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#1313002461 Achievement in 34 months

Posted by seemovie on 05 April 2017 - 09:53 AM

Instead of debating on hearsay, let us spread the positive message in social media and every forum. TDP is doing good job in FB, but very poor on twitter,youtube,blogs,website and whatsapp. This would require crowd-sourcing from supporters, as the party cannot just achieve it thru a central cell.
Below is Just a snapshot of the work done in 34 months:
Farm loan waiver (Rs 10,854 Crore done in 3 installments. 36 Lakh beneficiaries. Rs 3,600 crore allocated this year)
DWACRA loan waiver(2 Installments done) and weavers loan(110 crore benefits 24,000 families)
Increased Pensions by 5 times( Rs 4376 crore per annum. 44 Lakh beneficiaries)
Increased retirement age and Pay revision for employees.
Revamped PDS - Integrated with AAdhar.
Funds to Brahmin and Kapu corporation.
Free LPG connections
Power subsidy for poor - 75 units 
Rural Cement Roads on a massive scale
Top in MNREGA implementation in the country
24*7 power,soon 9 hours daytime for farm sector
Top in solar(about 2GW by end of 2017 in Seema) and wind power generation,
Solar pumpsets for farmers at subsidy
35 national awards .
Krishna and Godavari pushkaram
Chandranna bheema and NTR Vaidya Seva
House-site pattas (title deeds) of below 100 square yards to 30,562 families free of cost in Vizag.
Pattiseema saved krishna delta and max water provided to seema
Muchumarri lift completed
Polavaram streamlined
Purushothapatnam work started
Compensation for pulichintala
HNSS canal widening
Solving polavaram Right main canal issues
Gandikota Reservoir completion and rehabilitation
Bramhamsagar,gollapalli reservoir
Kandaleru lift by May 2017 -30,000 acres
Sangam Barrage,Nellore Barrage work in progress
Capital Land Pooling
Secretariat and Departments moved to AP,Assembly constructed
seed access road and 7 main roads under construction
Educational Institutions constructions started
Master plan in progress
CII Partnership summit investments and MoUs
Foxconn mobile manufacturing(xiaomi and others) at sricity
Venkateswara mobile hub(celkon and others)
Asian paints biggest plant at vizag
Hero group
Ceat,Apollo tyres
Veera Vahana at Anantapur
HCL,vsoft and others at vijayawada
Fintech at Vizag
Millennium Tower by August 2017
Gamesa solar plant in production at Nellore

#1312976428 Aa Rojulu.....malle raavu....

Posted by nvkrishna on 28 March 2017 - 11:57 PM

My musings on the occasion of Telugu Desam foundation day (March 29, 1982)




T.N. Seshan appatiki raaledu...no rules on spending..no rules on mikes...no rules on decorations....no rules on campaign timings..



Jananni thole rajulu kaavu...ayina...meetings..ki lakshala janam....

Vemulapalli Srikrishna raasina...Cheyyetthi Jaikottu Telugoda....ekkada chusia ide paata....




Telugu Desam Pilusthundi...raa...kadali raa...ante.....lakshalu kadilaaru..



Konni vurlaku....mid-night 1-2 ki vatchinaa.....okkaru..kadilithe vottu...


Aaarojulu mallee raavu..







Every year some election......every election is a festival....every election...TDP sweep...

Aaaroju...mallee raavu.....


candidates 10,000 spend chesthe...goppa...aa dabbu kuda karyakarthale...itchevaallu...raajakeyyaallo cheri....dabbu pogottukuavaalle kaai...sampaadichevaallu kaadUUU.

Aaarojulu..mallee raavu...

Oka Chief Miister ni anyaamgaa dinchesaaru....TVs levu...



Aakasavani 1:10 Hyderabad...1:20 Vijayawada vaarthalu...ee news prasaaramaindi..


Anantapur lo...gumpugaa cherina...mahilalanu oka SI/CI thittaadu (vaadini dinchithe meekenduku meaning lo)...Oka mahila thiragabadi..athanni kottindi...rashtram vuppongindi...Central Government digi..vatchindi...

Aaarojulu..mallee raavu...


Indira Gandhi death tharvaatha...country Congress ki guddindi...kaani AP maatram...TDP ki gunddindi...No sentimental politics work before NTR...

Aaarojulu..mallee raavu...

Oke roju...Tirupati lo NTR and Indira Gandhi meetings......Indira meeting ki lakhallo attend ayaaaru.....NTR Tirupati lo enter ayyaadu....Lakshalu NTR meeting vypu vellipoyaaru.... One of the tallest leaders India has ever seen was humbled by NTR.
Aaarojulu..mallee raavu...





Ee Roju evening meeting ayithe...annagaru....next day morning vatchevaallu...okkaru kadilithe vottu...urgent panulunte...poyi chusukovadam...mallee wait cheyadam.... 



Aaarojulu..mallee raavu...



After Independence, Indians never saw such a thing....will never see such a thing.....Fortunate to see such glorious days...
Thank you NTR.




N.T. Rama Rao: A one-man show

By Suman Dubey for India Today...1982
No film star could have hoped for a better script. A sprawling set as vast as a state with complete freedom to wander at will. Legions of adoring fans converted at the mere wave of a hand into a seemingly limitless supporting cast. An audience of millions, restless after years of stale politics and staler politicians, responding readily to an emotional promise of change.
If the whirlwind campaign of Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao (NTR), at 60 the unquestioned idol of the Telugu screen, has more than a touch of the theatrical, it is only because there is something powerfully dramatic about the way he is going about his quest for political power.
Ranging himself across from the galaxy of the Congress(I)'s star campaigners, who with their helicopters and fleets of cars are sparing no effort, NTR confesses to being a one-man show - and while on the move a fairly modest one at that.
From before dawn till late into the night he rides a 40-year-old Chevrolet owned by his Rama Krishan Cine Studios, refitted last August at a cost of Rs 10,000 to serve as a self-sufficient campaign trailer. The coach is preceded, as often as not, only by another coach-load of policemen. Now and then he is joined by other vehicles bearing local candidates, and organisers from his nascent Telugu Desam party, or simply enthusiastic supporters.
"I have had no sleep, no food for the last three days," he said one afternoon last fortnight at the start of his campaign, his voice hoarse from addressing dozens of meetings, big and small, and riding 400 km each day.
Inside the van he sits on an aircraft-style seat, drinking soda and mopping his brow to wipe the sweat and grime of the meeting he has just left, mentally composing himself for the next one. The van is loaded with boxes containing cassettes of his speeches which are distributed to party workers, and copies of his party's manifesto.
Frugally Equipped: Under the bed built to one side are stacked crates of soda-water. Garlands collected from meetings are strewn on the floor. There is an ice-box, and a picnic hamper with fruit. Dressed in khaki bush shirt and slacks, his feet in dusty sneakers, NTR is alerted to an approaching crowd of people by a buzzer sounded by the van driver.
A dab of cologne, a quick glance in the mirror above the van's wash basin, and the portly screen portrayer of gods and goodness climbs an aluminium step ladder, through an open hatch, onto the roof of the coach.
The effect is electric. From nowhere the crowds begin to pour on to the roads. Faces, of men, women and children of all ages, light up as recognition dawns. The coach keeps moving to the venue of the public meeting, and soon it is surrounded by a flowing river of people, running along pell-mell, stretching far behind and ahead of the coach.
Normally falling hours behind his published schedule, NTR has often kept people waiting for hours, sometimes through the night, coming in the morning to meetings scheduled the evening before. But there is little impatience, and none remains as his van heaves into view.
At small towns, waiting crowds hail passing cars and buses, asking for his whereabouts. Jeeps travelling ahead use loudspeakers to forewarn townsfolk of his imminent arrival. His campaign symbol, the bicycle - "Because it is the common man's vehicle and we stand for the common man," he explains - is the most visible of all political signs.
Shopkeepers hoist their own bicycles on top of their shacks. Elsewhere, the party's yellow flags with the symbol painted on in red flutter atop poles, competing for attention with the Congress(I)'s tricolour and spinning wheel, lit up at night.
Practised Performance: In discussion NTR plays down his cinema image as a factor in his campaign. "Where is the image," he asks in brief snatches of conversation in between meetings, "I am completely black (with sunburn), there is no glamour, this dress I'm wearing is ordinary. No, it is the faith of the people." But that doesn't tell the whole story.
Years of film acting have left an indelible mark on the man. In gesture or body language, NTR is an accomplished performer. Whether it is the flick of a hand or a turn of his shoulders to emphasise a point, the practised skill is evident. And his campaigners use large cut-outs of NTR as Lord Krishna heaped with garlands at important vantage points. It is a role he has often played and the identification is complete.
"That is why the people put their hopes on me," he says by way of explanation. "I've portrayed lots of divine characters, so they believe I will do what I promise, that if NTR comes to power there won't be corruption."
NTR offers no palliatives, no solutions. But his message is direct, and aimed at the Telugu heart. He speaks of the persistence of poverty in spite of nearly four decades of independence, of Telugu honour which is trampled upon because Delhi appoints and topples chief ministers at will, of the Telugu language and its neglect, of the need to give property rights to women, of inflation, costs, fees which deny poor people education and medical help.
And to the delight of his inflamed audiences he ridicules MLA'S who "are happy if they get a vehicle with a flag, a phone, a bungalow and are not bothered about anything else. Do MLA'S ever come back and ask you if they can solve your problems? They take votes and go and sit in MLA quarters in air-conditioned rooms, drink and play cards. Is this why you sent them there?" NTR is hampered by the lack of an orgaoisation, but relies completely on a strong personal charisma.
Powerful Rapport: The tension he builds with his impassioned oratory keeps his crowds cheering and rapt. Roadside meetings scheduled to last a few moments extend into minutes. A scheduled 15-minute speech is prolonged to 45. And his arrivals and departures are chaotic. "I did not come here for power," he says in his parting words, "I did not come here for money. I did not come here for status and prestige. I enjoyed all this and more. I came here as a sanyasi to follow you. I have earned money. I have earned status. And all because you gave it to me. I want to do something in return and serve you. Vote for the Telugu Desam candidate. I hope he will not disappoint you, but if he does we will throw him out with all dishonour."
And as the cavalcade moves on, there is again bedlam. The river of people again begins its unsteady flow. Flowers and garlands cascade on to the coach. A young woman's face breaks into a disbelieving, shy smile as he flings a garland in her direction. Slowly the crowds ebb, and the young men running along with the van fall behind.
The catcalls and whistles grow softer, and NTR returns to the cavernous van that is his home for three weeks. Will this emotion translate into votes? "Why not? You saw how they feel for me," he says impassively. That remains to be seen but it is a question being asked anxiously all over the state.







