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  2. Ycp vaallu cheyyaru CBN chetha chepistaru ..hyd lo kurchuntunnara annarugaa
  3. Janalu oodinchina inka budhi raledhu. Polomani bayaluderadu. Inka adhikaram lo unna anukuntunnara endhi? Eedchi kotti 23 seats ichi 3 months kavasthondhi. Manakendhuku janalu? Krishna Rama anukoni intlo kurchoka or go trips with family or spend time with cousins. Intlo pondhadha eeyanaki?
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  5. What happens when you spit badly on the sky? It may fall late
  6. Arere vachesthunnada bayapadi paripoyadu dhakunnadu hydlo ani start chesare, inko script tho vastaru agandi, ultimate aim is to cry and you cant stop them from doing it in any scenario
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  8. https://www.firstpost.com/india/arbitrary-decisions-by-ys-jagan-mohan-reddy-in-zeal-to-wipe-out-chandrababu-naidus-legacy-alarm-domestic-foreign-investors-in-andhra-pradesh-7172001.html/amp Detailed each and every action and step by Jagan and Co that is threatening investors
  9. He is coming with the same hand today. Ochhi M gudavandi a 4 account lu. Sanja gadu Godavari floods ochinapudu Jerusalem poyadu Krishna floods vachinapudu USA poyadu Pukuna kondellara 23 MLA la tho ne leadership chupistunam ipudu
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/RameshPV2010/status/1163471464579792902
  11. +1 aa tikka naa koduku teesukone decisions valla companies anni bayapadathayi .. govt marithe problem face cheyyalsi vasthademo ani.. anta AP Badluck
  12. Doubt ledu! Edanna Venkanna Mihima!
  13. Pushpams forever AP ni padukobettaru..... with their nexus with Jaffa and meaningless vengeance against CBN!
  14. Em BJP ante velakolam ga unda next time ki individual ga ap lo govt chestadi
  15. Boss you forgot prajasanthi party also..please add it to the list...because of KApaul also TDP lost many votes..they were splitted
  16. Asian Paper and Pulp Withdraws Biggest FDI in Andhra Pradesh Asian Paper and Pulp, a subsidiary of Sinarmas, is one of the largest industrial houses in Indonesia had signed an MOU with Andhra Pradesh Government last year. According to that, APP will invest Rs 24,000 crore ($3.5 billion) in its proposed pulp and paper manufacturing unit at Ravuru in Gudluru Mandal of Prakasam district.It is supposed the single biggest FDI so far in the country. The project with a capacity of 5 million metric tonnes per annum will be the largest unit of APP at a single location. The unit was supposed to come up in 2,471 acres of land and generate 4,000 direct and 12,000 indirect jobs. But then, the project is now dropped.Sources say that Asian Paper & Pulp has taken this decision mainly due to the new policies of the Jagan Reddy’s Government. This will come as a big blow to the new government as it is starting at empty coffers. Unless Jagan can generate revenues and mobilize resources, he will be under tremendous pressure to meet the increasing expenditure due to his election promises.
  17. BJP ki unna 20% vote share ycp ki epinchaaru
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