    kashmir ni pakistan lo kalapali anukune vallatone potupettukuna party ne support chesina vallu... Congress & tdp party pothu paina enduku kopam... Though i want tdp to contest alone... But i don't understand the logic of their anger 🤔
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    NANDIGAMA,JAGGAYAPETA: YES,NANDIGAMA lo TDP vodipovali endukante vykuntapuram 10 tmc tho total NAndigama drought dry belt towards river that never saw farming will get life... even today these mandals don't get proper drinking water(even though river is just next without water) so we should stop CBN with vykuntapuram barrage all chadarlapadu,vedadri,chintalapdu drought "closed lifts" in nandigama will get life....CBN is giving them hope again with water stored 25 km back from vykuntapuram in river chadarlapadu-vedadri river belt lo 1.5-2 lakhs(2014 before capital) unna "drought" polalu ki life vastundi e roju not just with capital but with barrage so kachitam ga povali MACHERLA: YES, Macherla lo mallo tdp odipovali endukante buggavagu reservoir bagu chesi capacity double chesaru already 350 crores tho MAcherla areas lo highest checkdams kattaru so andukani kachitam ga odipovali..also once godavari water vaste buggavagu reserved for MACHERLA kada so samasye ledu,odinchali SATTENAPALLI: YES, SATTENAPALLI lo tdp vodipolvai endukante vykuntapuram-nsp canal 30% e areas nunchi veltundi and provides 100% water to canal system there.... also e area cheruvu lu kuda connect chestunaru vykuntapuram-nsp lift plan lo so kachitamga odipovali NARASARAOPETA: YES, NARASARAOPETA lo samasye ledu malli odipovali....endukante enda bettina NSP canals ki vykuntapuram-nsp project tho malli manchi rojulu vastai andutlonu NRT ycp mla opposed vykuntapuram-nsp lift and termed it as bogus project CHILAKALURIPETA,Pratipadu,VINUKONDA,PEDUKURAPADU,TADIKONDA(PHIRANGIPURAM,Medikonduru,Pedaparimi NSP CANAL),GUNTUR WEST AND TOTAL(70%) PRAKASAM vitiki easy&practical low cost permanent solution(vykuntapuram-nsp right) istunna cbn meda chillaraga paniki rani vati gurinchi edavali just 5000 crores tho 15+ lakhs acres ki life istunna CBN chesedi dhana yagnam.....samasye ledu addupadali
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    Very good and composed plan frm CBN

    cbn is timid ... cbn bayasthudu ... cbn can't take decision ... cbn is corrupt ... modi no chuste cbn ki ucch ... jagan ni chusthe cbn ni ucch ... kcr ni chusthe cbn ki ucch ... wherever your imagination takes you ... CBN does what he does ... avathalodu modi ayina vadi babu ayina ...
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    A party activist is different from a neutral voter..sometimes we might have to do things which we are not convinced of for our party. In 2009 I got the eligibility to vote for the first time and I was very excited. My mp constituency was vizag. Apudu mahakootami valla MLA ki cpi mp ki tdp contest chesai..avtali pakka Congress nindi Puran... Oka voter ga NTR fan ga aite nenu Puran ki veyali (back then there was not much anti for her in NTR /tdp fans like now) ..also MLA ki communists ki veyatam naku istam ledu. But oka tdp activist ga I chose to vote for tdp for mp and cpi for MLA. Many of you here would have faced similar situations or even tougher ones. I request those people who are opposing the tdp-cong alliance to make peace with it and be with the party in this decision..cader ga manaki tapadu manaki istam lekapoina... I know that cader should also oppose when party is going to take some wrong decision..our leader heard all the opinions and he will make a decision soon..I request all of you (the cader ofcourse ..not the pseudo supporters) to approve the decision no matter what your personal opinions are.. Thanks
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    eeyana AP lo kakunda india lo vere ekkadaina puttunte ye range ki velli vunde vado.
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    @mvs bro, facts tho cehtpunna.....ledu bro wrong info......stop this rumor and clear it from our side.....Don't know how it started...... his father jasti laksminaraya is landlord and lost land land in ceiling....his father was lawyer and NTR best friend even before politics....his father-bandar lawyer&high court judge(alla) were best friends of NTR from 70's.... chalameswar born rich landlord with gold spoon and only son....was closest friend of hari anna(being ntr family friends) and accompanied hari (family relation tho adi kuda) at young age..... chalameswar garu down to earth manishi so eppudu showoff ki ista padadu.....Even today he prefers simplicity and sleeps at his old house(now demolished and started rebuild) when visits his village...... reality teliste kallu tirigi padataru a rumour start chesina vallu ayana background
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    Urban Legend

    Rip Haranna

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    Calling Congress alliance haters

    Congress tho alliance kante daridram kadhu le TRS alliance atleast foundation principle of TDP will survive 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    Jagan broke TV ???