Butchery of democracy'
By skilfully demonstrating before President Zail Singh in full glare of publicity that he continues to enjoy majority support in Andhra Assembly, Rama Rao managed to "nationalise" his unjust ouster from power. He spoke to Senior Editor S. Venkat Narayan from his hospital bed. Excerpts: 
S. Venkat Narayan
September 15, 1984
There is something of the wounded tiger about the man, a sick and wronged Goliath bound in chains. At least that is the image Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, deposed chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, successfully managed to project last fortnight. By skilfully demonstrating before President Zail Singh in full glare of publicity that he continues to enjoy majority support in the Andhra Assembly, Rama Rao managed to "nationalise" his unjust ouster from power. No other chief minister has ever thought of doing this. Only a film star-turned-politician could have produced an act of sheer cinematic ingenuity. In the course of three eventful days in New Delhi, he occupied centre-stage and aroused a sense of moral outrage throughout the land.
Playing with the pride of the former matinee idol of the Telugu screen may well prove to be Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's most serious act of folly since the imposition of the Emergency in 1975. The price for this may be as high.
Shortly before returning to Hyderabad on August 23, Rama Rao spoke to Senior Editor S. Venkat Narayan from his hospital bed. Excerpts from the exclusive interview:
Q. Desperate attempts are being made to wean away some MLA's from your group to help Nadendla Bhaskara Rao prove his majority in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly. How confident are you of all the 162 MLA's who came to Delhi staying with you in a critical situation? 
A. They are with me till now, in spite of serious attempts to snatch them away. Our party came to power to serve the people, not to crave for money or positions of power. Some of my erstwhile colleagues could not live up to the noble intentions with which we formed the Telugu Desam - they have gone away. The others are with me. If the Assembly is convened without any further delay, I am confident of proving my majority.
Q. Even if Bhaskara Rao is unable to prove his majority, the governor may not invite you to form the Government. What will you do then? 
A. That again would be further butchery of democracy.
Q. The opposition parties have rallied behind you on this issue as never before in India's parliamentary history. Will this eventually unite them to fight against the Congress(I) in the coming Lok Sabha election? 
A. Definitely. This is the finest example of what we can achieve if we are united. Now we are all together. We have come to the conclusion that we should fight unitedly in order to win the next Lok Sabha poll.
Q. Do you think Mrs Gandhi will postpone the general election by six months or a year in view of the adverse reaction your unfair dismissal has evoked throughout the country? 
A. I cannot say anything about this. All I can say is that the people are wise. They can tell who is playing dirty and give them the punishment they deserve.
Q. It is said Mrs Gandhi was alarmed by your efforts to unite the opposition parties. Is this why you think she got you sacked? 
A. A human being's failures must make him or her wise, not unwise. This is not the way to tackle one's adversary. People now know the dirty tricks the Congress(I) has been employing to throw out non-Congress(I) governments in Andhra Pradesh and other states, the games the party is playing to grab power, and the enormous sums of money it is spending to engineer defections to pull down perfectly stable governments. Mrs Gandhi is an experienced and wise lady. I do not expect her to underestimate the people's wisdom.
Q. Whether you regain the chief ministership or not, will you contest in the Lok Sabha election? 
A. Yes. We will take on the Congress(I) in straight fights throughout the land. Whichever opposition party is strong in a particular area should be allowed to field its candidates against the Congress(I) to ensure victory.
Q. Only you had delegated authority to your colleagues, say by making Bhaskara Rao your Number Two man, do you think things would not have come to such a pass? 
A. There is only Number One in Telugu Desam and that is NTR. There is no Number Two in my party. All the others are equal and they are treated as such.
Q. The fact remains that at least one-third of the Telugu Desam MLA's who won the election primarily due to your charisma have now deserted you. What went wrong? 
A. Temptations are the common failures of any man. So many great people have succumbed to them. In politics, weakness for money and power plays a deadly role. It was one such thing that happened to some of my colleagues.
Q. You don't think they left because of certain shortcomings in you? 
A. I treated and respected them all as equals. They treat me as their elder brother and I treat them accordingly.
Q. Your critics acknowledge your charisma but complain that you have yet to master the art of keeping your flock together. Your domineering personality and your style of running the Government and dealing with people makes people, particularly MLA's and civil servants, uneasy. 
A. I am a simple and straightforward man with certain principles which I try to follow. For me politics is dedication to the development of the country and not cheating and intrigues.
Q. Has the abrupt dismissal disheartened you? Will you give up politics and go back to the film industry or will you take up the challenge and fight back? 
A. I am not a coward and I am not a man who takes things lying down. I am ready to face any situation, however adverse, with a stout heart - never mind the bypass surgery! I accept no defeat. There's no question of my going back, particularly at a time like this. I shall fight back like a man.





#1377844 NTR... Best of the Best

Posted by HarshaNTR on 26 January 2010 - 04:46 PM

My Request to everyone

Yevariki ilanti videos dorikina... ee thread lo post cheyamdi plz... so that anni ee thread lo permanent ga untayi, so that everyone can download at any time, and even we can use them for further use....

Industry mottam NTR.. NTR ani japam chestunna ee time lo....

of course mee andariki telise undocchu... teleani vaallu telusukondi... ippati varaku.. Industry lo "NTR... The Best" ani cheppina, cheptunna valla list...

Take a look...

Heroes list:

Uppu sobhana chalapathi rao garu(sobhan babu)- I think no need to mention.. aayana media ki icchina last interview lo he mentioned "He likes TARAK most in the present generation" ani...

