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  2. Bro Mee matala meeda Naku konchem nammakam ekkuva..so election day you mentioned that east &west confusion lo vunnayu ani.na circle Motham anti CBN, I got information from them as no chances for CBN in East and West..etc..bit worried.after seeing this information I am bit relaxed now.
  3. JANAM vp lu anukuntunnaru asalu emanna drama naaaaaa
  4. Happy Birthday Wishes to World Class Leader CBN
  5. ee lekka demonetization ki impact ayyi pellillu kuda postpone chesukunna vallu Modi cheppuku emainaa raasi picha kottudu kottaalemo roju
  6. Happy Birthday to my Leader.. I feel proud to have a leader like you to our state
  7. Emotion pratee rowdy Naa kodukkki koodaa vuntundi. Visa reddy gaadu ade emotion tho JDL ni keli kaadu eeroju. JD sir gave a slipper shot to his emotion. Emotion dharmam vaipu vuntene Aaa emotion ki gouravam.. Hundaa thaanam untaayi. Ituvanti maatalu ekkinchukogalige burralu kaavule meevi. Continue your ethic less emotions.
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  9. Gudur, Sarvepalli, AtmAkur, nellore Town sureshot ... better chances in kavali and Venkatagiri..... if Muslims votes with Aziz then add Nellore Rural else missed one more shot coz of aadala no chance in sulrpet, Kovur seat kosam 3 poti paditey forst geluvhukuni vachi kaniponchmanimceppi pampadu annta CBN so even they tried their best 50-50 Atmakur doubt anney vallaki malli ceptunna highest majority ee constuency nuvvey nellore highest
  10. Nee estimations కూడా vadulu uncle..
  11. funny. its not UPA that corroded public's confidence in PS banks. Let me ask this ... Indian deposits were like iron clad ... nothing could take it away ... bigger than US treasuries in my little mind ... eventhough they didn't have FDIC type of federal protection. Why do you think that mindset changed? I'm not willing to leave 10 rupees in my account now. Its not far fetched to think of all the corruption in modi govt, may be? I know what you're going to say ... nevermind. Give me your original thoughts, Kiran. I'm not interested in reading recycled nonsense from bjp sm sites.
  12. Coz it’s was CBN mistake bjp alliance valla konni places sudden changes jarigayi addinvallaki kalisi vachindhi
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