    Around 7 min ...
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    Very good and composed plan frm CBN

    Pakka statelo powerlo unaru can help financially any way and meeku edi correct ante aa decision teskondi ante dentoi mekumproblem em kanipinchidi bayapaddadu anadaniki, KCR laga rankelestha boothulu tidatarani expect chesara ala anukunte that will never happen and that is the reason for admiring him as a statesman
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    tdp vallu antey ok gaani..ee baffas coloring endi ikkada..edo tdp sympathizers laaaga
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    Inka 80s days lo madi kattukoni kurchunte chivaraki cpi and cpm positions ki vastham. This time Congress alliance best option to kill kachara and Modi
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    Urban Legend

    Rip Haranna

    As Minister for Road Transport, Hari Krishna is the first one to introduce Lady Conductors into RTC Bus Services in India with APSRTC.
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    Modi and shah ap ki enta anyayam ayina cheyochu cbn matram calm ga vallu chese anyayanni chustu kurchovala? Intl flights ki permission ivvaru,stopped giving funds to housing project,oka chinna flyover ki permissions delay chestaru,polavaram meeda laksha litigations pedataru,zone repu announce chestam antaru adi kuda undadu,ivanni chesta cbn chusta kurchovala? manam matram pdp tho Alliance pettukovachu danini question cheste matram tappadu ani answer istaru bjp fans,same ikkada kuda anthe state interest ki tappadu
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    Calling Congress alliance haters

    If it is inevitable for party to have alliance with congi..... good bye, tata. Veedukolu party ki i can take anything other than alliance with congi
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    TDP foundation priciple was to fight with indifference's being shown by Center, that time Congress is in Centre. Now Modi & Shah lead BJP is doing more than what Congress done, so we will go with those who are alternatives to this BJP BJP inthaa cheyadaniki reason koda ade kada ekkadiki potharule manam kakapothe elagu Congress tho kalavaleru ani
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    sonykongara AFDB

    evado sonykongara id tho AFDB lo news post chesthunadu adi nadi kadu, konni nenu vesina news copy chesthu,konni tikka tikkaga news post chesthunadu anta,adi navi kadu, kontha mandi na gurichi akkada picchi vagudu vagutunnaru A db lo, ekkuvaga vagakandi, nenu ma brother eddaramu kalasi nfdb lo sonykongara id use cchesukuntunamu, AFDB lo A id tho naku sambandam ledu,kanisam a db ni kuda chudanu..
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    Congrats to Hanuma Vihari

    Kakinada born Hanuma Vihari has become the first Andhra cricketer in 19 years to be picked in India's Test squad, for 4th & 5th Tests in England. MSK Prasad, the former India wicket-keeper, was the last cricketer from Andhra Pradesh to play Test cricket (in September 1999). Among all contemporary cricketers, Vihari has the world's best 's first-class average of 59.45. Steven Smith, the next best, is at 57.27
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    Telangana Alliances??

    BJP replaced Congress in centre Now congress is BJP BJP is congress
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    Sree Ram

    Uae donation to kerala

    Enni rojulu ee conspiracy theories tho kalam gaduputharu uncle? Prapancham mothaniki India ni nasanam cheyyadam okkate pani la endi ee buildups? Manchi pani evadu chesthe enti? Mari daarunam ga thayaru avuthunnaru ga meeru kooda 🤦‍♂️ Ayina pope and uae .. idem combination asalu 🤣🤣🤣 Ivanni enduku? Ide situation Gujarath ki vasthe ilane undeda response? Meeru gunde meeda cheyyi vesukoni avunu ani cheppandi chuddam. Asalu only BJP states thappa verevi evi kanapadava mee modi ki? 🤷‍♂️