Krishna garu - The great actor and super star of telugu cinema Natasekhara Krishna garu expressed in Jayapradam show "NTR is the great and energetic hero in the present generation in telugu film industry"...

Salman-khan - Mr. Salman Khan appreciates our NTR in a TV show"


Nagarjuna - (1) "Tarak is like my elder son" - accident time lo...

(2) Tarak is amazing performer either dance wise, acting wise.. whatever it is.. he has extra-ordinary energy levels ("Don" time lo, MAA TV show lo)

(3) Recently in a TV interview nagarjuna revealed that he likes NTR acting in the present generation...

(4) In a special Interview given by Nag to Jayapradam talk show in Local TV once again he opened up his mind and said "He love Tarak's acting, dancing and said he is jus fantastic.."

(watch @ 4:20)

Jagapathi babu - (1) accident time lo.... ilaane chepparu.. "tanakentamma... tiger... yeppudu baguntadu" ani chepparu

(2) "NTR is my favorite actor in this generation" ani chepparu smitha talk show lo...

(3) In a recent TV interview named "close encounter with SUZY" @ TV9., the actor Jagapathi babu said "NTR is a star among the resent generation.."

Rajendra Prasad garu & AVS garu- I think 2007 ugadi ki rajendra prasad garu and NTR were invited as special guests for some function in Ballari, Karnataka lo.. aa time lo Rajendra Prasad garu, AVS garu "NTR is the best performer in the present generation ani... ani stage meedhe chepparu, may be ballari vallaki baaga telisi undocchu...


Posani krishna Murali - Posani krishna Murali said he like NTR in present generation..

Gopichand - "NTR ante naku chala istam" ani ee roju TV 9 show lo cheppadu ga... NTR acting lo fire vuntundi ani...

Arjun - "In a recent Interview given to a popular News channel he answered he likes NTR, when the question is all about if arjun gets chance to direct in telugu whom does he select??"

check out the video.. watch @ 0:40

Varun Sandesh - "I like Jr. NTR garu very much.. I love his dance and he is great great great actor...." ani happy days release ayyaka MAA TV live show lo cheppadu...

Ali - "In a recent TV interview Ali expressed his views on NTR as Alrounder...

JD chakravarthy - "NTR has extra-ordinary energy levels and i think he is the best actor in the present generation" ani smitha talk show lo chepparu...

Prakash Raj - Prakash Raj about NTR

MS Narayana - MS Narayana about NTR in an interview to Sakshi

Rajeev kanakala - Yemdi saami idi kuda nene cheppala???

Naresh - Yamadonga taruvata oka interview lo chepparu "NTR is the one and only performer who can perform any kind of roles ani".. i saw this video in andhravilas.com

Brahmanandam - general ga movies lo tappa bayata functions ki, success meets ki peddaga raaru... kani "ee budathadu tho act cheyadam samanyamaina vishayam kadu, comedy lo nanne minchi poyadu" ani antha pedda compliment ichaaka... inka yem matladutam..

Kota srinivas rao garu - "NTR is the best actor in the present generation and i like him very much" ani smitha talk show lo aayane chepparu...

Ram - Devdas time lo cheppadu... "NTR ante chaala istam ani, devdas ki tanani hero ga select chesinappudu tanani first narasimhudu shooting lo vunna NTR ki chupincharani.." monna ee madhya Ram tana blog nundi mana DB member okariki reply vachindi ani... and i think few days back mana DB lo kuda aa DB member thread vesaru "Ram is fan of NTR" ani...
Ram tweets about Tarak in twitter..


Nithin - Nithin said NTR is the best dancer and he loves NTR's dance, and there is grace in his dance...

Karthi(tamil actor) - Karthi, brother of tamil actor surya said that he admires NTR’s dance.


Vishal - Salute audio release ki VV Vinayak, NTR guests kinda vellaru.. appudu vishal cheppinattu gurthu... "NTR ante tanaki chala istam ani... NTR Rakhee movie lo buddodi performance tanu 25 times chusanu ani...."

Siddarth - chala sarlu, including bommarillu interviews and functions lo kuda... "NTR is superb performer and his close friend in tollywood" ani...

Siddarth tweets about tarak in twitter...



and once again e revealed that he is a huge NTR fan and NTR is like his younger brother.. watch this video...

Charan - The new actor and son of Mr. Chiranjeevi said "NTR is best dancer in telugu cinema in the present generation.."

Vamshi - Mr.Vamshi(done paidithalli character in happydays movie), the upcoming character artist said that he is the fan of NTR.. he wrote this in his twitter page...


Raghu(Raviteja younger brother) - He said "he likes NTR a lot" in a TV program "Nuvvu-Nenu" telecasted by Gemini TV... watch the video @ 0:30

Heroines list:

Jayasudha- (1) The well known actress Jayasudha garu in a recent TV interview revealed she likes NTR in younger generation...

(2) And once again in the recent TV program "Jayapradam" in TV interview She said "NTR will be the King of Tollywood after 10 years"

(question asked at 2.41 min and Jayasudha garu answered at 4.35)

(3) Jayasudhra garu in dil se program with sakshi...

Kushboo - In a recent TV program "Dil se" by sakshi TV "When anchor asked Kushubo about her wish from long time She replied "She is great huge fan of Tarak and asked them to get an autograph of him", immediately they took her to tarak and got it.. Tarak said he feels so proud that a famous actress like Kushubo asked his autograph and it is his pleasure to act with her in his movie Yamadonga and also will act in future if there any chance..

watch the video @ 9:00 minutes



Radhika - In a recent Interview with Jayaprada, radhika expressed her views on NTR and sai NTR is brilliant than mahesh and Charan..

watch the video @ 6:30

Shradda Das - In an interview to a website, she revealed NTR is her dream actor to work with in Tollywood. The below are the website links and screenshots.


Posted Image

Rambha - In a recent Interview given to Sakhsi Rambha expressed her views that she likes NTR a lot.. NTR's dance is amazing... He is awesome.. If someone ask her to pick one amond Micheal Jackson and NTR.. she votes for NTR...

check out the video @ 36:00



here is youtube URL

Anushka - (1) After Arundhati released.. oka interview lo... "I like NTR's Performance.., I think NTR is amazing performer... he can really deliver his dialogues very well and dance i think no need to mention.. he is very good.. " ani arundhati release ayyaka oka interview lo cheppindi..

(2) When anushka faced a question "who she will prefer if she got chance to act Ram charan and tarak??" with in her recent Interview to local TV for a program jayapradam.. she answered she will prefer to act with tarak

check out the video...

Ileana - (1) "Tarak is the great actor and best performer" - dil se show, sakshi TV

(2) "Tarak is the best actor" - special interview with TV9

(3) "Tarak lo manchi fire vundi..." - Interview in Sakshi NewsPaper


Genelia - Genelia said... "Tarak is the absolute rockstar of the tollywood" she said this in twitter and also added "Tarak is the absolute rockstar of the twitter too..." as finished touch...


Kajal - "Tarak is the best performer and dancer" - special inteview with TV9

"Kajal about tarak in TV9 studio"

kasthuri - "Of the lot... my favorite hero now-a-days is NTR, i really like him, i think he is so awesome.. i do like everyone... but i like NTR best.. I relly like NTR.. I really like him and i like his movie Yamadonga so much and i think he really looks cute..."

Tanisha Mukharjee - She said that NTR is very good and very talented and she has never seen such a great dancer in India.. She said that she likes Jr NTR...

Hansika - Hansika tweetd about tarak in twitter that he is a gem of person..


Samantha - (1) The latest sensation samantha said "NTR is a great actor, he is so sweet and down to earth" in a special TV program...

(2) She also tweeted in twitter about tarak's performance...


(3) In twitter, when I asked her about Tarak.. she replied as.. Tarak is director's delight...


(4) In a recent press meet she said "working with Tarak is inspiring and theer is no question of second take for him.."

(5) In a special Interview given to AP largest circulated "Eenadu" samantha described Tarak (NTR) as "Presne leni Samadhanam vunte adi NTR okkade".. here is the full interview for you...

Samantha's Interview to Eenadu News Paper

(6) And again in a special Interview given to Eenadu on sep 19th 2010 she said about NTR like this..


(7) Samantha about tarak in TV9 studio

(8) Samantha about NTR in a special interview to Eenadu sunday book...

See the Ebook image file here

(9) Samantha in an interview to popular news daily Eenadu


Sheela - ee madhya ye websites chusina, TV chusina, Paper chusina... aa ammayi cheppe oke oka mata "NTR is the best performer in Tollywood" ani...


Anitha(Marocharitra-2010 fame) - Gemini channel lo "nuvvu-nenu" ane oka program ki special vachinappudu she told that NTR is his favorite actor...

Kamna Jetmalani - ee ammayi industry ki vachinappati nunchi cheptundi "NTR is my favorite actor and I like him very much.." ani,...

Sameera reddy - (a)"She said that NTR is best actor and his dance is better than hrithik's ani cheppindi, (i think almost andariki telise untundi kada, but i agree with her words, i don't think hrithik will perform bharathanatyam and these types of classical dance...) and
(b)she also said that NTR is the Future TDP star and he has that capacity to rule Andhra Pradesh..."

Sidhura Gadde- In a prominent channel, she told that she would like to act with NTR and she said we should really appreciate NTR

Keerthi chawla - Keerthi chawla, his romantic interest in his movie Aadi, told that NTR helped her a lot when she is new to the industry, and she said that acting with NTR is a great experience and i can never forget in my life ani...

Directors list:

Darskaratna Dasari Narayanarao garu - aayan, rakhi nunchi almost yekkada chusina okate maata ... "NTR is the best perormer in the present generation" and aayana NTR tho movie teeyali ani kuda anukuntunnaru ani chala talks vunnai.. don't know how far they are true..

Ram Gopal Varma - (1) "NTR is the best performer now in tollywood" - samba time lo oka maganize ki cheppinattu gurthu...
(2) "Telugu lo movie teesthe adi NTR thone" - phoonk ki TV9 special interview lo

(3) "surely NTR tho cinema teestha... i cannot say when, but i will" - recent ABN interview

VV Vinayak - idi kuda cheppala????

SS Rajamouli - idi kuda cheppakarledu kada.... Adhurs Audio function lo 5 mins tanu ichina speech chalu buddodu ante tanaki yenta istamo cheppadaniki..

for a small example., SSR in a recent interview "open heart with RK" given to ABN Andhrajyothi., he revealed that both of them (tarak and SSR) enjoy working together and that gives them lot of happiness and also he said "he rates tarak high as an actor"

check out the video..

Krishna Vamsi - Mahatma release taruvata Rajamouli tho oka special program lo chepparu "NTR is the best performer.. Fantastic performer.. tana performance ni enjoy chestam..." ani..


and rakhee time lo aithey oka MAA TV program lo tarak good actor ani mundhe telusu kani... tarak lo oka power vundi ani matram shooting chestunte ardam ayyindi.. " ani

krishnavamsi about ntr in another interview

Tell us about NTR's performance.

He is simply superb. He has lot of talent and potential. It is probably the divine factor that Peddayana (late NTR) delegated his onscreen talent to this NTR. I see a great actor in him. He has lot of that youth in him. That probably makes him go for some unintentional mischevious things but he
will make it very big in future. I used to be stunned on sets at his spontaneous performance. He is a born actor.

Also, I only knew a good dancer in him until this film. But you know he is a very good singer too. He has fluency in at least 5-6 languages.

Complete interview kosam



Meher Ramesh - chala sarlu chepparu... "NTR is the best performer" ani.. and tanaki life ichindi kuda buddode...don't forget that..

Surender reddy - "Tarak anna is the fantastic performer, alanti vallu manaku dorakadam tollywood chesukunna adrudhtam, kani directors are not using him to the fullest... sarigga use chesukunte charitra srushtinchocchu" ani oka MAA TV program lo chepparu

Vishnu Vardhan- Tamil Billa director vishnu vardhan in an interview to a popular news daily expressed his views about NTR and said he wanna direct NTR


EVV Satyanarayana garu - Rakhee time lo, rakhee movie chusi NTR is great actor and he is the best performer and in rakhee he gave the best performance till now ani compliments icharu...

Mullapudi Vara (Na alludu fame)- NTR ki huge fan

Vamsi Paidipally- I think Brindaavanam taruvata Vamsi Paidipally will also become a huge NTR fan.. and he should thank Tarak.. oka flop director ki oka sensational hero chance icchi encourage chesinanduku...

Producers list:

Kodali nani & Vamsimohan - idi kuda nenu cheppala????

D.Ramanaidu & Suresh babu (suresh productions) - public lo cheppaledu anukuntunna, but they have great affection towards tarak and they are trying to remake sensational hit "Ramudu-Bheemudu" in which tarak will be doing as hero...

Murali Mohan (Jayabheri banner) - so many times he said that "NTR is the best performer in telugu cinema who can perform all kind of roles" and chala years nunchi Buddodi tho SSR direction lo movie teeyadaniki waiting...

Aswinidutt(Vyjayanti movies)- Kantri nunchi NTR ante chala istam... Tarak paina oka range lo abhimanam vundi aayanku.. I think same producer same banner lo same hero tho continuously two movies produce cheyadam idhe first time anukuntunnanu... "kantri", "shakti".. "shakti paina chala confident ga vundi entire team..., aswinidutt garu aithey records tiraga raastam ani script finalize avvakundane cheppesaru.."

Nallamalupu bujji - idi yenta cheppina takkuve... kevalam bujji gari kosam buddodu "chintakayala ravi" lo guest appearance ichadu.. bujji ki sambhandham lekapoyina tana movies pakkana petti "Adhurs" production lo oka backbone ayyaru.... inta kanna yem cheptham... tanaki tarak ante yenta istamo.. akkade ardam ayyipothundi

Valluripalli Ramesh(Ashok fame) - A huge nandamuri fan...

Rajamouli & cherry (Viswamitra creations) - idi kuda cheppala????

KL Narayana(rakhee fame, durga arts) - chala sarlu chepparu... "NTR is the best actor in the present generation" ani....

Gunnam Gangaraju(Just yellow)- nenu cheppedi yemundi.. monna Adhurs function lo aayane cheppesaru ga....
oka NTR vunte full entertainment... double NTR vunte diuyblu entertainment..." ani

Dil Raju (venkateswara creations)- "Aadi" movie tho life pondina valla lo Dil raju okaru... anduke tana 1st movie "Dil" vinayak tho theesaru... Dil nunchi NTR tho movie teeyadaniki try chestunnaru... ippatiki kudirindi...

Other Technicians:

Devi sri prasad(Music Direcor)- "I am a huge fan for Tarak's dance" ani rendu mudu sarlu public functions lo cheppadu..

M M Keeravani (Music director)- ayana chala sarlu chepparu yamadonga time lo... NTR is the best and ultimate actor in this generation ani...

Prabhudeva(choreographer)- 1st time buddodiki "samba" lo title song compose chesina taruvata.. buddodi performance chusi oke okka maata annaru Vinayak tho "Next 30 years NTR will rule Tollywood" ani.. ee vishayam direct ga vinayak oka TV channel ki ichina interview lo chepparu...

Kona Venkat(story writer)- cheppakarledu...

Chinni krishna - tanu cheppalsina di antha "adhurs" audio function lo cheppesaru.. balayya tanaki life icharu ani... peddayana tho pani cheyaleka poyame ane digulu, badha vunna vallaki aa devudu ichina varam ee chinna NTR ani.. yeppudu NTR chance istaada ani wait chestunnanu ani... antha kanna best compliment bahusa vundademo...

chota k naidu(cinematographer)- yeppudu tarak gurinchi matladina na bangaram, na nanna ani chala affectionate ga pilustaru... "Tarak is ultimate actor.. NTR oka encyclopedia" annaru.. great compliment...

Karunya(singer)- " NTR garu is great performer and I am very thankful to him who encouraged me and gave me first chance in film industry" ani ashok release ayyaka ichina oka interview lo cheppadu...

Prem Rakshit(choreographer)- yenta cheppina takkuve... buddodu tanaki life ichindi "nachore" step tho... atanu buddodiki yenta fan ante... tana website lo www.premrakshith.com lo home page lo Buddodi bomma pettadu... aa vishyam pakkana pedithey tanaku life ichina buddodini devudu laaga baavistadu....

chandrabose, vakkamtham vamsy, senthil kumar, ram jogayya sastry, krishna bhagavan, raju sundaram... ila cheppukuntu pothey pedda list avuthundi...

Finally antha mandi anni compliments ivvadaniki Buddodi talent, helping nature, humbleness etc etc.. oka reason aithey...

peddayana buddodiki icchina powerful weapon "NTR" ane three letters inkoka reason...

idhantha chustunte... no doubt, i am sure, next 30 years industry lo tarak havaa nadustundi, will be no.1...

again anna gari varam NTR is gonna Rule Tollywood for the next 30 Years......

Any Doubts????????????

NOTE: ee kinda red color lo vunna lines mana DB ki guest appearance iche valla kosam...

i can provide all the videos that i mentioned above with explanation, youtube lo ki velli paina cheppina names ki ntr ni add chesi search kottandi... videos vastayi.. pandaga chesukondi.. almost all videos available in youtube...


Click here

#1308998361 Donation For Lasya

Posted by Peter Griffin on 15 May 2013 - 05:35 PM

She is Suffering with Scoliosis, This is the Spine Curve with 80degrees angle, She Requries to surgery for every six months...... Till Her 11years
Attached her Photo and Cost Sheet(Estimated by Kamineni hospitals)

US Donor's Please PM me I will Forward my Bank Of America Details


Indian Donor's Mana Db member YASWANTH ki PM cheyandi he will send you his bank details so that we can avoid transaction fee and conversation(rupee to dollar and dollar to rupee) rate too.



Yaswanth profile Link -----http://www.nandamuri...14347-yaswanth/






Mana DB Member valla cousin valla papa. Papa valla family poor anta. Mannam andaram kalisi thala konchem kinda help chesthe papa life set avuthadi



Donation Link http://www.nandamuri...a-helping-hand/



US Donor's Please PM me I will Forward my Bank Of America Details



naa BOFA KI transfer chesi valla list ekkada vesthanu



Raghuram(vijay_678)  - 50$


Suresh (balayyatheking)  - 100$


Sandeep (Taraka Mantram)  - 50$


Venkat Pasham (PashamPrasad) - 100 $


Boyapati Naresh ( Boyapati N) - 50 $

Radhakrishna Nallamalla (Nataratna)  - 25 $


Ranjith Konijeti (ranjitk9) - 50 $


Yaswanth(india) account ki vachinavi ekkada update chestha 


Kalyan chakravarthy ( ntr_jai) - 5000 Rs


Mallevarapu Rama Siva Karthik - 5387.64 Rs 




Eppati dakka around 2255 $ collect inavi $1255 from NFDB and 1000 $ from  Telugu Thammulu DB.


I specially thank Sandeep (Tarakamantram) for taking initiative and collecting 1000$ from TTDB  :flower:


Donor's anndariki  :adore:

#2400885 Site Policy Changes - Reg. External Sites

Posted by Kiran on 27 January 2011 - 10:19 PM

Following decisions taken by NFDB SUPPORT TEAM MEMBERS

Regular External Sites-

For Posting News/Text - Matter followed by website link

For gallery/images/video - At-least 1 pic followed by Website link

Posting forum links for news/gallery/image/video/other content - Not allowed

Should be Google Adsense Approved sites

N-Hero related Sites-

For Posting News/Text - Matter followed by website link

For gallery/images/videos - Website link to gallery/video enough

Posting forum links for news/gallery/image/video/other content - Not allowed

Threads will be removed or edited if these rules are not followed.

Also content vese mundhu make sure that you read the content. Any -ve content on n-heroes/rumors will be removed and member to be warned.

Emi content vesina source compulsory veyandi.

#1312992105 2019 - 33 minister ki chance

Posted by paruchuriphani on 02 April 2017 - 05:14 AM

2019 lo TDP geliche chance vunda? What did TDP done in last 3 years to retain power? As of now 40% chance to come back to power.


Polavaram, Railway Zone to Vizag, Steel Plant in Rayalaseema, Kapu BC reservations etc... will decide TDP fate in 2019.


Bro...maadi Krishna Jilla maa Villages lo motham anni cement roads vachayi chivariki gudallo kuda . roads motam expansion jarugutundi.


nenu puttina taruva mana state lo 24hrs power eppudu chudaledu. asalu chudagalama anukunna. CBN 24hrs power ichi chupinchadu. citys lo anni led bulbs vachesayi.


maaku 1.5lks runamafi jarigindi. maa relatives andariki runamafi jarigindi. maa village lo 99% runamafi jarigindi.


ee year maaku pattisema nundi water raaka pote motam rendu pantalu nasam ayyi vundevi.


maa Village lo andaru old people ki 1000 istunnaru.


maa akka valdaki meeseva vundi nenu kuda free time lo kurrchuntanu 75units kanna takkuva current bills vache sc st  valdaki free.  


nenu last month 15 honda aviator konnanu registration motam online .  ila motam anni online ayyipoyayi.


polavaram anta fast ga kadutunnaru...desam ee project kuda inta fast ga jaragaledu. jaragadu kuda.


Vizag lo Tufan vachinappudu. CBN kakunda vere valdu CM ga vunte asalu aa paristiti gurinchi alochinchataniki kuda bayapadali.


2.5yeras lone motam administration AP ki tisukuvacharu.


nenu monna oka MI mobile konna pack meeda aa phone AP lo chesru ani vundi. 


AP lo Vunna BuS station ni chudandi . eppudanna asalu oka busstand ni manam ala vuhinchukunnama. best Ex: Vijayawada,Guntur,Tirupati 


inka ila cheppukuntu pote chalane vunnayi ivanni just in the span of 3 years. adi kuda 14000cr deficit vunna state lo.


ivanni okka CBN matrame cheyyagalaru.people ki ivemi avasaram ledu maaku caste religion and place ee kavali anukunte inka valda karma evadu emi cheyyaledu....

#1313022607 1989-1994 Babu gaaru.......Can Lokesh do it now?

Posted by nvkrishna on 11 April 2017 - 03:51 AM

Party assembly elections lo vodipoyindi. Lok Sabha polls lo just 2 seats (Narsapur & Bobbili).


NTR Assembly ki kuda raavadam maanesaaru...



Morning 8-9 ki chinna box lo....curd rice....tho party office ki raavadam...



9 AM ki modalaithe.....Night 8-9 PM ki mugisevi......(30-60 minutes gap in the afternoon for that "curd rice lunch")



Discussing with leaders about party strategies in Assembly..



Meeting party activists....guidance on local issues/elections......advising on legal/personal things... even though he was not in a position to do development works.





Ex. 1989-90....maa vuru vaallu velithe..used to ask about things. By 92-93, he used to call them by name...



same thing with top activists of more than 20,000 villages....




That helped him a lot during 1995 August episode time...That also helped him to have a ringside view of each and every village in AP. That also helped  him to have in-depth idea about party leaders, officers etc...




If Lokesh can do that now....good for him and party...One has to sacrifice everything in life for that......not easy.

#1312544206 CBN promoted list of AP industries

Posted by LuvNTR on 16 August 2016 - 04:52 PM

These are the industries pursued by chandra babu naidu from 2014 aug. All of the industries are given clearances, land, approvals in bi weekly SIPB board meeting of andhra pradesh with Chandrababu naidu as a chair. He intensively pursued them by weekly monitoring the approval progress, land clearances, power infrastructure set up, water infrastructure set up etc key points.




Blue - Construction Phase, Green - Completed. 


Click on the company to go to the main news article.


Auto Sector


ISUZU - Satyavedu mandal, Chittoor (sri city) - 3000 Cr - 3000 jobs (original MOU b/w CBN & ISuzu).
Hero Moto Corp - 10 lac units of motorcycles - Chittoor - 1600 Cr - 5000 jobs (Construction Start Link).
Bharat Forge - Auto Components Unit - Nellor - 1200 Cr - 3000 jobs.
Kalyani/Gerdau Steel - Tadipatri - Anantapur - 1000 Cr -  2000 jobs
Ashok Leyland - Body Building & Components- mallavalli, krishna - 1000 Cr - 1500 jobs

Breaks India Ltd (TVS) - Menakuru, Nayudupet, Nellore - 150 Cr -



Vittal Innovation City (GVIC) - Electronics manufacturing city similar to guangzou in china - Lepakshi, Anantapur - 5000 Cr - atleast 5000 jobs. 
Essel Infra - Chittoor - 3000 Cr - atleast 2000 jobs.
Essel Infra/GCL - Visakhapatnam - 10000 Cr - atleast 15000 jobs.

Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) - Palasamudram, Anantapur - 500 Cr - 300 jobs atleast. Official Release

Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL, Speciality devices, Nightvision equipment) - Nimmaluru, Krishna - 300 Cr - 200 jobs.




DRDO unit - Kurnool - 1000 Cr - 




Gamesa - Turbines - IFFCO Kisan SEZ, Nellore - 1000 Cr - 1000 jobs.
Hareon - PV cells/panels - Achyutapuram, Visakhapatnam - 1188 Cr - 1200 jobs.
Hareon/Renew Solar - Power plant - Kurnool - 150 Cr - 100 jobs.
Longi - Solar Cells, Satyavedu, Chittoor - 1500 Cr - 1000 jobs.
Trina solar - Solar cells, Achyutapuram, Visakhapatnam - 2800 Cr - 3500 jobs.
Petronet LNG ltd. - JV with Gangavaram Port for LNG terminal - 4500 Cr - may bring 5000 jobs but all clearnces were given but still asking more subsidies every 3 months.

Universal Coke & Power ltd - Nellore - 725 Crores - 1525 Jobs.



Berger Paints -  Expansion Unit at Hindupur, Anantapur - 500 Cr - 750 jobs (note - Hindupur city has already operation unit of berger paints started from 2014).
Asian Paints - Pudi, Visakhapatnam - 1818 Cr - 2000 jobs. 


British Paints - Gollapuram Ind. Park, Hindupur, Anantapur - 



Pfizer/Hospira - Visakhapatnam - 2500 Cr - 1500 jobs.

Aurobindo - Naidupet(Nellore), Visakhapatnam - 300 Cr - 1000 Jobs.

Reddys - Duvvad SEZ, Visakhapatnam 

Divis Labs - Kakinada - 500 Cr - 1000 jobs



Infrastructure Companies

Jai raj Ispat ltd. - Orvakal, Kurnool - 3000 Cr - 1000 jobs

Red son Seamless Tubes pvt ltd (steel tubes) - Nellore - 508 Cr - 500 jobs.
Ultratech Cement (Adithya Birla Group)- Dachepalli, Guntur & Pentikota, Kurnool - 1500 Cr total -2500 jobs
Ramco Cement - Kolimigundla, Kurnool - 350 Cr - 500 jobs. approval link
Trimex Sands - Bhavanapadu & Kalingapatnam - 2500 Crs - 5000 jobs (Note- All clearances given but too much local politics by strike. so stopped construction). Photo of company unit in srikakulam
Chettinad Cement - Guntur - 1100 Cr - 1000 jobs (Note-due to income tax raid on owner houses in TN, AP & KA, and death of founder, this is on hold currently)
Plora Ceramics - Nellore - 





Santiram Chemicals Pvt. Ltd (nano Chemicals, ca co3 plant) - Kurnool - 900 Crores - 650 jobs.

Mitsubishi JV with Deccan Fine Chemicals Pvt. Ltd  () - Visakhapatnam Dist -  1000 Crores - 400 jobs.


Foods and Processing Units


Mondalez - Sricity, Chittoor - 1250 Cr - 1600 jobs.

Hindustan Coca-Cola - Krishnampalem, Visakhapatnam - 1375 Cr - 3645 jobs.

Brittania - Kuppam, Chittoor - 150 Cr - 100 jobs.

Kellogs - Sricity, Satyavedu, Chittoor - 

Pepsi - Sricity, Satyavedu, Chittoor - 

Godrej Agrovet - Chittoor - 



Gujarat Ambuja Export Ltd. - Kurnool - 250 Cr - 500 jobs.
Jain Irrigation Ltd. - Thangadancha, Kurnool - 600 Cr - 500 jobs.

Penver Products ltd - 
KRIBHCO Fertilizer plant - Nellore - 1500 Cr - 


MPL Mineral Processing Ltd. - Steel - Kurnool - 1000 Cr - 800 jobs.
Welspun Renewables Energy Pvt Ltd. - Pudicherla, Kurnool - 120 Cr - 100 jobs.



Mohan Spintex - Krishna - 289 Cr - 150 jobs.
KGI Clothing - chittoor, nellore - 100 jobs.
Shahi Group Garments - kuppam, Chittoor - 145 Crores - 3000 jobs.

SAR Denim - Anantpur - 80 Cr - 1500 jobs

Nisha Design - Anantapur - 96 Cr - 1600 jobs
Tarakeswara Textiles - Nellore - 400 Cr


Sea Foods and Exports

Avanti Feeds - West Godavari.
Ruchi soya foods ltd. - Kakinada, East godavari.
Olam Agro ltd. - Anakapalle, Visakhapatnam - Agro foods process units 

Mulpuri Aqua - 

Charon Pokphand Group - 

Penner Aqua Exports - 



Mobile & Handset and Electronics


Foxconn (xiomi, gionee, Asus, Oppo) - Sricity, Chittoor - 1200 Cr - 6000 jobs (Phase - 1), 1000 jobs (1000 jobs).

Celkon - Tirupati, Chittoor - 100 Cr -

Micromax - Tirupati, Chittoor - 100 Cr -

Karbonn - Tirupati, Chittoor - 200 Cr - 2000 jobs.

Lava Mobiles - Tirupati, Chittoor - 500 Cr - 3000 jobs.



Industrial Units, Household Units and appliances, components


Thermax - Sricity, Chittoor - 150 Cr - 

Aquamall Water (Shapoorji Pallonji) unit - Gudipalli, Anantapur - 200 Cr - 1500 jobs.

Enlivening Technologies Pvt. Ltd.(Composite Structure, Blades and Parts Unit) - Gudipalli, Anantapur - 570 Cr - 650 jobs.

Suzlon Energy Pvt. Ltd (Solar Panels, Solar Components) - Anantapur - 545 Cr - 800 jobs.

Greenply Industrites Pvt. Ltd. (Medium Density Fibre Board mfg unit) - Chittoor - 758 Cr - 1000 jobs.

Arrow cables limited (power cables) - Nujiveed, Krishna - 500 Cr - 400 jobs.

Indani Global PVT limited (gold refinery) - Krishna - 87 Cr - 100 jobs.


Power Sector


Tata Power - Anantapur - 50 jobs

NTPC Solar Projects (1000 MW) - SP Kunta, Anantapur - 

NTPC Solar Projects (1450 MW) - Kurnool - 






Autonov, ukraine - Donakonda, Prakasham - 

Menzies Aviation - Anantapur District. - 

Vem Technologies (JV between lockheed martin & VEM Tech) - Vatlur, Pedapadu, West Godavari - about VEM



IT & Information Technologies


DevRabbit IT Solutions - Tirupati, Chittoor - 10

Cognizant IT - Tirupati, Chittoor - 

HCL - Tirupati, Chittoor -





Machilipatnam Port 



Petrochemical & Gas


HPCL-GAIL joint venture - Kakinada - 3000 Cr -

Krishnapatnam LNG Terminal - Krishnapatnam - 2000 Cr - 



Hotels, Accommodation, Resorts, Guest Services Sector


Holiday Inn - Renigunta, Tirupati - 256 Cr - 190 jobs

ANI Technologies (Ola Cabs) - State wide - 130 Cr - 2000 jobs (Operational)

Champion Yacht Club Pvt Ltd. - Bhavani Islands, Krishna - 110 Cr - 

GRT Hotels & Resorts Pvt Ltd. - East Godavari - 45 Cr - 150 jobs

Kandhari Hotels (3 Start Hotels) - Vijayawada, Krishna - 50 Cr - 150 jobs.

ITC Limited (5 Star Hotel) - Guntur - 145 Cr - 150 jobs.

ITC Limited (5 Star Hotel) - Visakhapatnam - 145 Cr - 150 jobs.

LEPL and ESSEL Amusement Parks - Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Tirupati - 200 Cr - 3000 jobs.





SRM University - Amaravati - atleast 100 jobs

Amity University - Amaravati - atleast 100 jobs

VIT - Amaravati - atleast 100 jobs


IIM at gambhiram, visakhapatnam - atleast 400 Cr - 300 jobs.

NACEN (Training institute for central excise staff) - Palasamudram, Anantapur - 500 Cr - 200 jobs.

IIT at tirupati - Merlapaka Village, Tirupati - atleast 500 Cr - 200 jobs.

IISER at tirupati - Tirupati - atleast 300 Cr - 200 jobs.

Indian Culinary Institute - Tirupati - atleast 50 Cr - 50 jobs.

National Institute of Technology (NIT) - thadepalligudem - 150 Cr - 100 jobs.

IIPE (indian institute of petrolium and energy) - Visakhapatnam - atleast 200 Cr - 150 jobs.

Central University - Jentulur Village, B K Samudram Mandal, Anantapur - atleast 200 Cr - 200 jobs.

Tribal University - Relli village, S.kota, Vizayanagaram - atleast 100 Cr - 

IIIT at kurnool - atleast 40 Cr - atleast 50 jobs.


CIPET at Vijayawada - Surampalli, Vijayawada - atleast 30 Cr - 

NIPER at Visakhapatnam - Visakhapatnam - 600 Cr - 

#1312342808 Srinivas gari charity - Rs.75000 donated

Posted by TAROCK on 26 May 2016 - 07:14 AM

Greetings to all my NANDAMURI Fan brothers!


Today May 26 2016 Rs.75000 was donated by Dheekshitulu(Vizag NTR) on behalf of www.nandamurifans.com. Once again thank you all and God bless you. We once again proved that Nandamuri fans are way a head than any other fans group in Charity activities and I'm proud to be a N fan. We continue to help Srinivas garu in what ever way possible with all your support. Together we will always Prevail!


I will try help in the following way and I hope we will get succeed

1) Trying get in to "Memu Saitam" Program

2) Will continue to help through nfdb

3) As a regional coordinator of TANA Capitol region I will to get as much help as possible for Srinivas garu

4) Through APNRT - will meet Ravi Vemuru garu next week-end and try it through him

5) Through Tarock Foundation

6) Through our hero's offices..







#1313052167 Birthday wishes to CBN sir

Posted by Compaq on 20 April 2017 - 08:03 PM

77-87's, Politics lo just growing -- ye support tho vachaadu!! its just his interest and commitment!! chaala mande vachaaru ga aa time lo ani paniki maalina edavalatho compare cheyyakandi, intha commitment tho, antha base level lo kaneesam panchayathi politics lo kuda sambandham leni family nunchi ivvala eeyana unna position lo unna leader ni choopinchi appudu matlaadandi ee topic..

87-97's, Legendary personality ki chevulu ga pani chesadu, ye range ante thanu lekapothe oka crisis create ayye antha!! ippudu vachi aa crisis thane create chesadu ani argue chese vallu konchem thattukondi!! create chesthe kadilipoye personality aa avathala undi?? mana rashtra rajakeeyaaniki oka daari choopinchina personality adi!! simham alisipoyi undi lekapothe anakandi!! simham alisipoyindi kaabatte thanu rangam loki digudaam anukunnadu ani argue cheyyalsi vasthadi!! 

97-07's,.. inka cheppedemundi,.. India motham eduru choosindi next em chesthaada ani!! adi thana mundu choopu, daarsanikatha!! true politician ki ranks esukunte vasthe AP lo,.. evarikaina No2 nunche start avuthadi,.. endukante 1 is always reserved..

07-17's ,.. most typical phase in his whole career,.. NTR gelupuni laakkunnadu, BJP support tho rendo sari gelichaadu ani neelige vallaki,.. AP state lo CBN lekapothe BJP ki enni seats lo deposits vasthaayi,... 1,2..???? edo sudilo gelichaadu inkenti gelichedi ani kuda annaru,.. 2014 lo choopinchaadu em gelusthaado,.. edo le janam alternative leka vesaru ani kontha mandi, chaala thakkuva majority ani inkontha mandi!! chaala thakkuva majority ane vallaki opika unte time cheppandi with clear picture explain chestha meeku majorities ardam kaakapothe,.. alternative leka ane vallaki kuda oka samaadaanam,.. verevvaru cheyyaleru thanu thappa ane level ki thana performance undante,.. inkem kaavaali meeku oka politician nunchi???


17-27's naa laanti abhimaanula varaku aithe inka chaalu,.. aa manishi navvutunna photo choosthu garvam ga undipovachu nenu thanani abhimaaninchaanu, thana kashtaanni gurtinchaanu ani manassakshi ki cheppukuntu,.. athani meeda aasalu pettukoni edo okati chesthe baagundu anukunna vallaki chetha ainantha tvaraga emina chesi retire aithe atleast kontha jeevitham gadapochu kutumbam tho(idi eppatiki jaragadu, jarigithe naa laanti abhimaanulu ela vache vallu :)


mana parents tharam telugu valla andariki gurtundipoye la Hyderabad nirminchabadindi, andulo CBN patra ni evaru kaadanaleru,.. hyd mukha chitram nunchi thanani tholaginchaalane prayathnam suspashtam,.. kani adi ayye panena?? oka vela aithe adi valla gelupu kaadu,.. aa prajala otami!! 

mana tharaaniki gurtundi poyela vastundi Amaravati,.. inka indulo CBN patra gurinchi cheppedemundi,.. CBN kaakunda inkokadu vachi land ivvamante :rofl:


Land Acquisition chesthaamu antene evaru sarigga ivvatam ledu,.. raithulu vallaki unchukunna vaata kanna prabhutvaaniki ichina vaata moodinthalu,.. ide cheptundi thana meeda nammakam!! endu valla vachindi?? thana 40yrs raajakeeya jeevitham valla,.. edi anthati nammakam erparuchukunna oka nayakudini bharatha bhoomi lo choopinchandi.. 


chandranna :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore: :adore:

nee meeda abhimaanam choopinchaalani undi kani ela!!! maatallo na?? naa migilina jeevitham kuda saripodu,.. raathallona?? naa chethiki antha balam ledu.. 

Sahoo Chandra babu!! 


ee tharam lo maa nanna taruvaatha inkoka manishini choosi garvapadatha ante adi nuvve :adore: :adore:

#1313008104 That smile from Leader

Posted by NBK2NTRMT on 07 April 2017 - 12:04 PM


#1312989366 CBN - Hats off for your calculations

Posted by NFans NRT on 01 April 2017 - 02:46 PM

Ravela & Palle - velliddarni DB lo andaru dobbam. Ravela first time minister, but had been liability for party since then. Palle, though a good fighter when we were in opposition, not upto mark as IT & Communication minister.

Mrinalini - May be being humble & honest is not the way in present day politics. Even a corporator demands VIP treatment and she is the odd one out. All the best to her.

Peethala Sujatha - similar to Ravela, had been facing allegations since beginning. Mining mafia Nundi vadranam etc..

Bojjala - Sad that he's not feeling well these days. Definitely a worthy cabinet candidate otherwise.

Let's talk about new inductees..

Amaranth - chittor Nundi reddy out, and if you look at district eligibles, he is the only choice out there. PS: Chittor candidates gurinchi entha thakkuva matladithe antha better. Roja, Chevireddy, bhoomana Abboo oka range leaders le.., ee candidate far better anukovadame.

Akhila Priya, Somireddy - any dissent here?

Lokesh - too early antunnam. But he has to be nurtured while CBN is active in politics. This is the correct time as he's looking fragile now from his public speeches and can't afford to delay this.

SUjaya - ashok Garu is out of state politics and he'll be so for next term also. Vijayanagaram lo botsa lanti JAFFA gallani alane vadilesthe santham nakestharu malli. Ee botsa mafia maree ghoram ga nakistharu koddiga side ichchina.. If not SUjaya, who else is Sama ujji in Vijayanagaram ?

Kala - though, out from party for couple of years, good work as president of party, and obvious replacement for Mrinalini Garu.

Nakka - don't know much about his leadership qualities.., Ravela fire avvadam Valla eeyana Nakka thoka thokkadanukuntunna. Hope he uses this opportunity.

Kalva - I believe he's from boya community. Seema lo good amount unnaranukunta. And traditional TDP supporters boyas. Whip ga efficient ga work chesaru.

Aadi reddy - no Comments. Kadapa lo entha chinchukonna manaki seats doubt ee.. May be with this ministry, Jammalamadugu vasthe ade 10K. RAMA subba reddy garini manchi position lo accommodate cheyyali.

Intha manchi ga + lu, - lu chesina leader gariki Hats off.. - lu unanimous anukunta.. Addition theesukeppudu always dissent untundi irrespective of how good the selection is.

Side note : GNT lo C groups lo unnantha rachcha ekkada ledu. Andaru top ee.. Always difficult to accommodate C candidate in GNT.. Kodela, Praththipati, Dhoolipalla, Alapati and newly emerging yarapatineni, GVS.. Vellandarilo 1 or 2 ivvali. Tough task. Dhoolipalla might get next time for sure with few big heads out of the way.

#1309814664 Savee a friend-update

Posted by SIKKOLNTR on 29 January 2014 - 04:42 AM

Thank You all For your support...We have saved life of Surya Prakash....


He will be perfectly alright after remaining treatment....




#1313120652 విమానాశ్రయాల్లో తెలుగు

Posted by Tarak143 on Yesterday, 05:06 AM

Emanna use a??

lol final telugu vallae use enti anae stage ki vachar ga janalu

#1313089611 raju garu

Posted by nvkrishna on 09 May 2017 - 10:34 AM

When you make this kind of comments, you have to face that kind of comments.



Give respect and take respect....especially Raju gaari laanti vaarithi (NTR munde cigarette thaage one and only leader)....aa maatram vuntundi..




#1312375100 ★ Telugu Hero's US Rentrak Data Base ★

Posted by Royal Kiran on 06 June 2016 - 04:11 PM


Janatha Garage - $1,800,404 ( $584,134 Premiers ) - Top 8

Nannaku Prematho - $2,022,392 ( $355,321 Premiers ) - Top 6

Temper - $1,052,650 ( $258,914 Premiers )

Rabhasa - $401,459 ( $85,900 Premiers )

RV - $370,888 ( $156,107 Premiers )

Baadshah - $1,278,610 ($227,256 Premiers )

Dhammu - $304,484 ( $170,628 Premiers )

Oosaravelli - $321,555 ( $28,293 Premiers )

Shakti - $153,739 ( $82,494 Premiers )

Brindavanam - $295,435 ( $28,495 Premiers )

Adhurs - $294,942 ( $29,758 Premiers )

Kantri - $ $90,691 ( $3,527 Premiers )

Yama Donga - $63,494 ( $187 Premiers )

Rakhi - $9718 ( $2,794 Premiers )

Simhadri - $10,009 ( $993 Premiers )

Mahesh Babu

Brahmotsavam - $1,155,781 ( $560,274 Premiers )

Srimanthudu - $2,890,786 ($535,984 Premiers ) - Top 3

Aagadu - $$1,482,435 ($507,000 Premiers )

1 Nenokkadine - $1,330,155

SVSC - $1,635,300 ($205,000 Premiers ) - Top 10

Business Man - $707,000

Dookudu - $1,563,466

Khaleja - $493,726

Athidi - $27,482

Sainikudu - $11,982

Athadu - $30,368

Arjun - $7,482

Okkadu - $8,297

Takkari Donga - $367

Pawan Kalyan

Katamarayudu - $1,162,059

Sarddar Gabbar Singh - $1,070,404 ( $615,853 Premiers )

Gopala Gopala - $850,000

Atharintiki Dharedi - $1,897,541($345,359 Premiers ) - Top 7

CMGR - $612,493

Gabbar Singh - $1,034,484

Panja - $192,470

Komaram Puli - $121,460

Jalsa - $184,852

Annavaram - $17,816

Bangaram - $11,124

Allu Arjun

Sarrainodu - $879,865($197,453 Premiers )

Son of Satyamurthy - $1,250,000 ($347,000 Premiers )

Race Gurram - $1,394,655 ( $102,000 Premiers )

Iddarammayilatho - $301,426

Julayi - $836,013

Vedam - $345,834 ( $17,870 Premiers )


Baahubali - The Conclusion - Telugu - $10.2M

Baahubali - The Beginning - Telugu - $6,999,312 ( $1,364,416 Premiers ) - Top 1

Baahubali - The Beginning - Tamil - $872,430 ( $12,677 Premiers )

Baahubali - The Beginning - Hindi - $607,143 ( $54,462 Premiers )

Mirchi - $636,125 ( $83,850 Premiers )

Rebel - $80,066 ( $28,741 Premiers )

Mr.Perfect - $273,693 ( $68,484 Premiers )

Ek Niranjan - $106,290 ( $32,690 Premiers )

Bujjigadu Made in Chennai - $86,804 ( $13,134 Premiers )

Munna - 10,944 ( $3,727 Premiers )

Yogi - $6,986 ( $2,104 Premiers )

Pournami - $5,630 ( $1,425 Premiers )

Chatrapathi - $12,327 ( $2,332 Premiers )


A..Aa - $2,445,037 ( $281,455 Premiers ) - Top 4

Courierboy Kalyan - $31,722

Chinnadana Nee Kosam - $143,724

Heart Attack - $74,639

Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde - $361,044

Ishq - $115,820


Baahubali - The Conclusion - $10.2M

Baahubali - The Beginning - $6,997,636 ( $1,382,076 Premiers ) - Top 1

Baahubali - The Beginning - Tamil - $872,430 ( $12,677 Premiers )

Baahubali - The Beginning - Hindi - $607,143 ( $54,462 Premiers )

Rudramadevi - $971,141

Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum - $253,110

Ram Charan

Dhruva - $1,469,866 ( $223,224 Premiers )

Brucee Lee The Fighter - $646,852 ( $284,814 Premiers )

Govindhudu Andhari Vadale -$670,862 ($174,000 Premiers )

Yevadu - $329,000

Thoofan - $40,736

Naayak - $494,140

Racha - $387,773

Orange - $297,763

#1310094294 NTR

Posted by Sr Fan on 12 April 2014 - 05:47 PM

Anduke kada bro.. Inka party ni support chestundi...!!!


I know how truly you are connected to NTR's brainchild which is a living entity for lot of people   :cheers: .......Telugudesam  will  live and flourish on affection like yours and others....no question....


maatala lo  nitpicking anukOvadhu......Oka  concept  right extent,tone, color  lo artham  avvataaniki chEsthunna prayatnam( for generic purpose also), using your sentence bro .......


' Anduke kada bro.. Inka party ni support chestundi...!!!'.....ilaa kaakundaa .... support  chEsukOvataaniki  inka party vundhi kadha bro..........chuudandi ee rendO sentence,not only reality,factual, positive also..Gives smiles right..  :) 

#1310060893 NTR

Posted by NTR_TDP_NTR on 04 April 2014 - 06:24 AM


#1310060814 NTR

Posted by NTR_TDP_NTR on 04 April 2014 - 06:01 AM


#1313099927 Woman kicked out of bank in USA for Hijab

Posted by swarnandhra on 16 May 2017 - 12:46 AM

I wonder how the reaction would be if it were meted out to a Indian lady for wearing saree.